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Quarterly Index of African Periodical Lierature

Help on Using Browse Lists

There are 6 predefined listings that you may select to browse the Quartery Index. From the main search screen, highlight the list you wish to view, then select the "GO" button. Browse lists are presented in table format, in alphbetical order, in predefined ranges. Selecting any linked word or phrase from this screen will take you into the full alphabetical list for the Browse List you selected. The contents of each Browse List are described below:

  1. Index term: the Quartery Index is indexed using a predefined thesaurus of terms. These terms are applied generously to each article.
  2. Article title: Full article titles are listed for browsing.
  3. Author: Names of any of the authors (personal and corporate) responsible for the article.
  4. Journal: The full list of journals can be browsed. If you select a particular journal, a sub-list shows you the titles of the articles in that journal.
  5. Broad subject: Very broad topical headings, which can be used to perform a very thorough search. These broad subjects are separate from the "Index Terms," though in some cases the terms will match.
  6. Geographic area: This browse list provide access to periodicals by the area to which the article has relevance. Thus, a Kenyan publication about Nigeria, would be indexed under Nigeria but not under Kenya.

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  March 12, 2003