Interactive Historical Introduction

Coolidge-Consumerism Collection

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This program introduces the Coolidge-Consumerism collection, sketching out principal themes and offering a broad sampling of available titles relevant to these themes. The INTRO NOTES listed below have a sequential logic and can be read in the order listed. There is enough overlapping information, however, to permit each note to stand alone.

Throughout the introduction, links are provided to selected items from the collection as well as to other INTRO NOTES, DETAIL NOTES (supplemental information), and DIRECTORY NOTES (information about individual collections).

Overview (start here)


  1. Taylorism and Economic Efficiency in the 1920s
  2. The Coolidge Presidency
  3. Herbert Hoover, Economic Mastermind
  4. Data as Product and the Growth of the Social Sciences
  5. The Thrift Movement and Mass Consumption
  6. Laboring to Prosper
  7. The Automobile: Consumerism on Wheels
  8. Consumerism and The Home
  9. Consumerism on the Farm
  10. African Americans and the Consumer Economy
  11. Retailing: Five and Dime to High Fashion
  12. Chain Stores and Mail Order
  13. Buying on the Installment Plan: The Debate over Consumer Credit
  14. Advertising and Public Relations: The Mass Distribution of Ideas
  15. Radio: A Consumer Product and a Producer of Consumption
  16. Newsstand 1926
  17. The Anxiety of Leisure and the Search for "Wholesome" Recreation
  18. Spiritual Well Being: the Ultimate Economic Good
  19. Critiques of the Mass Consumer Society: Protecting the Consumer from Consumerism

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