New Masses

Many articles and reviews published in this left-leaning journal, which follows an earlier New Masses edited by Max Eastman, were written by avant-gardists of the period who together forged a strong anti-capitalist voice, among them, John Dos Passos, Upton Sinclair and Ezra Pound. An abundance of fine drawings and wood-block prints makes issues a pleasure to peruse. The material takes aim at the capitalist economy frontally and critiques consumerism, or the pursuit of "things," indirectly, providing the collection with an important sampling of voices in disagreement with the direction in which the mainstream economy was moving.

The serial was published from May 1926 through January 12, 1948, monthly for 1926 through 1933, weekly thereafter. The journal is available at the Library of Congress on microfilm only, from which the 1926 issues for May through October are missing.

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