All in a Day's Work: Industrial Lore

Chris Thorsten, Iron Worker

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Surrogate image: New York, New York. May 1943. A dock stevedore at the Fulton fish market. Gordon Parks. Photograph, 1943. (LC-USW3-28738-D).

Chris Thorsten
51 years ago, on board a fishing boat moored to a dock in New Orleans
No formal education
Iron Worker
Union Hall, 84th Street, New York City
January 31, 1938, 1 PM to 3 PM
Arnold Manoff

Interview Excerpt: "Is your job dangerous?"

Listen to Chris's response

"You ain't an Iron worker unless you get killed...Men hurt on all jobs. Take the Washington Bridge, the Triboro Bridge. Plenty of men hurt on those jobs. Two men killed on the Hotel New Yorker. I drove rivets all the way on that job. When I got hurt I was squeezed between a crane and a collar bone broke and all the ribs in my body and three vertebrae. I was laid up for four years."

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