Making Do: Women and Work

Mrs. Marie Haggerty, Maid

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Surrogate image: Turkey Pond, near Concord, New Hampshire. June 1943. Woman workers employed by a U.S. Department of Agriculture timber salvage sawmill. Mrs. Dorothy De Greenia, slip woman, doesn't find her job hard after years of housework. John Collier. Photograph, 1943. (LC-USW3-34072-E).
Mrs. Marie Haggerty
72 years old
63 Austin Street, Worcester, Massachusetts
February 20, 1939
Mrs. Emily Moore

Interview Excerpt: "When you worked as a maid, did you mainly do housework?"

Listen to Marie's response

"But my dear, it wasn't housework I did...I was a nurse maid or a second girl--never just an ordinary girl out to service...You got hired by your looks and even if you looked honest, they would test you out. Why, once I was making up a bed, and right beside the bed was a five dollar bill. I knowed nobody dropped that for nuthin', so I didn't know if I should pick it up and tell them, or what, but my face burnt like fire, for I knowed I was gettin' tested."

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