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Jim Cole, Packing House Worker

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Surrogate image: Hormel meatpacking plant, Austin, Minnesota, 1941. John Vachon. Photograph, 1941.

Jim Cole
Packing House Worker
Chicago, Illinois
May 18, 1938
Betty Burke

Interview Excerpt: "Where do you work in the packing house?"

Listen to Jim's response

"I'm working in the Beef Kill section. Butcher on the chain. Been in the place twenty years, I believe. You got to have a certain amount of skill to do the job I'm doing. Long ago, I wanted to join the AFL union, the Amalgamated Butchers and Meat Cutters, they called it, and wouldn't take me. Wouldn't let me in the Union. Never said it to my face, but reason of it was plain. Negro. That's it. Just didn't want a Negro man to have what he should. That's wrong. You know that's wrong."

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