All in a Day's Work: Industrial Lore

Alice Caudle, Mill Worker

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Surrogate image: Textile mill, Union Point, Georgia, 1941. Jack Delano. Photograph, 1941.

Alice Caudle
Mill Worker
Concord, North Carolina
September 2, 1938
Muriel L. Wolff

Interview Excerpt: "Do you like working in a mill?"

Listen to Alice's response

"Law, I reckon I was born to work in a mill. I started when I was ten year old and I aim to keep right on jest as long as I'm able. I'd a-heap rather do it than housework...Yessir, when I started down here to plant No. 1, I was so little I had to stand on a box to reach my work. I was a spinner at first, then I learned to spool. When they put in them new winding machines, I asked them to learn me how to work em and they did. If I'd a-been a man no telling how far I'd-a gone."

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