AD Asian Division or Asian Reading Room

AFC American Folklife Center

AREA Area Studies Collections

AMED African and Middle Eastern Division or African and Middle Eastern Reading Room

B usRR Business Reading Room

CCC Computer Catalog Center

COP U.S. Copyright Office

CRS Congressional Research Service

EUR European Division

EurRR European Reading Room

G&M Geography and Map Division or Geography and Map Reading Room

GenColl General Collections

Hebr Hebraic Section

Hebr Cage Hebraic Section rare materials

Hebr Ref Hebraic reference collections

HISP Hispanic Division

HISP Ref Hispanic Division Reference Section

HSS Humanities and Social Sciences Division

LAW Law Library

LA Library of Congress Adams Building

LC Library of Congress

LCOC Library of Congress Online Catalog

LCSH Library of Congress subject headings

LCSH Library of Congress Subject Headings

LH&G Local History and Genealogy Reading Room

LJ Library of Congress Jefferson Building Abbreviations

LM Library of Congress Madison Building

MBRS Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division

MCAT Main Card Catalog

MicRR Microform Reading Room

MRR Main Reading Room

MRR Alc Main Reading Room alcoves

MRR Biog Main Reading Room biography alcoves

MRR Ref Desk Main Reading Room reference desk area

MSS Manuscript Division

MUS Music Division

N&CPR Newspaper and Current Periodical Room News MF Newspaper microfilm

PAO Public Affairs Office

PARR Performing Arts Reading Room

P&P Prints and Photographs Division or Prints and Photographs Reading Room

PPOC Prints and Photographs Online Catalog

RBSC Rare Book and Special Collections Division or Rare Book and Special Collections Division Reading Room

Rare Book Ref Rare Book and Special Collections Division reference collections

SciRR Science Reading Room

SER Serial and Government Publications Division

ST&B Science, Technology, and Business Division or Science and Business Reading Room (see BusRR and SciRR, abbreviations used in this book)