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Volume 65 / Social Sciences


MARĶA AMPARO CRUZ-SACO, Professor of Economoics, Connecticut College

THE CONTRIBUTIONS REVIEWED FOR HLAS 65 can be grouped into four categories. The first category includes work that analyzes macroeconomic issues such as sustained economic growth (item #bi2008001535#), management of the external debt (item #bi2008001545#), and the role of minimum wages (item #bi2008001543#). The second category reflects an interest in gaining a better understanding of the role of micro and small enterprises, particularly with newly enacted legislation designed to assist with professional development needs and enhance commitment to corporate social responsibility (items #bi2008001541# and #bi2008001536#). The third category is represented by contributions that study capacity building in the areas of international trade negotiation and competitiveness in textile and apparel production (items #bi2008001544# and #bi2008001539#). And finally, the fourth category includes two unique volumes: one examines the complexities associated with assigning a value to the contributions of the "culture" industry (item #bi2008001540#) and the other analyzes the political economy of foreign direct investment and the socioeconomic implications of the carbon mine of Goyllarisquizga in Cerro de Pasco, Peru (item #bi2008001542#).

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