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Volume 65 / Social Sciences


SCOTT M. FITZPATRICK, Associate Professor of Archaeology, North CArolina State University

THERE HAS BEEN A STEADY INCREASE in the number of publications related to circum-Caribbean archeology in recent years. This increase applies especially to books, edited volumes, and special issues of journals, most of which focus on islands in the Greater Antilles and northern Lesser Antilles. Some examples include a general review of Caribbean prehistory (item #bi2009003846#), a volume on current subjects in precolumbian archeology (item #bi2009003300#), applications of geographic information systems (item #bi2009003304#), biological resource use by Amerindians (item #bi2009003301#), and several works on the Taíno (items #bi2007002899#, #bi2009003299#, and #bi2009003302#).

Of particular note is a movement of Caribbean scholars publishing in more widely disseminated journals accessible to a larger readership. This development is encouraging, for it will certainly help to highlight the contribution that the Caribbean can make to discussions of culture contact, island adaptations, and the rise of social complexity, for example. As was also noted in the previous HLAS volume, there is a growing emphasis on human impacts to island environments for which the Caribbean will play an increasingly important role in understanding.


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