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Volume 63 / Social Sciences


DANIEL D. ARREOLA, Professor of Geography, School of Geographical Sciences, Arizona State University

WORKS FOR 2001–2005 were spread across several topic areas. Urban studies counted as the leading category with noteworthy research focused on the historical study of peripheral spaces (item #bi2004003669#), land use in historic centers (item #bi2006003456#), and an inspired study of a Mexico City suburb as a landscape of memory (item #bi2005006249#).

Migration and transnational studies, tourism research, and political issues were secondary categories. Ethnographer Alvarez (item #bi2006003455#) examined the transnational nature and social space of Mexican produce and trucking industries, and ethnographer Cohen (item #bi2005006241#) makes a major contribution to the study of migration in Oaxaca. Notable contributions to tourism research include Oberle (item #bi2006003463#), who analyzes the function of Mexican medical border towns that attract migrants seeking health care, and Torres and Momsen (item #bi2006003468#), who investigate the resort city of Cancún as a new type of tourist space. Increased attention to political issues is evident in several new studies. Vázquez Castillo (item #bi2005000037#) makes a major contribution to our understanding of changes in Mexico's ejido system resulting from 1992 reforms, and several authors examine issues through political filters including Castro (item #bi2006003457#), who investigates inequalities of access to water in Mexico City, and Martin (item #bi2006003460#), who probes notions of neoliberalism in Mexico's north and south.

Another research direction evident from materials surveyed for HLAS 63 is work focused on women's lives. Nelson (item #bi2006003462#) and Radel (item #bi2006003465#), for example, break new ground through studies of women artisans and as community organizers.

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