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Volume 61 / Social Sciences


TRACY R. NORTH, HLAS Editor and Recommending Officer for Bolivia, Hispanic Division, Library of Congress

THE WORKS ON THE BOLIVIAN ECONOMY reviewed for HLAS 61 are most useful for Bolivians who are seeking additional information on conditions in their country. Many are sponsored by state-wide or international institutions with the principal goal of dissemination of information to improve living conditions within the country. A number of works concern microfinance and small businesses, mainly within rural sectors (items #bi2005001906#, #bi2005001905#, and #bi2005001923#). Agriculture is also a prominent topic, with works focusing on technology, production processes, and labor conditions (items #bi2005001907#, #bi2005001904#, #bi2005001918#, and #bi2005001909#). Also noteworthy are works addressing Bolivia's role in the regional and global economy (items #bi2005001910# and #bi2005001917#). Future research may focus on adaptation to competition within the regional and global economy, with specific attention to growth within the agricultural sector.

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