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Volume 61 / Social Sciences


Caribbean Area

WILLIAM F. KEEGAN, Curator of Caribbean Archaeology, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, Gainesville

THE PAST FEW YEARS have witnessed a dramatic increase in publications regarding historical and colonial archeology. Recent books on the earliest Spanish town in the Americas (item #bi2004001787#) and Creole transformations (item #bi2004002809#), edited books on African sites (item #bi2004002810#) and the historical archeology of the colonial period (item #bi2004002892#), and a variety of journal articles contribute far more strongly to this chapter than in the past. This is a welcome sign given increasing local interest in historical identity and patrimony. There continues to be a steady stream of scholarship focused on the prehistoric cultures of the Caribbean as well. In this regard there is an increasing emphasis on human-induced (anthropogenic) changes to the precolombian landscape. Of special note is the publication of the UNESCO-sponsored General History of the Caribbean (item #bi2004002896#). The current volume, and others in the series, provide an important forum for scholars in the region. A variety of publications are also noted for lower Central America. However, the dissemination of information concerning the region continues to remain outside of the mainstream journals.


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