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Volume 59 / Social Sciences


ANITA ISAACS, Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science, Haverford College

NOT SURPRISINGLY, WORKS ON ECUADOR PUBLISHED SINCE 1997 that are reviewed here are heavily focused on documenting, reflecting, and assessing the political crisis that has engulfed the Andean nation since the election of populist leader Abdalá Bucaram. Several analyses are polemical in nature and in tone, providing either defenses of the regime and its cast of characters, or stinging critiques of the government and its behavior and policies. Some noteworthy works probe deeper, such as José Sanchez Parga's La pugna de poderes (item #bi 99004154#); La democracia bloqueada, by Julio Echeverría (item #bi 99004157#); and the concise article entitled "Qué democracia?" by Fernando Bustamante (item #bi 98007090#). These three pieces represent efforts to uncover broader societal and political crises, and to highlight deeper challenges of political and institutional reform designed to strengthen Ecuadorian democracy—which acquired an urgency in the aftermath of the ouster of Bucaram.

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