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Volume 59 / Social Sciences


JORGE F. PEREZ-LOPEZ, U.S. Department of Labor, Washington, D.C.

SEVERAL IMPORTANT WORKS on the Cuban economy have been published over the last few years. One important development is the resumption of publication of a comprehensive, statistical yearbook that includes information on a range of economic and social indicators (item #bi2001003302#). The yearbook, now published by the Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas in Cuba, is similar in format and scope to earlier volumes published by the now-defunct Comité Estatal de Estadísticas. Also significant for statistical information is the annual report of the Banco Central de Cuba (item #bi2001003086#).

In 1997, and again in 2000, the Comisión Económica para América Latina (CEPAL), with the cooperation of the Cuban government, published a comprehensive review of Cuban economic policies and performance that is invaluable for students of the Cuban economy (item #bi2001003089#). In addition to analysis, the study also contains a comprehensive statistical annex—which includes some statistics not available from Cuban sources—as well as an annex of laws and regulations that affect economic activities.

Another noteworthy publication is an outstanding comparative analysis of economic policies and performance in Chile, Costa Rica, and Cuba by Mesa-Lago (item #bi2001003300#). This volume is essential reading for students of the Cuban economy as well as for those interested in Latin American economics and comparative systems.

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