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Volume 55 / Social Sciences


KEVIN HEALY, Foundation Representative, Inter-American Foundation, Rosslyn, Virginia

PUBLISHED WORKS ANNOTATED FOR this section attest to the plethora of studies on gender and women's topics in both Bolivia and Paraguay. The new research represents the increase of female researchers as well as of female-headed NGO's working with women's groups and analyzing the results of action programs (items bi 95019141, bi 95012300, and bi 95012312). Some of the research is pathbreaking, such as the first comprehensive study of domestic workers in a Bolivian city (item bi 95019162) and studies of prostitution (item bi 95012498) and sexual violence (item bi 95019149) in Paraguay. Others reflect the priority research required to satisfy programming needs of international and national developmental and population institutions in both urban as well rural areas (items bi 95012292 and bi 95012496).

Several works from Bolivia point to the growing attention devoted to issues about native peoples, such as Amazonian nationalism (item bi 95019136), conditions of internal colonialism (item bi 95019145), and native knowledge and crops (items bi 95019133 and bi 95019135). Another important book shows the reverse of this cultural coin by demonstrating how traditional Andean cultural practices can be used for class domination and exploitation in highland communities such as Cochabamba (item bi 95019163). Two new books on coca and cocaine from the Chapare area of Bolivia are based upon fieldwork from the late 1970s (item bi 95019134) and early 1980s (item bi 00000000), presenting an interesting overview of social, economic, and political changes for over a decade. In contrast to previous years, when Paraguay's rural political economy literature was dominated by agrarian studies, for this biennium two of the most important books on Paraguay examine rural power structures (item bi 95019150) and peasant organizational development in recent decades (item bi 95019155).

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