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Volume 55 / Social Sciences


AMALIA M. ALBERTI, Independent Consultant, c/o United States Agency for International Development, San Salvador

IN ECUADOR, SEVERAL SUBJECT AREAS dominate the social science literature canvassed and annotated below. First, a number of investigations focused on the changing sociocultural context of rural Ecuador from the perspective of indigenous households and communities (items bi 94003996, bi 94004025, and bi 94004032), while others highlighted the changing socioeconomic context of rural Ecuador, particularly from the perspective of farmers and laborers, including women (items bi 94004019, bi 94004035, and bi 94004059). Peasant uprisings were documented (items bi 94003987 and bi 94003995), with the work of Uggen (item bi 94004046) providing an especially thought-provoking analysis. However, works on environmental awareness and related changes, on community and individual responses to environmental issues, and on the continuing evangelization of the countryside and its impact were subjects not covered in publications canvassed for this chapter.

The second dominant theme for this biennium is social welfare, including works on population, health, and care of the elderly. Much of the emphasis is on promoting preventative measures and providing alternative health care models (items bi 94003998, bi 94004031, and bi 94004033). Studies that disaggregate target groups by gender or age or both are also much in evidence. Within this latter subject area, the works prepared under the aegis of the Centro de Población y Paternidad Responsable (CEPAR) deserve special mention. These provincial-level sociodemographic profiles (item bi 94003989) provide a wealth of information and data compiled from various secondary sources and organized in a meaningful way. Portions of the data presented appear specific enough to serve as a baseline for future endeavors. It is hoped that authors will persevere in their efforts and prepare a companion document for the country as a whole.

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