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Volume 55 / Social Sciences


KEITH D. MULLER, Associate Professor of Geography, Kent State University

AMAZONIA, ESPECIALLY ITS ENVIRONMENT, dominates the geographical literature on Brazil for this HLAS volume. Quality books with comprehensive views of Amazonia include Moran's study which emphasizes socioanthropological and ecological issues (item bi 93020522) and Goodman and Hall's collection of a wide range of Amazonian topics and authors (item bi 93020525). Noteworthy articles on Amazonia include: Fearnside's examination of sustainable extractive reserves (item bi 93025397); Hiraoka's thorough discussion of the viability of supplementing subsistence riverine agriculture with sustainable commercial economic systems (item bi 94003951); Browder and Godfrey's pertinent theoretical framework for future investigations on frontier urban networks in Amazonia (item bi 93018760); and Becker's (item bi 94000919) and Ab'saber's (item bi 94003910) appropriate insistence on the need to study and administer Amazonia in subregions.

Writings on the Northeast concentrate on rural and industrial development and are mostly case studies. For example, Caviedes and Muller question the role of large irrigation projects which do little to improve the situation of peasants (item bi 95020826) and Santos' report for SUDENE provides an overview of temporary rural laborers in Bahia (bi 93020509).

The Instituto SPN (Sociedade, Populaç˜ao e Natureza), has released 15 articles by five authors on a wide range of topics. The most significant include Mueller's description of how agricultural expansion primarily benefits the urban-industrial sector at the expense of the countryside - which must endure the subsequent negative environmental impacts (item bi 94000897) - and Mueller et al.'s overview of settlement patterns in the West Central region (item bi 94000890).

We hope that future studies address the recently created MERCOSUL, the economic union of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

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