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Volume 53 / Social Sciences


TOM L. MARTINSON, Professor of Geography and Head of Department of Geography, Auburn University, Alabama
GARY S. ELBOW, Professor of Geography, Texas Tech University

CONTRIBUTIONS ON MEXICO FOR HLAS 53 tend to fall into several distinct categories: studies of the US-Mexico border area; works on Mexico City; publications that deal with Mexico's serious and worsening environmental problems; and the usual run of interesting works in historical geography. In the first category, the outstanding contribution is Herzog's book (item bi 93001811). Other significant contributions include Juan Alvarez López's study of environmental problems on the Mexican side of the border (item bi 91002104), two articles by Curtis and Arreola (items bi 93001751 and bi 93001748), Mumme's analysis of the problems of apportioning groundwater along the border (item bi 91002089), and South's piece on the locational preferences of maquila manufacturing plants (item bi 91012614).

The literature on the world's largest city has been augmented by Ward's book (item bi 93001904) and by articles by Aguilar (item bi 90013278), Buchhofer and Aguilar (item bi 91020761), Coll-Hurtado (item bi 93002027), Harrison (item bi 93001792), Legorreta and Flores (item bi 91002099), and Sander (item bi 91010318).

Works that focus on environmental problems include Alvarez López's book on the northern frontier (item bi 91002104), and works by Thompson, Poó Ramírez, and Hernández M. (item bi 91002068) and Toledo, Núñez, and Ferreira (item bi 91002084) on the pollution problems along the Gulf Coast related to Mexico's oil industry.

Finally, there are outstanding contributions in historical geography from Siemens (item bi 91021886), Ortiz Ortiz (item bi 91002090), Ouweneel (item bi 90003958), Swann (item bi 91002080), and Thomson (item bi 93001867).

Also worthy of note are two offerings that deal with aspects of human ecology, Liverman's pathfinding work on the relationship of drought hazard with technology in a modern setting (item bi 93001835) and a collection of articles by Siemens on precolumbian agricultural land modification practices (item bi 93001854).

The literature of Guatemala is dominated, once again, by the work of W. George Lovell (items bi 93001637, bi 93001647, and bi 91023256), who continues to publish on the colonial history of the Cuchumatan Highlands and related areas and topics.

Concern with environmental, social and population issues is evident in this year's section on Central America and the Caribbean. The environmental issues range from Harrison's effort on colonization (item bi 91007802), Jeffrey R. Jones on human settlement in the tropics (item bi 90011756), and Luz Graciela Joly's work on rain forests (item bi 90011757), to studies on national reserves and parks (item bi 91000541), deterioration of the ecosystem (item bi 90011107), and ecological inventories (items bi 91000564 and bi 91000544).

Sagawe highlights social issues in the Dominican Republic's drug trade (item bi 91004924), Potter and Wilson focus on spatial cognition in Barbados (item bi 91006591), and Brohman examines prerevolutionary agricultural development in Nicaragua (item bi 91005160).

Topics on population include reviews of international circulation by Conway (item bi 90012568) and Richardson (item bi 90000267), Chabrera's work on urban primacy (item bi 91008467), several works on development and change in old Havana (item bi 90004634 and bi 91021421), and Newson's examination of demographic decline at the time of the Spanish conquest (item bi 91008974).

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