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Volume 53 / Social Sciences


ANN HARTNESS, Assistant Head Librarian, Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas at Austin

THE WIDE VARIETY OF NEW BIBLIOGRAPHIES, reference works, general works, and serials reviewed in this chapter comprise an important part of the infrastructure supporting research in the social sciences in Latin America, and many are scholarly works in their own right. Their numbers and the assortment of subjects that they treat attest to the intensity of interest in social science research on Latin America, both in the region and elsewhere. It is important to note that space limitations precluded the listing of many more publications.

Several important regional, country, and state bibliographies of particular interest and value appeared. The Catálogo unificado de ciencias sociales (item bi 92020192) listed recent publications of members of the Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales, its publisher, and also served as a directory for the research centers represented in the bibliography. A French bibliography of the contemporary (1980-88) Caribbean area covers many topics of interest to social scientists (item bi 92020195). Works about Brazilian serials (bibliographies, guides, catalogs, etc.) were the subject of the first volume of Periódicos e seriados brasileiros (item bi 91004445) by Juracy Feitosa Rocha. Mexico's Dirección General de Bibliotecas issued five volumes of Bibliografías básicas de los estados de la República Mexicana (item bi 92020194). In Venezuela Germán Cardozo Galué compiled a massive bibliography of Zulia state, Bibliografía zuliana: ensayo, 1702-1975 (item bi 91004443).

The number of bibliographies devoted to Central America decreased in comparison to the recent past. Despite the decline, several useful bibliographies were published, including an expanded second edition of Bibliografía sociopolítica de Honduras by Ramón Oqueli (item bi 91004453). Other titles of interest included an excellent annotated compilation of English language materials on "Manual Noriega and the Panama Crisis," by Allan Metz (item bi 91023154), and Bibliografía sobre juventud en Centroamérica (item bi 91013946), issued by the Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales of the Univ. de Costa Rica.

Economic topics were the focus of many bibliographies. The United Nations' Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean issued CEPAL, bibliografía: 1948-1988 (item bi 92020200). CEPAL also published a bibliography on Latin American economic integration (item bi 92020211) as did the Junta del Acuerdo de Cartagena (item bi 92020209). Interest in various aspects of industry was reflected in works by Lucía Alvarez Mosso et al. (item bi 91004437), Leslie Sklair (item bi 91004433), and Brazil's Confederaçao Nacional da Indústria (item bi 93000500). A three-volume work issued by the Regional Employment Program for Latin America and the Caribbean (item bi 92020198) attests to recent interest in the burgeoning Latin American informal sector, as does Bibliografía ecuatoriana sobre pequeña y mediana empresa (item bi 92020199), by Juan Martín Cueva and Mónica Sánchez.

Several bibliographies focus on indigenous peoples of the Americas, emphasizing South America. The Indians of South America, by Thomas L. Welch (item bi 91004353), reflects the holdings of the Columbus Memorial Library of the Organization of American States. Comunidades aborígenes de América by Albórnoz and Legarreta (item bi 92020196) covers all of Latin America, but emphasizes Argentina, while works by Bartomeu Meliá, Marcos Vinícios de Almeida Saul, and Valmir Francisco Muraro (item bi 92020204) specifically concentrate on the Guarani.

Two useful Brazilian subject bibliographies focus on urban studies: 1001 teses sobre o Brasil urbano: catálogo bibliográfico, 1940-1989, by Licia do Prado Valladares and Ana Maria Lustosa Caillaux (item bi 93000706), and "Movimentos sociais urbanos: uma contribuiçao a sua bibliografia," by Maria Lia Corrêa de Araújo (item bi 91023825).

Three notable titles from Mexico cover diverse topics: Bibliografía general del maíz en México, by Enrique Florescano and Alejandra Moreno Toscano (item bi 9104419); Indice bibliográfico sobre tradición oral, by Lilian Scheffler (item bi 91004457); and Libre elección o fecundidad controlada (item bi 91004422). Three bibliographies from Brazil should also prove useful: Bibliografia de ouro no Brasil, 1825-1988, by Maria José da Rocha (item bi 91004351); "A escravidao brasileira nos artigos de revistas, 1976-1985," by Rizio Bruno Sant'Ana and Iraci del Nero da Costa (item bi 89011890); and "Imigraçao e colonizaçao alema no Brasil: uma revisao da bibliografia" (item bi 90011907). The latter was one of the many excellent bibliographies which appear regularly in the serial commonly known as BIB, the Boletim informativo e bibliográfico de ciências sociais: BIB.

Other especially noteworthy bibliographies include: Reflexión sobre comunicación de masas en Uruguay, by Alicia García de León (item bi 92020202); Guía bibliográfica de geografía física del Ecuador (item bi 92020203); and four published in the United States: The Falklands/Malvinas campaign: a bibliography, by Eugene L. Rasor (item bi 92005653); An annotated bibliography of Latin American sport: pre-conquest to the present, by Joseph Arbena (item bi 92020197); Latinas of the Americas: a source book, by K. Lynn Stoner (item bi 92020214); and South American population censuses since Independence: an annotated bibliography of secondary sources, by Karin Simoneau (item bi 92020213).

Publisher's catalogs and catalogs of book and archival collections were other important sources of bibliographic information. Siglo XXI Editores, a major Spanish and Latin American publisher, issued Catálogo general: vigésimo aniversario, 1965-1985 (item bi 91004448), and the Biblioteca del Oficial of the Círculo Militar in Buenos Aires published Catálogo de la Biblioteca del Oficial (item bi 91004444). Archival collections are well represented by Diccionario bibliográfico ecuatoriano (item bi 93000804), a multi-volume work comprising a catalog of the holdings of the Biblioteca Ecuatoriano Aurelio Espinosa Polit, and by Los archivos municipales de Sinaloa (item bi 91004432), one in a series of excellent publications about Mexican state and municipal archives.

The publication of Catálogo: 1989 (item bi 92020193), a subject catalog of video tapes and films, underscores the importance of audio-visual formats as sources of information. The catalog covers materials on popular culture, human rights, migration, children, women, urban life, and other topics of interest to both social scientists and humanists. It was compiled and issued by Cinevídeo of Brazil, with support from the Ford Foundation.

Directories, biographical dictionaries, and other reference works abounded, including two works that covered Latin America in general: Latin American revolutionaries: groups, goals, methods, by Michael Radu (item bi 93000860); and Diccionario de ciencias sociales y políticas edited by Torcuato S. Di Tella (item bi 93000852).

The publication of directories of organizations and institutions comprised a strong trend in the area of reference works. Bolivian institutions issued the following directories: Directorio boliviano en población y desarrollo (item bi 91004441); Repertorio de instituciones de capacitación en Bolivia (item bi 92020210); and 385 ONGS en Bolivia: catálogo (item bi 93001056).

The publication of directories of non-profit, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) constituted a "mini-trend." At least six were issued in Brazil. The first of the Brazilian NGO "genre" (1988) was Sem fins lucrativos: as organizaçoes nao governamentais no Brasil (item bi 93000862). The Agência Brasileira de Cooperaçao of the Ministério das Relaçoes Exteriores issued three in one year (1991): Organizaçoes nao governamentais brasileiras atuantes na área de cooperaçao ao desenvolvimento (item bi 93000856); Organizaçoes nao governamentais estrangeiras atuantes no Brasil (item bi 93000858); and Organizaçoes nao governamentais brasileiras atuantes na área de meio ambiente (item bi 93000857). The 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro appears to have been the catalyst for the publication of the latter directory and two others issued recently: CNEA: cadastro nacional de entidades ambientalistas - entidades nao governamentais (item bi 93000851); and Brasil verde: quem é quem na ecologia (item bi 93000850).

Directories of NGOs published in other countries included: Directorio preliminar de organizaciones no gubernamentales - ONG - nacionales que realizan acciones de desarrollo con la comunidad, 1990 (item bi 93000854), issued in Panama; and Organizaciones de derechos humanos de América del Sur (item bi 91004436). Finally, the Directorio ecuatoriano de centros de mujeres (item bi 91004459), by Rocío Guayasamín, includes both NGOs and government agencies.

Directories of information providers were also represented. The revised Scholar's guide to Washington, D.C. for Latin American and Caribbean studies (item bi 92016650), originally published in 1979 and now updated by Craig VanGrasstek directs researchers to libraries, government agencies, "think tanks," and a variety of other sources of information in Washington. Other useful publications were Directorio de unidades nacionales de información (item bi 91013945), a guide to 700 Costa Rican libraries and other information-providing institutions, and Bibliotecas do Estado de Sao Paulo cadastradas no CRB-8 (item bi 93000848), a directory of libraries providing recent information for that important Brazilian state.

Several biographical dictionaries and directories supplying professional data about scholars in various disciplines appeared. Four volumes of the Diccionario biográfico boliviano (item bi 93000847) were published by Editorial Los Amigos del Libro. A second edition of The Jamaica directory of personalities (item bi 91004431) also appeared. Leksikon fun Idishe gezelshaftlekhe tuer in Argentine = Personalidades del quehacer judío en Argentina (item bi 91004354), a biographical dictionary of Argentine Jews was published. Brazil produced several useful biographical dictionaries, including two focusing on professional data: Vicente Tapajós compiled the first volume of Dicionário biobibliográfico de historiadores, geógrafos e antropólogos brasileiros (item bi 93000853); and the Associaçao Brasileira de Antropologia issued Teses, pesquisas, antropólogos (item bi 93000863), which includes a directory of anthropologists in Brazil. The biography of specific states was enhanced with the publication of Personalidades no Pará (item bi 91004435) and Dicionário político catarinense (item bi 91004429), edited by Walter F. Piazza. Indigenous peoples of Brazil, for whom there have been few, if any, biographical sources, are treated in Heróis indígenas do Brasil (item bi 91004454).

In the field of library science, publications on a wide variety of topics expanded knowledge. Reseña del desarrollo histórico de la bibliotecología en Santo Domingo (item bi 91004449), by Elida Jiménez and others, contributed to library history in the Dominican Republic. Qualifications and training for information professionals were the focus of two articles published in Colombia: "El perfil profesional del bibliotecólogo en Colombia" (item bi 89002850); and "Formación de recursos humanos para información en Colombia" (item bi 89002876). In Mexico the Memorias of the Reunión Nacional de Archivos Administrativos e Históricos Estatales y Municipales in 1982, 1983, and 1984 gave a good overview of matters of interest and concern in the archival world (items bi 91004416, bi 91004417, and bi 91004418). Conservation of visual materials was the subject of another Mexican conference, the Primer Seminario Nacional sobre Conservación de Materiales de Archivo Fotográfico e Fílmico (item bi 91004415).

The technology and uses of informatics and national informatics policy are ongoing and increasing concerns in Latin American countries, and several books and articles attested to this. Overviews of various aspects of the situation include "Desarrollo de la informática en América Latina" (item bi 89004114); "Situación de la informática en Latinoamérica" (item bi 91004350); and "Servicios de datos en América Latina y el Caribe," issued by SELA, the Sistema Económico Latinoamericano (item bi 91004450). Guerrilha tecnológica: a verdadeira história da política nacional de informática (item bi 93001137) provides a history of Brazil's policy of protection for its fledgling informatics industry. In "REDATAM: Manejo y Análisis de Grandes Bases de Datos" (item bi 91021436), Jorge L. Canales describes an electronic data processing and retrieval system in use in various Latin American and Caribbean countries.

The history, uses, and influence of television continued to be subjects of considerable interest. The Unión Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Radiodifusión (ULCRA) published a pioneer study of public radio and television in the region (item bi 93001138). Significant Brazilian and Chilean studies were also published: Um perfil da TV brasileira: 40 anos de história, 1950-1990 (item bi 93001141), by Sérgio Mattos; and La televisión en los '90 (item bi 93001140), by Valerio Fuenzalida Fernández.

Several new social science serials appeared. Economics was the subject of one third of the new serials cited here: Ceteris Paribus (item bi 93001142), issued by the Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez, Univ. of Puerto Rico; Estadística & Economía (item bi 93001184), published by the Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas de Chile; Ensayos de Economía (item bi 93001183) from the Univ. Nacional, Medellín; and Ypsilon: Revista Centroamérica de Planificación (item bi 93001193) from the Univ. Nacional, Heredia Costa Rica.

Political science serials proliferated equally well. The Univ. de Brasília published Revista Brasileira de Ciência Política (item bi 93001190), and two other serials focused on theoretical and intellectual aspects of socialism: En Defensa del Marxismo, published in Buenos Aires (item bi 93001182), and Rojo y Negro from Montevideo (item bi 93001191). A new feminist journal, Debate Feminista (Mexico) attempts to bridge the gap between academics and politics (item bi 93001180). Finally, an important new serial, Terra Livre (item bi 93001192), issued by the Associaçao dos Geógrafos Brasileiros, focused on human geography.

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