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Volume 60 / Humanities


JAMES RADOMSKI, Associate Professor of Music, California State University, San Bernardino

CATHEDRAL MUSIC OF MEXICO in the 17th and 18th centuries continues to attract and challenge scholars. Significant studies of music in the cathedrals of Puebla and Oaxaca have appeared, by Tello (item #bi 99004472#) and Kuri Camacho (item #bi 98015715#); especially of note is a collection of articles edited by Lizama and Traffano (item #bi 00003433#). Another interesting study pertinent to sacred music is the catalog of historic pipe organs in the state of Puebla by Gastellou (item #bi 00003443#).

Carredano has provided a useful tool for the study of Mexican classical music in her history and catalog of Mexican editions (item #bi 99009930#).

Among several new works dealing with Mexican composers, especially significant are the new biography of Manuel Ponce by Díaz Cervantes and the original approach to analysis of Ponce's style by Miranda (items #bi 99009722# and #bi 99007128# respectively).

Folk and popular music in Mexico form an enormous area of study that has yet to be conquered. The volume of songs collected by Concha Michel is a useful addition (item #bi 00003431#). The history of popular music in Nuevo León is well served by Ayala Duarte's scholarly study (item #bi2002001233#).

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