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Volume 58 / Humanities


JAMES RADOMSKI, Assistant Professor, Music, California State University, San Bernardino

INTEREST IN THE SCHOLARLY STUDY of Mexican music continues to grow, as evidenced by significant musicological conferences: After Columbus: The Musical Journey at California Polytechnic State Univ. in 1992, and the International Conference on Mexican Music at the Univ. of Kansas in 1997. Recent scholarship reflects the richness of Mexican musical culture: from indigenous music traditions and Renaissance colonial music through the popular music of the 18th and 19th centuries on to the most recent art music—not to mention rock and popular music—of the 20th century.

Among Mexican writers, there is a continued fascination with the mariachi phenomenon, from historical, anthropological, and musical perspectives. Significant works by Jesús Flores y Escalante and Pablo Dueñas Herrera (item #bi 97017628#), Alvaro Ochoa (item #bi 97017623#), and Jorge Chamorro Escalante (item #bi 97014892#) have appeared on this topic.

Groundbreaking contributions in the area of 20th-century art music were seen in the first volume of the Diccionario de compositores mexicanos de música de concierto, Siglo XX, compiled by Eduardo Soto Millán (item #bi 97017655#) and La composición en México en el siglo XX by Yolanda Moreno Rivas (item #bi 97017661#).

Important periodicals published in the US dealing with Mexican music include the Revista de Música Latino Americana/Latin American Music Review edited by Gerard Behague and the Inter-American Music Review edited by Robert Stevenson. Vol. 7 (1994-95) of Ars Musica Denver, edited by Paul Laird and Craig Russell, brought together significant essays from the 1992 After Columbus conference (items #bi 99009713#, #bi 99009716#, and #bi 99009715#).

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