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Volume 58 / Humanities


WALTER AARON CLARK, Professor of Musicology, University of Kansas

THE APPEARANCE OF THE NEW EDITION of Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart (1994) in most respects fulfills the high expectations surrounding its publication. Entries on Latin American countries and topics are detailed and authoritative (the previous edition virtually ignored Latin America), with leading scholars like Stevenson and Béhague contributing many of the entries. The encyclopedia is divided into two parts: subjects (Sachteil) and biographies (Personenteil). The first part is nearly complete (up to Q); the second will appear in installments thereafter. For entries on Colombia and Peru, see items #bi 99005897# and #bi 99005898#, respectively. The second edition of the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians will be published in 2000. It will be available in both book and electronic formats and retains its distinction as the foremost reference source on music in any language.

Also worthy of mention is the Latin American Classical Composers: A Biographical Dictionary (item #bi 98010756#). The work is somewhat disappointing in the summary nature of the biographies and works lists, and in the absence of many minor composers. The third edition of the ethnomusicology textbook Worlds of Music (1996) retains the excellent chapter on Latin America written by John Schechter, though some might quibble with its emphasis on Ecuador at the expense of any mention of Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, or Argentina. More balanced, but less detailed coverage of Latin America is found in another world-music textbook, Excursions in World Music, 2nd ed., by Bruno Nettl et al., 1997.

In general, musicological research on Andean countries, especially Ecuador, remains underdeveloped. This is particularly true of the art-music traditions in those countries. Nevertheless, several recently published dissertations are notable for their high quality, offering a promise of more fine scholarship in the future:

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