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Volume 54 / Humanities


19th and 20th Centuries: Bolivia

MARIE LUISE WAGNER, Professorial Lecturer, Georgetown University

THE TRANSFORMATION OF INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES in the national period is an important topic in recent scholarship. This year, many good studies contribute to the debate over indigenous resistance to the expansion of the haciendas in different regions (items bi 93007270, bi 92014825, bi 92014533, bi 93007272, bi 92014823, bi 92014822, bi 92018049, and bi 92014824). In addition, the analysis of the role of campesinos in the political process indicates a continuing awareness of rural history (item bi 92018045).

General histories of Bolivia have appeared in an updated edition (item bi 92018053) and with a radical new interpretation (item bi 92018052). Antezana's first hand historical account of the MNR from 1949-52 is also noteworthy (item bi 92018050). Several regional histories help understand the problems of full integration into national policies in modern Bolivia despite limited availability of historical records (items bi 92018059 and bi 93014572).

Political biographies of Sucre (item bi 92018043), Tejada Sorzano (item bi 92018048), Arce (item bi 92018046), and Paz Estenssoro (item bi 92018047) are important contributions to Bolivian history, while Barnadas' biography of García Moreno (item bi 92018057) and Gómez Martínez's analysis of the Bolivian national character (item bi 92018065) reflect a thorough understanding of intellectual currents.

Gender related issues have appeared recently in historiography (item bi 92018062) and labor history continues to attract historical interest, with two good studies this biennium focusing on the decline of the Bolivian labor movement (items bi 92018056 and bi 92018064). In military history, material from the archives of the Armed Forces sheds interesting light on the 1932 Battle of Boquerón (item bi 93014576) and the warfare against Che Guevara (item bi 92018054).

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