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Volume 52 / Humanities


Literary Critism and History

WILSON MARTINS, Professor Emeritus of Portuguese, New York University

THE ONLY MAJOR WORK of literary criticism and history published during this biennium was the three-volume História crítica do romance brasileiro (item bi 89006775). Otherwise, the decline in theory and the concomitant rise in literary history in all its manifestations continues (see HLAS 48, p. 565). Note the increase in the number of biographies (items bi 89006785, bi 89001276, bi 89006815, bi 90003932, bi 89006782, bi 89006777, bi 89006781, bi 89006801, bi 89006804, and bi 89006776), or specific studies about particular authors (items bi 89016186, bi 89006800, bi 90003902, bi 90003906, bi 90000619, bi 89001274, bi 90003913, bi 90003918, bi 89004950, bi 90003924, and bi 89004767).

Criticism of poetry has been more catholic, ranging from the well-known João Cabral (item bi 89004767), Augusto dos Anjos (item bi 90003913), Castro Alves (item bi 90003911), Mário de Andrade (item bi 89005834), and Cecília Meireles (item bi 90000619), to minor poets such as Quintana (item bi 90003918), and Mário Faustino (item bi 90003906).

Critical studies of fiction are also noted by their wide-ranging interests and special emphases on female authors such as Clarice Lispector (items bi 89006781 and bi 89006776), Patrícia Galvão (item bi 89001276), or Lygia Fagundes Telles (item bi 90003913). Note also the first comprehensive (very sympathetic) biography of Lúcio Cardoso (item bi 89006815).

Of course, that perennial subject, the great Machado de Assis, is gaining even more stature as recent criticism defines him as a post-modern of high caliber (item bi 89006782; see also HLAS 46:6373 and HLAS 48:6398).

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