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Volume 50 / Humanities


JOSE M. NEISTEIN, Executive Director, Brazilian-American Cultural Institute, Washington

THERE ARE A NUMBER OF recently published reference works annotated below, some of which cover major regions of Brazilian art and architecture such as São Paulo, Bahia and Minas Gerais (items bi 89002272, bi 89002277, and bi 88000917). Other reference works concerned with art history include a book on a relatively little studied field, or Expressionism in Brazil (item bi 89002273), and a work on 20th-century art in Pernambuco (item bi 89002274).

Insofar as works on the colonial period are concerned, there is a welcome chapter on the subject in Suzy de Mello's essays on Barroco Mineiro (item bi 88001662), and a book by J.L.M. Menezes (item bi 88000909) on Portuguese military architecture in colonial Brazil.

In contrast to previous volumes of the Handbook in which the 19th century was well covered, there are only two titles on that period annotated below, but both of them are fine works: a study of Almeida Júnior (item bi 89002298), and another of the Grimm Group (item bi 89002299). On the other hand, the 20th century is very well represented in this volume, in terms of quantity and quality. Among a total of 20 works consisting of monographs and comprehensive studies, one should single out monographs on Ianelli (item bi 89002460), Di Cavalcanti (item bi 89002459), Volpi (item bi 89002463), and Flávio de Carvalho (item bi 89002467). Also noteworthy are the following: a work on the 1931 Salon (item bi 89002462), "Opinião 65" (item bi 89002458), Artistas gravadores do Brasil (item bi 89002464), and Artistas da escultura brasileira (item bi 88000898).

Three publications are devoted to folk art, two on ceramics (items bi 88000893 and bi 88000896) and one on Brazilian masks (item bi 88000897).

A great number of works deal with city planning, architecture, and landscape architecture. Some of them are outstanding, such as Arquitetura do ferro no Brasil (item bi 89002521), Arquitetura brasileira atual (item bi 89002523), Arquitetura moderna brasileira (item bi 89007867), Le Corbusier: riscos brasileiros (item bi 88000912), and a monograph on Affonso Eduardo Reidy (item bi 88001447).

Finally, there are some excellent new contributions to the bibliography on Indian traditions (items bi 89002560, bi 89002561, and bi 88000894).

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