Let everyone help to save the famous Hetch-Hetchy Valley and stop the commercial destruction which threatens our national parks: A brief statement of the Hetch-Hetchy case to date

by John Muir

Publication Information: 22 p.

Annotation: John Muir, the preeminent conservationist of his day and founder of the Sierra Club, led the fight against the damming of the Hetch Hetchy Valley as a reservoir for the city of San Francisco. He wrote many eloquent essays about Hetch Hetchy and about the Yosemite Park of which it was then part. This pamphlet is his battle call to the public to join in the fight to preserve the valley. He put together his own writing and quotations from others to outline the case for preserving the valley in its pristine condition. A two-page spread details exactly what supporters can do to help persuade Congress to defeat the dam.

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