Granting use of Hetch Hetchy to city of San Francisco

by N.H. Egleston

Publication Information: Report of the House Committee on Public Lands, February 8, 1909, granting use of the Hetch Hetchy Valley to the city of San Francisco. 60th Congress, 2nd Session, House Report No. 2085, to accompany H.J. Res. 223. 28 p.

Annotation: The report recommends that San Francisco be granted the use of the Lake Eleanor and Hetch Hetchy valleys for reservoir sites. It gives a good summary of the situation to date and the debate between the conservation and development forces. It includes as appendices the 1908 decision of the Secretary of the Interior to grant the city's application and the relevant resolution of the city's board of supervisors. Almost two-thirds of the report is taken up with three separate minority roports opposing the grant of use to San Francisco. Both these and the majority report offer succinct and colorful statements of the views held at that stage of the Hetch Hetchy debate. The preservationists, for instance, are characterized by a San Francisco newspaper as "hoggish and mushy esthetes" (p.16).

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