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United States-Russia Joint Commission on POWs and MIAs and the Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office Joint Commission Support Division Archival Documents Databases

This site will be taken down on December 31, 2021.

This database contains 217 records.
Last update: December 2006

This database was created to increase public access to documents obtained from the archives of countries in the former Soviet Union that pertain to U.S. military personnel missing from such conflicts as World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. It also includes information about American citizens who are unaccounted for from the Cold War. The documents, which have been translated from Russian into English, have been redacted to remove personal information, as well as information regarding the location, condition, and treatment of any missing service members. U.S. law requires the redaction of such information to preserve citizens’ privacy.

Established in 1992 by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency’s Joint Commission Support Division (JCSD), which operates under the authority of the U.S.–Russia Joint Commission on POW/MIAs, this database highlights selected documents from these archives based on their relevance to the actual cases of missing Americans. As these records often contain hundreds or thousands of pages related to a particular event or subject, in some instances only certain pages of longer documents are included in the database.

Grouped under the general classification “TFR” (Task Force Russia), the documents have been indexed to enable more organized searches. For example, “TFR469” refers to archive document number 469. The JSCD’s labeling system also includes the page number that is being referenced. “TFR469-4,” for instance, indicates that the relevant information is on page 4 of the original document.

The index records of these files include the title of the document (or a statement concerning its subject), the date of origin, the total number of pages, and the name(s) of any American military personnel identified in the document. FRD analysts also tagged keywords and added comments, giving researchers additional information about the files they are looking at. High-quality digital scans of the documents were uploaded as well, and can be viewed by clicking on the linked image(s) at the bottom of the record.

Note: This database is no longer updated by FRD, but is maintained as a historical reference.


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  September 8, 2020
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