How Are the Results Listed?

Understanding a little about how your results are listed may help you control which records are listed first.

Order of Search Results
The list of records returned is arranged in order of relevance to the words you enter. Records listed first are most likely to be relevant to your search. When two or more words are entered in the search box, the search engine returns the results in four groups. The exact matches group is listed first, while the fourth group will contain the least relevant records. Within each group records likely to be more relevant are listed first.

Added features:
The Library of Congress takes the features the search engine provides and customizes them for enhanced retrieval in response to user feedback.

NOTE: The search results list you receive will remain in a temporary file on our server for at least 1 hour after your last access. After that time, it will be erased.

Note: The search engine used on the American Memory database is currently licensed from Chiliad Publishing Incorporated.

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