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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


War. Department. The adjutant general's office. Memorandum of information. Officers' training camps, August 27- November 26, 1917. ... Washington, June 4, 1917.

Ward No. 11. Notification. The inhabitants of Ward No. 11, in the City of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to assemble at their Ward Room, Washington Street, near Dover Street on Monday, the fourteenth day of December ne

Ward No. 11. Notification. The inhabitants of Ward No. 11, in the City of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to assemble at their ward room, Washington St. near Dover St. on Monday, the ninth day of December next ... then

Ward No. 14. Notification. The inhabitants of Ward No. 14, in the City of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to assemble at their Ward room, Putnam street, on Wednesday, the 24th day of June inst., at 12 o'clock M ... S. F

Ward No. 14. Notification. The inhabitants of Ward No. 14, in the City of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to assemble at their ward Room, Putnam Street. on Tuesday the third day of November next ... By order of the Boar

Ward No. 14. Notification. The inhabitants of Ward No. 14, in the City of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to assemble at their, Ward Room, Putnam Street, on Tuesday, the twenty-second day of June insant ... Boston, June

Ward No. 5 Notification. The inhabitants of Ward No. 5, in the City of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to assembly at their Ward Room, Blossom Street, on Monday, the ninth day of May next ... to give in their ballots fo

Ward No. 5. Notification. The inhabitants of Ward No. 5 in the City of Boston qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to assemble at their Ward Room, Blossom Street, on Tuesday, the fourth day of November next ... S. F. McCleary, City

Ward No. 5. Notification. The inhabitants of Ward No. 5, in the City of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to assemble at their Ward Room, Blos om Street on Monday, the thirteenth day of December next at 10 o'clock ... S.

Ward No. 6. Notification. The inhabitants of Ward No. 6 in the City of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to assemble at their Ward Room West Centre Street on Tuesday, the fifth day of November next ... to give their ballo

Ward No. 6. Notification. The inhabitants of Ward No. 6, in the City of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to assemble at their ward room, West Centre street, on Tuesday the second day of November next, at 9 o'clock A. M .

Ward No. 6. Notification. The inhabitants of Ward No. 6, in the City of Boston, qualified, as the law directs, are hereby notified to assembly at their Ward Room, West Centre Street, on Tuesday the sixth day of November next ... then and there t

Ward No. 6. Notification. The inhabitants of Ward no. 6, in the City of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to assemble at their Ward Room West Centre Street on Tuesday, the sixth day of November ... then and there to give

Ward eleven. Democratic ticket ... Boston. J. E. Farqell & Co. printers. [1863].

Warner Miller, Champion of the workingmen. The following is an extract from a speech made by Warner Miller during the celebrated gariff debate of 1883 in the United States Senate. [n. p. 1883].

Warner Miller, champion of the glass industry, friend of the wage-earner. During the debate in the Senate Chamber (January 19, 1883) Senator Warner Miller, of New York, moved to change the tariff on glass bottles from 20 cents ad valorem to 1.5

The Warner prize essay. Comets: their composition, purpose and effect upon the earth. Professor Lewis Boss, Director of Dudley Obseratory, receives the $200 prize given by H. H. Warner, of Rochester. N. Y. [c. Oct. 10, 1884].

A warning to the country. I see where we are drifting. All temporising is ruin ... Estwick Evans. Washington City. [n. d.$.

Washington City, 5th March, 1831 Dear Sir: To do right is the first duty of a representative of the people in the Congress of the United States ... [Signed] C. Johnson.

Washington City, August 17, 1848. Sir: Captain Fraser solicits the honor of your presence, with such friends as may accompany you, at the launching of the new revenue Brig, from the Ship yard of Wm. Easby, near the observatory on Saturday the 19

Washington City, D. C. January 12th, 1855. To the Sheriff of the County of Sir: Allow me to call your and the public attention to my circular herewith enclosed. The proposition now before Congress to give one hundred and sixty acres of land to e

Washington City, Feb. 26, 1803. Dear Sir. Towards the close of the last session of Congress I had anticipated the pleasure of communicating to you a detailed view of the proceedings under the new administration of the government, but was prevent

Washington City, Feb. 27, 1811. Dear Sir. As the session of congress will terminate in a few days, perhaps it is my duty to devote a few of the last moments of it, in giving you some information of its proceedings and the state of our publick af

Washington City, February 14, 1837. The present session so far,has been one not of uncommon interest ... William Hendricks.

Washington City, February 25th, 1805. Sir. My sole object in addressing to Congress my letter of the first of the present month was to gain an opportunity of refuting the charges and insinuations which had been made against me ... Gideon Granger

Washington City, June 30, 1836. Another session of strange and peculiar character is drawing near to a close, and as heretofore has been my custom, I purpose on the present occasion, to give to the people of the State, a brief outline of the bus

Washington City, March 10, 1847. Sir: Please to recieve, as a mark of my respect, a copy of the following letters, which explain the circumstances under which I decline the appointment of Major General in the army ... Thomas H. Benton.

Washington City, March 2, 1831. Sir: The ordinary business of the Session has been greatly interrupted to the impeachment of Judge Peck ... William Hendricks.

Washington City, March 2, 1833. Sir: The present session of Congress closes this day, and although but few of the subjects introduced have been finally acted upon, I flatter myself that much good has been done for our country ... John Tipton.

Washington City, March 2, 1833. The present session has been one remarkable for the magnitude of the questions entertained by it ... William Hendricks.

Washington City, March 3d, 1815. To the people of Bedford, Franklin, Henry & Patrick Fellow-Citizens. I most sincerely congratulate you upon the restoration of peace between Great Britain and the United States ... William A. Burwell.

Washington City, March 4, 1835. The session having drawn to a close, I hasten, before leaving this place, to communicate, as has been my practice ever since I have first been honored with a seat in Congress, to the people of the State, the leadi

Washington City, May 10, 1858. Dear Sir: At a meeting of the Quarantine and sanitary convention held in the city of Baltimore, on the 29th of April, 1858 the following resolutions were adopted ... Tho. Miller, M. D. Chairman.

Washington City, May 13, 1830. Dear Sir: Heretofore, it has been my practice, at the close of every session, to address a letter to the people of the state ... William Hendricks.

Washington City, May 23, 1828. Sir. As I am about to retire from public life, and from the service of a people who have so long honored me with their continued and unwavering confidence I deem it my duty, at the close of my political career to t

Washington City, October 15, 1840. Sir: Our democratic friends should by no means be discouraged. Let the time that remains to the day of the election be actively and profitably employed, and democracy will triumph ... William King, President. C

Washington City. June 20, 1832. Sir. The present session has been one of great length, and as few will have failed, to preceive, one also of much political discord and strife ... William Hendricks.

Washington City. June 28, 1834 Sir: The history of the present session may be given in a few words. It has been little less than a scene of political warfare and strife ... William Hendricks.

Washington City. March 2, 1833. The present session has been one remarkable for the magnitude of the questions entertained by it. The tariff, the bill having reference to South Carolina affairs ... William Hendricks.

Washington Club, December 12, 1855. Sir: The annual meeting of the members of the Club will take place at the Club-house on the evening of Monday, the 14th January, at 7 o'clock, where your attendance is particularly requested ... Wm. R. Shubric

Washington Club. December 4th, 1854. Sir: The following amendments and alterations of the constitution of the club in the form of resolutions, will be submitted to the general annual meeting of the club, to be held on Monday, the 8th of January,

The Washington ancestry and records of the McClain, Johnson, and forty other colonial American families. Prepared for Edward Lee McClain by Charles Arthur Hoppin ... Greenfield Ohio: Privately printed 1932.

Washington assemblies. 1840. The honor of The Misses Mc Williams company is requested at the Washington assemblies.

... Washington canal & Rhode Island state lottery. Class No. one, for 1826. This ticket will entitle the holder to one quarter of such prize as may be drawn by its numbers, if demanded within twelve months after the drawing, Subject to a deducti

The Washington high school, under the direction of Edwin Arnold and A. N.Girault. [Circular giving courses of study, tuition, et.] Washington City, June 1845.

... Washington high schools. Courses of study outlined. [Washington, D. C., 1897].

Washington monument [Baltimore] Printed by James Young, 114 West Baltimore Street [183-?].

Washington on the new era. By Cassius Marcellus Clay. White Hall, Kentucky [1889].

Washington to Lafayette. Mount Vernon. 18 June 1788. [Reprint].

The Washington tragedy. Air, Vilikins and his Dinah. April 1859.

Washington's eulogies on the character of Colonel Tench Tilghman. [n. p. n. d.].

Washington, April 16, 1833 Sir: You are hereby notified to attend the musters of Captain Francis A. Dickins Company M.D. C. for the current year, on the 3rd Mondays in May and October, at ten o'clock, on the first height south of the Tiber on 12

Washington, August 14, 1852. Sir: In accordance with an invitation from the corporate authorities of this City, and at the request of numerous citizens, Professor Boynton, of New York, will deliver a lecture upon the subject of Phillips' fire an

Washington, August 29, 1835. Sir: I have the pleasure to inform you, that since my circular to you, of the 25th June last I have received communications from the greater part of the Deposit banks, upon the subject of redeeming such of their note

Washington, D. C. April 1906. Mr. [blank]. Dear Sir: In view of the fact that Caleb Powers, the noted Kentucky political prisoner, is to be again tried in the State courts for the fourth time, charged with complicity in the killing of William Go

Washington, D. C. February 1858. Dear Sir: I desire to call your attention to the accompanying "Circular" of the publisher of the "Republic" It is of the highest importance to the success of our cause, that an efficient Republican paper be susta

Washington, D. C. January 2, 1885. Dear Sir: The Jackson Democratic association organized Oct. 1829, will celebrate the sixty-ninth anniversary of the battle of New Orleans by a public meeting in Masonic Temple, Thursday Eve'ng January 8, at 7 o

Washington, D. C. Lock hospital established as a refuge from quackery! Only place where a cure can be guaranteed .... [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Washington, D. C. Oct. 23, 1861. Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States: Sir: I have the honor to lay before you the accompanying letter signed by a large number of eminent citizens of New York ... These gentlemen ... are impressed with

Washington, D. C., April 17th, 1891. Dear Friend: It is my mournful duty to inform you that the beloved companion of fifty-three years in my jouney of life has crossed the dark river and entered upon her rest ... [Washington, 1891].

Washington, D. C., March 30, 1868. Dear brother: It has been determined to make a united effort by the members of the Young Men's Christian association to raise the money needed to secure our new building ... Affectionately your O. O. Wororm. Pr

Washington, D. C., Wednesday, May 27th, 1868. You are cordially invited to attend the ceremonies of decorating the graves of the Union dead, on Saturday, 30th instant, at one o'clock, p. m., at the National Cemetery, Arlington. N. P. Chipman. Ch

Washington, December 2d, 1832. Sir: I take leave to present myself to your consideration, as a candidate for the situation of Sergeant-at-Arms to the House of representatives, and to be, with much respect, your obedient servant. Thomas L. Thurst

Washington, February 17, 1827. The Hon. Littleton W. Tazewell and John Randolph, Senators from Virginia, in the Congress of the United States. Gentlemen: After mature reflection, and with the advice of others more experienced in such matters, I

Washington, February 20, 1834. The necessity of submitting to you the following correspondence will be manifest, without any preliminary remark from me. It is laid before you as an imperative duty to you, no less than to myself; and I persuade m

Washington, February 26, 1847. Sir: I beg to solicit your favorable attention to the resolution offered yesterday by the Hon. Mr. Hannegan, relative to the reports of Senate debates for the thirteenth Congress ... James A. Houston.

Washington, Jan. 1, 1837. Dear Sir: You doubtless expect some further statement than has been received respecting the investments made for you in the valley of the Wabash ... H. L. Ellsworth.

Washington, January 2, 1844. Sir: The execution of the important trust conferred upon the government of the United States by the late James Smithson, of London, is a matter which must be deeply interesting to the people of this country, and more

Washington, January, 1853. To Sir: I have the pleasure to inform you that a jury of the Royal Commissioners connected with the exhibition of the works of all nations, at London, in the year 1851, in consideration of has awared you a medal, certi

Washington, March 1st, 1805. Dear Sir. Two days more will close the term of public service for which I was elected. Before it expires, I wish to give you some information relative to the common interest of our territory ... Wm. Lattimore.

Washington, Nov. 10, 1840. To his Excellency Governor of Dear Sir: Having understood that many citizens of who are interested in a bill now pending in Congress, for the relief of American citizens who suffered by French spoliations prior to 1800

Washington, Sir: a meeting of the friends of Mr. Clay, and of the policy of which he has long been the distinguished champion … very respectfully, yours, &c. &c.

Wasp stinging frolick [Cuts] Or engagement between the American sloop of war Wasp, of 18 guns, and the British Sloop of War Frolick, of 20 guns. [Boston] Printed by Nathaniel Coverley, Jun [1812].

Watchman's address for Christmas day December 25, 1835 Philadelphia Samuel W. Neall 1835.

The Watchman, No. 1 [Four lines of verse] The dangerous unconstitutional innovations and infringements made by the General Assembly of the province of New-York in their two last sessions on the liberties of their constituents ... [Signed] P. Mou

The Watchman, No. II [1 line of Latin from Birg.] It is a truth confirmed by the experience of all ages that a few often govern the multitude ... [Signed] I. Mount Look-Out in the City of New York, Feb. 17, 1770. [New-York: Printed by John Holt,

The watchman, No. III. [Two lines from Cicero] Benevolence us an attribute of the deity which he manifests in inumerable instances to all intelligent and sensible creatures ... [Signed] P. Mount Lookout. New York, March 10, 1770 [New York: Print

The Watchman, No. V, [Three line quotation from Cicero] When a kingdom or province has the misfortune to be governed by weak or wicked governors, its evidently a mark of the divine displeasure against the governed ... [Signed] P. Mount Look-Out.

The Watchman. No. IV, [Two line quotation from Horace] All intelligent beings are actuated by two principles, from which as streams from a fountain, flow all their actions; ... [Signed] P Mount Look-Out. New York, March 29, 1770. [New York: Prin

Water celebration, Boston, October 25, 1848.

Water registrar's office, City Hall. Boston March 29 1859. To E. Thorndike. Sir:- The water rate for premises No. 10 Russell St. for the year 1859 is now due ... William F. Davis. Water Registrar.

Waterbury, Nov. 1st, 1859. Dear Sir: - A petition was presented to the General Assembly of this State at their last session, (May 1858,) asking for division of the County of Litchfield, or the establishment of two half shire towns in that County

Waterford Gazette Extra. Wednesday, January, 30, 1811. The legislature met at Albany yesterday- John Tayler, of Albany, is chosen President of the Senate- Nathan Sanford of New-York, Speaker of the House-Sebastian Vischer, Clerk of the Senate- S

Watertown, August 14, 1775. This day the following resolve pass’d the General Court or Assembly of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay in Council. August 13, 1775. Whereas it is made evident to this Court, that many non-commissioned officers and sol

Watertown, July 3, 1776. In Council. Ordered, that the following part of the resolution of this General Assembly respecting the declaration prescribed in the Act, commonly call the test act, be forthwith published in hand bills, and sent to the

Watertown, July 8th, 1775 Gentlemen. In obedience to the order of Congress, we have proportioned thirteen thousand coats on all the towns and districts in this Colony, excepting Boston and Charlestown; and have inclosued you the proportion, with

Watertown, November 18, 1775. You have hereunder, copies of two resolves, one passed by the American congress, and the other by our General court, relative to collecting the proper evidences of the depredations made by the ministerial army and n

Watertown, [blank] 1775. Received of Moses Gill, Esq; treasurer of the Committee of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay for the receiving and distributing the donations for the poor of the Towns of Boston and Charlestown, [blank] lawful money, as a

Waterways and commerce. Devoted to the restoration of the American merchant marine and the establishment of world peace .... Vol. 7. October, November, December 1916. No. 4. [New York 1916.

The wave of '84 by Frank Crook. Tune-"Marching through Georgia" [n. p. 1887].

Way down in Pennsylvania. Words by Lieut John Egolf, 14th Regolf. 14th Reg't N. Y. S. M. Culpepper Court House, Va., February 1864.

The way to wealth, and a plan by which every man may pay his taxes ... [Signed] Richard Saundrrs. Philadelphia: Printed by Daniel Humphreys, in Spruce-street, near the Drawbridge [1785].

The Wayne monument association, organized for the purpose of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Stony Point, on the 16th of July next, also for the purpose of erecting a monument to Gen'l (Mad Anthony) Wayne ... [July 16, 1897].

... We have leased and improved the property No. 146 Tremont, near West St., for the purpose of carrying on the auction and commission business in all its branches ... Leonard, Bird & Co.

We have read the memorial to Congress of several New York firms against any further extension of facilities to United States ocean mail steamers, and deem it not inappropriate to offer a few remarks on the subject for the consideration of Congre

We publish this evening, an extra for the purpose of announcing early to our commercial friends a copy of the Circular addressed by the secretary of the Treasury to the collectors of the different ports, and intended to accompany the Proclamatio

We real cool / by Gwendolyn Brooks. Detroit, Michigan : Broadside Press, 1966.

We take pleasure in announcing that there will be opened for exhibition, on Saturday morning, 20th inst. at the Art Rooms 817 Broadway, a collection of modern paintings by foreign and American artists ... New York November 18th, 1875.

We take pleasure in laying before our readers the following proceedings, indicating earnest progress in the work upon one of the most deserving public enterprises of the times ... [Washington, D. C. 1870].

We the shopkeepers of Philadelphia, and places adjacent, whose names are hereunto subscribed, labouring under many and great difficulties in the present languishing condition of trade in this City, partly owing to the unrestrained liberties of v

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