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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Union caucus! The electors of the Town of Peru, … to meet … in Peru Village, On Saturday, Sept. 12, at 7 p.m. for the purpose of sending five delegates to the county convention …[Peru, IL, s. n.., 1863]

Union fire company of Washington City ... Officers & members for 1839 ... [Washington] Gideon, printer, Ninth Street, near Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Union forever! The members of the National Union party are hereby called upon to meet in their respective districts on Saturday, 14th of October ... George H. Richardson. Chairman Union State Central Committee for Worcester County, September

Union foundry, Cor. Penn. Avenue & 18th Street, first ward, Washington, D. C. F. & A. Schneider, iron founders, plain and ornamental smiths ... [Washington, D. C.] C. Alexander, printer, F. near 17th Street [n. d.].

Union hymn. Greenwich:- Printed by John Howe, Price six cents, single. 1807.

Union meeting in Carlisle, Pa ... [Carlisle Pa.] Dec. 22, 1860.

Union men! Read this before you vote. George Wilkes on Horatio Seymour ... Loyal men of New York!!! Will you endorse this programme Will you vote to permit the President of the United States to be bullied by Fernando Wood and Horatio Seymour? Ne

The union must be preserved! The citizens of Reading are hereby invited to meet at Lyceum Hall to-morrow, Thursday, at 6 o'clock. P.M., to make such arrangements as may seem necessary to raise our proportion of volunteers ... Selectmen of Readin

The Union platform adopted by the Union state convention at Trenton, July twentieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-five. Jersey City. From the "Times" Printing House, 43 Montgomery Street. [1865].

Union ticket office. 9 Astor House. Through tickets via Hudson River railroad, or Hudson River steamers ... New York, Harrison's Steam Presses, 1861.

Union ticket. For President Abraham Lincoln. For Vice President Andrew Johnson. For electors for president and vice-president [16 names] For Governor Richard J. Oglesby ... The above is a corrected list of candidates ... Thomas J. Turner. Chairm

Union with freemen -- No union with slaveholders. Anti-slavery meetings! Anti-slavery meetings will be held in this place, to commence on [blank] at [blank] in the [blank]. To be addressed by Agents of the Western anti-slavery society. Three mil

Union! strength!! victory!!! Past grievances to be buried in exertions for the future. Baltimore platform founded on granite ... Tammany society, or, Columbian order. Tammany Hall, New York, June 14th, 1852 Sir ... The Society of Tammany ... bel

Union, activity and freedom, or division, supineness and slavery. My dear Fellw Citizens In my address to you last night, in which I represented the dangerous consequences that would result to the inhabitants of this distressed colony, if you su

Union---Extra. Saturday May 23, 1846. From the Mobile Daily advertiser extra. Monday May 18 10 o'clock a. m. [Regarding Mexican War].

United States Circuit Court, District of Missouri, Special July term, 1861 ... Charge to the Grand Jury by the Court. July 10, 1861. St. Louis: Printed at the Democrat book and Job office 1861.

... United States Internal Revenue. Annual taxes. 1865 [form] [Washington, D. C., 1865].

The United States and the world court. The present status of the question. From the American Foundation Incorporated, 565 Fifth Avenue, New York, November 15, 1926.

United States army!! The undersigned has been commissioned by the Secretary of war, to raise a regiment of riflemen! to act as sharp-shooters!!! ... B. C. Butler. Glen's Falls, Sept. 1st, 1861.

The United States centennial commission and the Centennial board of finance respectfully invite you to be present at the closing ceremonies of the International exhibition of 1876, on the 10tn of November, at Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. To ___

The United States centennial gazetteer and guide. Philadelphia. S. W. Burley, Proprietor & publisher. 1876.

The United States claimants of the cargo of the ship Frances, vs. the Yankee privateer.- Statement on the part of the appellants. [1813?].

United States flag. [Printed in colors on felt].

The United States in account with the rebellion ... [New York? 1866].

United States international exhibition, Philadelhia opening May 10th closing Nov. 10th 1876. Complimentary [admission card].

United States marine corps. The bill to augment the Marine Corps provides for an increase of but 500 men, without any officers; which number will hardly fill up the guards on board of the vessels of war ... [Feb. 14, 1843].

United States navigation laws to be observed by pilots in regard to steamer's lights, to prevent collision at night ... New York. Chambers & Co., printers. 128 Nassau Street. 1852.

United States of America, true faith pen & color drawing and designed by Roy W. Boyden, Los Angeles, Calif 1939.

United States of America. I collector of the district of Newburyport, do hereby certify, that an American seaman, aged years, or thereabouts, of the heighth of feet, inches has this day produced to me proof in the manner directed in the act inti

United States of America. State of Oregon Executive department. Thanksgiving proclamation The President of the United States of America has designated Thursday, the twenty-sixth day of November, A. D. 1903, as a day of general thanksgiving and .

United States of America. State of Oregon. Executive Department. Thanksgiving proclamation. To the end that thanks may be returned to Almighty God, for the manifold blessings enjoyed by the people of the United States, the President has designat

The United States of America. To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting: Whereas has deposited in the General Land office of the United States, a certificate of the register of the land office at whereby it appears that full payment has

The United States of America. To all who shall see these presents, greeting: This is to certify that the President of the United States of America pursuant to act of Congress approved July 9, 1918, has awarded to the distinguished service cross

The United States reporting and collecting association ... General offices, 109 Dearborn St., Chicago, Ill. Attorney's agreement. [187-]

United States volunteers. The "Union guard", accepted by the Secretary of War, July 26th, '61 ... Headquarters 302 Broadway Cor. Duane Street.

The United States vs. the ship St. Lawrence. Appellants statement. [1813?].

United States' telegraph.- [A letter from Duff Green] [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

United States, Pennsylvania District ss. By virtue of a writ of venditioni exponas, to me directed will be sold by public vendue, at the Merchant's Coffee-House, in the city of Philadelphia, on Monday, the 31st of March, instant at seven o'clock

The United States, vs. James Brian, and William Woodcock, garnishees of Issac Hendrickson. Appellant's statement. [1812].

The United States, vs. the ship William, John Caig, claimant.- Appellants statement. [1811].

The United Treasury. The American car of juggernaut. To the editor of the press. From the Philadelphia Press, January 31, 1876.

United Whig Club, New-York, Tuesday, March 28, 1809. Whereas sundry persons have endeavoured to impress on the minds of our Fellow Republican citizens, to the prejudice of this association, that we are disaffected to the present administration o

United we stand, divided we fall. [Circular letter] Boston February 27th, 1812.

Universal and equal suffrage, tariff, internal revenue, currency. Boston, September, 1865.

Universalist national memorial church, Washington, D. C. Order of service for the dedication of the tower of international justice and world peace as a tribute to Owen D. Young. Sunday afternoon, October twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and twen

University at Cambridge. 1 December, 1846 Sir, The President and fellows of this institution are about to address a memorial to Congress, at the ensuing session, recommending the restoration of the privilege of importing books and philosophical

University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Order of exercises for commencement, August XXVI, MDCCCVII. Exercises of candidates for the degree of bachelor of arts .... [Cambridge] W. Hilliard, printer [1807].

University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Order of exercises for commencement, August XXVIII, MDCCCV ... [Cambridge] W. Hilliard printer. [1805].

University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Order of exercises for commencement. August XXX. MDCCCIX. Exercises of candidates for the degree of Bachelor of arts. [Cambridge] Hilliard & Metcalf, printers. [1809].

The University library. To the graduates of Harvard University ... [Signed] A graduate. Cambridge, Commencement day, (August 29,) 1832.

The University of Chicago ... In respect to the memory of the late President of the United States Warren Gamaliel Harding the exercises of the University will be suspended from twelve to six o'clock on Friday, August tenth, and a memorial religi

The University of Chicago The William Rainey Harper Memorial fund. To friends of the University and of President Harper ... Chicago, March 1st, 1906.

The University of Chicago seventy-fifth anniversary. [Chicago, 1966].

University of Chicago. Eleventh annual commencement of the University of Chicago, held in the first Baptist church, Wednesday, June 30th, 1869, beginning at 10 1/2 o'clock, A. M. Chicago 1868.

University of Georgetown ... Law department. Class of 1872 ... First annual commencement ... [Washington, D. C. 1872].

University of Pennsylvania. Lectures on the theory & practice of medicine by N. Chapman. M.D. Nov. 4, 1848. For Mr. Jacob R. Ludlow.

The University of Virginia news letter. Vol, VIII No. 4. April 15, 1932. University, Virginia.

The University of Virginia news letter. Vol. VIII no. 7. January 1, 1937. University Virginia.

University of Virginia. 183- By a law of the University of Virginia, it becomes my duty at the end of every month, to transmit to the parent or guardian of each student, a list containing the number of times his son or ward has been absent from

University of Virginia. Exercises on the public day, June 29, 1867. Commencing at 10 o'clock.

The University of Wisconsin, as now organized, embraces the following colleges and departments ... madison, Wis. June 25, 1868.

University of the South. The Commissioners for raising the endowment of the University of the South, beg leave to call your attention to the following communication which is authentic and which indicates the progress and present condition of the

Unknown tongue. [Conn.? 1962.]Copyright 1962 by Mark Van Doren

Unmoved before the cross upon which humanity is being crucified ... By Richard H. Edmonds, Editor Manufacturers record, Baltimore Md. April 25, 1918.

Unparralleled victory [Cuts] The veteran and self-stiled invincibles of Europe biting the dust before the green back-woodsmen of America; and the laurels of the anticipated governor of Louisiana (Packingham,) blasted by the heat of the climate o

Unusual- interesting - patriotic and educational items regarding Thomas Jefferson and Monticello offered to the public by National educational committee of the Thomas Jefferson memorial foundation, 115 Broadway, New York [n. d.].

Unveiling of the portrait of Mrs. Harrison which is to be placed in the Executive mansion, Washington, D. C., by the daughters of the American revolution [Painted by Daniel Huntington.] 7:30 P. M., February twenty-second. 1894. Washington, D. C.

Upon Mr. Samuel Willard, his first coming into the Assembly, and praying after a long and dangerous fit of sickness; November 21, 1700. at 3. In the afternoon, being a day of publick thanksgiving. Mr. Pemberton's text, Psal. 118. 27. [Boston. Pr

Upon next Tuesday this precinct must submit to the misfortune and disgrace of a draft, unless averted by the liberality and patriotism of its residents ... A meeting for this purpose will be held this evening ... Should you be unable to attend,

Upon the death of that Reverend and aged man of God, Mr. Samuel Arnold, pastor of the church at Marshfield, who deceased in the 71st year of his age, and of his ministry the 36th September 1, 1693. [1693].

Upon the death of that aged, pious, sincere hearted Christian John Alden Esq: late magistrate of New Plimouth Colony, who dyed Sept. 12th 1687. Being about eighty nine years of age. [Signed] J. C.

Upon the death of that aged, pious, sincere hearted christian John Alden, Esq: late magistrate of New-Plimouth Colony, who dyed Sept. 12th, 1687. being about eighty nine years of age. J. C. [Boston: Printed by Samuel Green 1687?].

Upon the drying up that ancient river, the river Merrymak. [36 lines of verse] s.s. January 15, 1719, 20. [And] Connecticut's Flood, on Merrymak's Ebb. [38 lines of verse] Anthrops, Extempore, March 10, 1720, 21. [n.p. 1721].

"Our honor's bright all o'er the land." an original poem, commemorative of heroic deeds and loyalty of colored patriots. by Geo. W. Potter. [n. p. c. 1870].

Urtéile aus Zéitschriften und briefen über Volapük .... [n. p. 1898].

[Cut] Another glorious victory. Newport Oct. 18, 1813. This afternoon arrived in this habour the British Packer Morgiana, Capt. Cunningham, of 18 guns, and 50 men, prize to the privateer Saratoga, Capt. Addington of New Yok ... [ 7 stanzas of ve

[Cut] Capture of little York: or, Dearborn victorious in Canada. Canandaigua, May 1, 1813. The following letter from Gen. Peter B. Porter, who sent by express to J. C. Spencer, Esq. of this village and returned here this afternoon. Manchester, (

[Cut] Declaration and dying speech of Henry Phillips. Taken from his own mouth at the Boston goal a short time previous to the day of his execution. [Boston 1817].

[Cut] Hull's victory: or, Huzza for the constitution [1812?].

[Cut] Last words of Polly Goold. [Boston 1817].

[Cut] Major Andre: written while he was a prisoner in the American camp. Together with the Rose. Boston Nathaniel Coverly, Jr. Printer- Milk Street [After 1800].

[Cut] Offset of the Chesapeake, or The capture of Fort George and repulse of the enemy from Sacket's harbor. [1813].

[Cut] Our countrymen in chains! By J. G. Whittier. [New York] Sold at the Anti-Slavery office. 144 Nassau street. [1837].

[Cut] Pat's observations on Harrison's victory ... [Boston: Printed by Nathaniel Coverley, 1813].

[Cut] Peace on honorable terms to America. Signed by our commissioners at Ghent, Dec. 24, 1814-- Prince Regent, Dec. 28,-- Ratified by the President and Senate, of the United States, Feb. 17, 1815. [Two columns of verse] Boston Printed by Nathan

[Cut] Sixth naval victory. The U. S. Brig. Enterprize of 14 guns, commanded by Lieut. William Burrows, took after an engagement of 45 minutes, the British Brig of War Boxer, of 18 guns, Capt. Bluth, who with about 50 of his men were killed and w

[Cut] The dying criminal: poem, by Robert Young, on his own execution, which is tobe on this day, November 11, 1779, for rape, committed on the body of Jane Green, a child,eleven years of age, at Brookfield ... Printed and sold at the printi

[Cut] The pedigree of Sir Archie ... [Signed] Allen J. Davie. Halifax [N. C.] April 12, 1810.

[Cut] Theatre on fire. Awful calamity! A letter from Richmond, Virginia dated Dec. 27, says "Last night the theatre took fire and was consumed, together withe about 8- people, with the governor Smith- many were trampled to death under foot, othe

[Cut] United we stand --- divided we fall. At a very numerous and respectable meeting of the Republicans of Salem at Washington Hall, on Friday evening the 6th of March, inst. The Hon. Jacob Crowninshield was called to the chair, and Wm. B. Dodg

[Cut of broom] To sweep the Augean Stable. For President Andrew Jackson for Vice-President John C. Calhoun. [16 names of candidates] [1828].

"Out of his own mouth," etc. [California, 1860].

[Cut of ship] The constitution & Guerriere. Tune. - Landlady of France. [Followed by A new song, written in Dartmoor prison. [1813].

[Cut of stagecoach] Piedmont mail route, This route extends from Washington City to Milledgeville, Ga.; and is so called, because it passes nearly in a parallel line, and throughout its whole extent with the Blue Ridge ... May 1, 1832.

[Cut of statecoach] The Southern stages start from the Baltimore Office, in Fourth-street, near the Old Indian queen ... Philadelephia: Printed by Eleazer Oswald, at the Coffee-House [179-].

"Out of their own mouths shall they be condemned." Soldiers and sailors, look to your interests. Grant and Colfax. Published by the Soldiers' and sailors' National Republican executive committee. Washington, D. C. [1868].

"Out of their own mouths shall, they be condemned." Soldiers and sailors, look to your interests. Grant and Colfax. Published by the Soldiers' and Sailors' National Republican Executive Committee, 446 Fourteenth Street, Washington, D. C. [1876?]

Utica. October, 16, 1828. Sir, The Central corresponding committee, appointed by the friends of the administration in convention on the 23d July last, having received communications from gentlement in all parts of the State, in answer to letters

[Cuts] A happy new-year to Commodore Rodgers, or, Huzza for the president and Congress. A song composed on the arrival of those frigates in Boston yesterday, (December 31, 1812,) with a good supply of the Ready Rhino [Boston] Printed by N. Cover

[Cuts] A mournful song, on the death of the wife and child of Mr. Nathaniel Knights, of Windham, who fell off the bridge at the falls above Horse-Beef Mills, on Presumpscutt River, February 22, 1807. Written by Thomas Shaw, of Standish. Second e

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