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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Trust - spiritually, financially and politically ... Isaac P. Noyes. July 14, 1906. [Washington, D. C. 1906].

Trust sale at Front Royal, on Saturday the 27th of December 1851, of house and lots, slaves and household and kitchen furniture. By virtue of a deed of trust from William Cook bearing date November 19, 1851 ... Winchester, Va. Harvey Brown Cheap

Trust sale of valuable property. Pursuant to several deeds of trust of record in the County Court of Frederick, will be sold on Saturday, the 28th instant, at the tavern-house now occupied by James I. Randolph, in Winchester ... D. W. Barton, T.

Trustees of the College of New Jersey. [Princeton. nd.].

Trusts and the tariff. By Hon. P. S. Kennedy, of Crawfordsville, Indiana. Philadelphia: Published by the American iron and steel association. 1890.

The truth of history. From "The Paper" Pittsburg, Pa. [1871].

Truth, good enough for honest men. Rights of fishery. Citizens of Rhode Island,- those who strive to get your vote by falsehood, are not fit to rule the state ... [1842?].

The truth. Citizens of Washington, and especially the voters ... James Robertson, of New York, Editor of the Truth. [Washington, D. C. 1851].

The truth: or, A review of a circular addressed "To the electors of the Western Congressional district." [184-].

Truths vindicated. - Justice done. Remarks of Hon. G. W. Hazelton, of Wisconsin, and Hon. W. E. Arthur, of Kentucky, in the House of representatives, February 9, 1872. [Washington, D. C.] Printed at the Office of the Congressional globe.] [1872]

Tuesday, September 21st, (noon.) Most glorious news. Copy of a letter from Com. Perry to the Secretary of the Navy. U. S. Brig. Niagara, off the Western Sister, Head of Lake Erie, Sept. 10, 1813, 4 P. M. [Washington 1813].

Tuesday, the 24th of May, 14. Geo. 111. 1774. This House being deeply impressed with apprehension of the great dangers to be derived to British America, from the hostile invasion of the City of Boston, in our sister colony of Massachusetts Bay,

Turco-Russian baths! No. 903 E Street, near corner of Ninth, Washington, D. C. ... Medicated vapor baths for all kinds of skin diseases. [Washington, D. C.] Chronicle, print. 511 9th St. [n. d.].

Turkey gobbler land. Thomas Caldecott Chubb. Decorations by Wharton Esherick. This poem first appeared in Poetry: a magazine of verse, August, 1934. It is now published by the Centaur Press, Philadelphia, in an edition of 800 copies. Copyright 1

The Turkish fast, out of the Monthly Mercury for December, 1697. [blank] Boston, in N. E. Re-printed by B. Green, and J. Allen. May 13, 1698.

The twelfth Christmas meeting of the 1st mission sabbath school. New York. Taylor & Hulsen, Music Ster. and printers. [c. 1866].

Twelve excellent rules for promoting harmony among church members. Boston. American Tract Society [c. 1844].

Twelve sufficient reasons why I and my understrappers should vote for the new constitution ... [Signed A Judge & Justice of the Peace. [1820?].

Twentieth circular and announcement of the medical department of the Iowa state university, located at the City of Keokuk, Iowa the session of 1866-67.

Twenty four pieces of announcements, cartoons, guests' tickets, etc., from Virginia, dating from 1898-1920.

Twenty pounds reward. Lost on the 17th of October, by the subscriber, on the road between Newbern and Curtis's ferry, a large black leather pocket-book ... Walter Allen. Craven Co, Swifts-creek, Decemb. 10th, 1783. Newbern: Printed by R. Keith,

Twenty-fifth anniversary of the wedding of Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Osgood, May 20, 1869. Order of exercises.

The twenty-fifth national anti-slavery anniversary, Music Hall, Winter Street, Wednesday evening, January 26, 1859. To commence at half past seven o'clock ... [Boston 1858].

The twenty-fifth national anti-slavery subscription anniversary. You are cordially invited, by the ladies whose names are undersigned, to meet them at the Music Hall, Boston, on Wednesday, Jan. 26, Day and Evening ... [Boston, 1858].

Twenty-four years in power [Reprint from the Boston Journal regarding the grown of the Republican party] [n. d.].

Twenty-ninth national convention ... St. Petersburg Florida February 28 to March 3 1937 ... [Washington, D. C.? 1937].

The twenty-seventh national anti-slavery subscription anniversary ... [Boston, 1860].

Twenty-third commencement Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa., September 17th, 1857.

Two addresses from the Governour, council and convention of the Massachusets Colony assembled at Boston in New-England. Presented to his majesty, at Hampton-Court, August 7, 1689. By Sir Henry Ashurst Baronet.

The two circulars, ornamented with notes. John W. Taylor's circular, General M'Arthur's circular and Notes by Philo-Taylor. Washington City June 1824.

The two dollar shirt, the best in the United States. New York M. Thalmessinger, stationer 1875.

Two for Bruce Conner [Berkeley, Calif.] Printed for Oyez by the Auerhahn Press, 1964.

Two lectures descriptive of modern Jerusalem illustrated by forty beautiful illuminated and magnified diagrams, from drawings taken on the spot, covering from sixty to one hundred square feet, which the whole audience can see at once. Mr. D. W.

Two letters A circular letter, from the late Committee of this City in the Committees of the other colonies. Philadelphia, September 25, 1770. Gentlemen. We are sorry to inform you that a number of our importers of the British merchandize ... ar

The two platforms. Look on this picture. Union platform, adopted at Trenton, July 20, 1865. And then on this! Democratic platform, adopted at Trenton, August 30, 1865. Jersey City. From the Times" Printing House, 43 Montgomery Street [1865].

Two poems. [Berkeley, Calif.] Printed for Oyez by The Auerhahn Press, c1964.

Two relics of the war. The beginning and the end. The pen which signed Lee's capitulation and the Constitution adopted by the Confederate provisional government. [From the New York Sun, March 26, 1883.].

The two roads to peace! How shall we end the rebellion - Shall we coax it, or crush it ... New York Published by the National Union executive committee. [1864].

The two roads to peace! How shall we end the rebellion - shall we coax it, or crush it? ... The Chicago platform .... The Baltimore platform .... Published by the National Union Executive Committee, Astor House, New York. [1864].

Tyrant of '76 and tyrants of '56 ... Vote the American citizen who this coming November fails to vote -to vote understanding and rightly - that is, so as to ensure the defeat of the pro-slavery candidate, is not only false to himself, his countr

U. B. Mutual Aid Society of Pennsylvania, presents the following plan for consideration to such persons as wish to become members ... [Pennsylvania, 187-].

U. S. 5-20's. The Secretary of the Treasury has not yet given notice of any intention to withdraw this popular loan from sale at par, and until ten days notice is given, the undersigned as "General subscription agent," will continue to supply th

U. S. Flag ship "Minnesota," Hampton Roads, Nov. 1861. The following general instructions are to be strictly observed by all concerned under my command.

U. S. Marshal's office. Boston, July 1, 1859. Sir. I hereby request your presence at the County jail, on Friday, the eighth day of July instant, at the hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of witnessing the execution of Cyrus

U. S. Patent office. November 12, 1849. Sir: A copy of the accompanying circular has been addressed to each of the governors of the states and territories of the Union, and I respectfully solicit your co-operation in furthering the objects sough

U. S. Patent office. November 8, 1849. Sir: Endeavoring to trace up the history of American inventions as a duty appertaining to his Bureau and supposing that interesting facts may lie hidden in the archives of the various states ... I respectfu

U. S. Senate Impeachment of the President. Admit the bearer. April 24th 1868. Gallery. [signed] Geo. T. Brown, Sergeant-at-Arms. Washington, D. C., 1868.

U. S. Senate. Impeachment of the President Admit the bearer April 1 1868. Gallery,.

U. S. Senate. Impeachment of the President. Admit the bearer. April 25th, 1868. Gallery. Geo. T. Brown, Sergeant at Arms. Wash., Philip & Solomons [1868].

U. S. Treasury department. Victory loan campaign April 21-May 10, 1919. ... Published by the Woman's victory loan committee of Morgan County, Tennessee.

... The U. States bank will pay on demand five dollars in panic, distress, or famine at their office of discount in the U. S. Senate Chamber, Washington City ... [Washington, D. C. June 10, 1834.].

U. States mail, from Burlington to Boston, through in two days, via Montpelier Chelsea and Hanover. N. H. Received of M dollars cents, which entitles h to seat in the mail stage, from Montpelier to Montpelier Vt. J. M. Stevens 187-.

U. States military asylum. Board of commissioners of the military asylum .... "Ordered, that a hand-bill setting forth the nature of the military asulum, and the conditions of admission into the same, be printed and sent to every Post Office in

U.S. Congress. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That the President of the United States be authorized to direct clearances to be granted to any ship or vessels belonging

[Queries of "The Railway world" respecting railroad rates] Philadelphia, September, 14, 1908.

[Rules and regulations. Brooklyn. 1868].

[Rules and regulations. c. 1848].

[Rules.] Collinsville, Illinois ----- 184-.

[Number II.] A letter to the majority of the General Assembly of Liliput. Gentlemen. You may possibly expect that the subject of my last should be continued in this letter ... [Signed] A Freeholder of Liliput. New York: Printed by John Holt, 177

[Number III.] A letter to the majority of the General Assembly of Liliput. Gentlemen. Though a free people may for while submit to the influence of their rulers, yet there is a time when they will awake from their lethgary, when the spirit of pa

Un das publicum. Geliebte mitürger. 1hr werdet ein stück in Salomon Mayers zeitung Num. 241 gesehen haben, das mich betrift, und das stück ist unterschreiben von Friedrich Eichel-berger and John Herbach ... John Hay. York, den 4ten October, 1800

Unanimous Declaration of Independence, passed in the United States Congress, by the representatives of the American people. [United States : s.n., 1823]

Uncle Sam "Padlocked" How much longer will the American people permit this outrageous and dangerous situation to exist? By Ralph M. Easley Chairman Executive Council, The National Civic Federation. New York City, R. C. A. Tower, August 1, 1931.

Uncle Sam as friend to friend! John Harsen Roades, 791 Park Avenue, New York City. Dec. 25, 1927.

Uncle Sam is rich enough to give us all a farm. Homes in the West! The free lands of Dakota! The territory of Dakota contains the most desirable government lands for the purpose of agriculture in all its branches that are now open to settlement

Uncle Sam's balance sheet … That terrible eclipse … [The American Protective Tariff League, 1900].

An uncollected sonnet by John Keats. Sonnet to Spenser. Philadelphia. Printed for Seymour Adelman 1945.

Under that arch; a keepsake issued by the Dartmouth College Library on the occasion of the opening of its Robert Frost Room, April 19, 1962. [Hanover, N. H., 1962].

The undersigned ... will open a school for young ladies, at Nos. 159 and 161 Pennsylvania Avenue, on Monday, September 6th ... [Washington, D. C. 1858].

The undersigned again call on all interested in their cause,- the cause of freedom, so deeply important not only to the three millions of American slaves, but to the American nation ... for immediate aid, by contributions of money and materials,

The undersigned beg leave to respectfully to present to the Honorable Senate and House of representatives of the United States, in Congress assembled, the following statement respecting a drawback to be granted on manila cordage. [1859?].

...The undersigned has been for the last ten years extensively engaged in the land and claim agency business ... J. H. H. Woodward. Late Lieut. 1st Reg. Cavalry. Louisville, Ky. Hart & Mapother, prs. [187-].

... The undersigned have established in this city an institution to be designated and styled The Washington City Savings bank ... Washington April 20, 1847.

The undersigned have taken store 43 Hanover Street formerly occupied by Messrs Wilson. Fairbank & Co. for the purpose of conducting the drug and medicine business in all its branches .... Carter Rush & Co. Boston. Aug 12 1862.

The undersigned informs his friends that he proposed to go to England by the Herman, on the 20th inst., for a brief business visit to London and Paris ... He will be happy to attend to any special commission ... New York. October 16th, 1848.

The undersigned respectfully solicit subscriptions from the friends of learning in aid of the proposed excavation of the remains of Delphi, to be undertaken by the Archaeological Institute of America ... Boston, 7 February, 1890.

... The undersigned would respectfully beg leave to inform his friends and the public that he proposes to establish in Washington a general reading and news room, which will be daily supplied with the principal newspapers published in this count

The undersigned would respectfully call upon the Republican party of the United States to make arrangements for a grand national demonstration and inauguration, in every county of the Union, if possible, at as early a day as practicable, and on

The undersigned, having unusual facilities for collecting over-due claims, respectfully offer their services for obtaining payment of accounts, notes, and all forms of indebtedness, upon which legal services are necessary ... Derby & Williamson,

... An uneducated ballot the winding-sheet of liberty. The existing schools inadequate to support a Republican government. Extracts from an oration by the Hon. Horace Mann, delivered in 1842. [Washington, D. C. 184-].

Unheroic couplets for the poets of New Albion by Wilder Bentley. Berkeley, Calif. 1934.

Unicorn folio, series 1, no. 4. [Santa Barbara, Calif.] Unicorn Press, c1967.

Union Academy. Exhibition Hall, November 8, 1811. The managers request the attendance of Miss A. Hawley at Mr. Wilkinson's Assembly-Room at 6 o'clock P. M ... October 25, 1811. [Troy. N. Y.? 1811].

The Union Academy. Z. Richards, A. M. Principal and proprietor, Washington, D. C. This institution will be opened in a new and commodious building ... Course of study ... [Washington, 1851].

Union Camp meeting at Irving Park, Annapolis Junction, on the line of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad ... will commence Saturday Aug 8, and close on Tuesday Aug 25, 1885.

Union League House, June 25, 1863. Rev. and Dear Sir: The Union League of Philadelphia, as you are probably aware, design celebrating the coming Fourth of July in an appropriate manner ... [Philadelphia 1863].

The Union League of Philadelphia has appointed a committee of its members for the purpose of obtaining employment for disabled soldiers and seamen ... Philadelphia, June 1st, 1863.

Union Press. A daily newspaper to represent and advocate the views of unconditional union men ... Louisville, Ky. [1864].

Union Republican state central committee. [Pennsylvania list] 1867.

Union Republican ticket for constitution State officers for governor Gen'l R. K. Scott ... [South Carolina] [187-].

Union Republican ticket. For Governor John A. Andrew of Boston. For Lieut-Governor. Joel Hayden, of Williamsburg ... [1862].

Union Republican ticket. Grant and Colfax. Electoral ticket for presidential electors. Joseph R. Hawley, William Fitch, Clark Holt, Luther Boardman, Henry Bill. George Dudley. [Nov. 1868].

Union Republican ticket. Grant and Wilson. Electoral ticket for presidential electors. Henry P. Haven, Henry Farnam, Julius Converse, Charles Benedict, Lucius Briggs, Oliver Hoyt. [1872].

.Union Republican ticket. Ward 8. 1864 [Boston, 1864].

Union Ticket. Fourth, fourth, sixth ward. For Collector, James Haliday, for Register, William Morgan, for Surveyor, William Forsyth. [Washington, D. C., s. n., 1861]

The Union and the Constitution. Public meeting in Faneuil Hall, Boston, Dec. 8, 1859. Speeches of Hon. Levi Lincoln, Hon. Edward Everett, Hon. Caled Cushing, and letter of Ex-President Pierce. [Boston? 1859?].

The Union and the constitution as it is! At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Republican Central Club of the City Philadelphia, held at the Wetherill House, February 5th, 1861 the following resolutions was unanimously adopted ... Willi

Union ball. 1861. The honor of Mrs. Lewis S. Haydens' company is requested at the Union Ball on Monday evening March 4th at Washington, D. C. Washingtong, D. C. Philip & Solomons, Metropolitan book store [1861].

The Union camp meeting! at Irving Park! Annapolis Junction, on the line of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad, centrally located for Baltimore, Washington, Annapolis, Patapsco circuit and intermediate points will commence Saturday Aug. 8 and close on

The Union carpet cleaning Co. using the original "Harris machine," with such improvements as experience has suggested, solicit your orders for clearning carpets ... Boston, May 8, 1861.

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