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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


To the people of Pennsylavania. Fellow-citizens. Dictation in politics has ever, and justly, been considered by you as the presumptuous assumption of a right which belongs, particularly, to no man or set of men, and they who have, hitherto, atte

To the people of Pennsylvania. Fellow Citizens. In conformity with the request of some who were desirous of being informed of the truth respecting the management of the monied concerns of this commonwealth ... we have published a statement of th

To the people of Pennsylvania. Friends and fellow-citizens. The late convention have submitted to your consideration a plan of a new federal government ... [Signed] Centinel. [Philadelphia: Printed by F. Bailey? 1787] [Positive Photostat.].

To the people of Pennsylvania. The one hundredth anniversary of the birth-day of our nation is to be celebrated at Philadelphia in 1876 ... [1873?].

To the people of Portland. It is believed that a fair expression of public sentiment upon the question of giving further aid to the air line was not obtained at town meeting last Saturday, owing to the absence of a very large number of voters fr

To the people of Rhode Island, Election of delegates ... A Democrat of '42. Providence June 24, 1853. The above able article was written by Gov. Dorr, and appeared in the Post of 24th inst.

To the people of Richmond, Henrico, New Kent, Charles City and James City. [n. p. n. d.].

To the people of Virginia. Secretary Cobb, in a recent speech in Georgia, said: "The people of the Gulf States need have no apprehensions [1861].

To the people of Virginia. The late State Convention has submitted for your consideration, a State constitution, on which you are called to vote for its adoption or rejection ... F. H. Pierpont.

To the people of Waldo. Great Whig meeting in New York ... Election, Monday, September 8. Whig nominations. For Governor: Peleg Sprague. Representatives to Congress ... [1833].

To the people of Western Virginia. The Army of the Confederate states has come among you to expel the enemy, to rescur the people from the despotism of the counterfeit state government imposed on you by the Northern bayonets, and to restore the

To the people of Western Virginia. The army of the Confederate States has come among you to expel the enemy, to rescue the people from the despotism of the counterfeit state government imposed on you by northern bayonets and to restore the count

To the people of the 7th Congressional District of North Carolina. Fellow Citizens: Circumstances having rendered upon me to become a candidate to represent the people of this district to the next Congress of the United States ... I deem it just

To the people of the City of Alton. Since the report of the Select committee of the common council, on the subject of the expenses and receipts of the municipal court, was printed an important error has been discovered in the amount stated to ha

To the people of the United States. Well founded apprehensions that the civilization of our state is in danger of being utterly overthrown, and an over-ruling sense of duty to ourselves, our posterity, and the country at large, impel us to make

To the people of the United States. [n. p. n. d.].

To the people of the second congressional district. [1859?].

To the people of the sixth Congressional District ... Prairie Park. Aug. 1 1862.

To the people, who wish to do right! There are thousands of persons in Kentucky who conscientiously believe that Slavery is injurious to the prosperity of our beloved state ... [May, 1850].

To the people. How the bank and treasury "pigeons flutter!" ... R. Wickliffe. [Kentucky] July 28, 1825.

To the people. The editor has the pleasure to announce to his numerous readers that he has returned to his post with improved health, and well satisfied that the re-election of General Jackson can and will be defeated ... he proposes to publish,

To the people. The real state of the case. It seems to us to be high time that the people should understand the true situation of the question, respecting an increased protection on wool and woollen goods, now pending in the House of representat

To the president and Congress of the United States of America; the remonstrance of the subscribers, citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, sheweth: That your remonstrants have observed with concern and indignation, the injuries and insults of

To the president and members of the People's convention, assembled at Lancaster .... Wm. Oland Bourne. Cor. Secretary, Iron Platform Association. New York, May 28, 1857.

To the president and people of the U. States! I here present to you what I deem important political disclosures of a standing foreign policy. Designed to prostrate the power of these United States! ... Shade of Washington. [1850].

To the president of the United States, and to the Senate and House of Representatives in Congress assembled [Protest against ill-treatment of the Chinese. s. l., 1885].

To the president, directors. &c., of every railroad in the United States. [Baltimore, 1860].

To the printur of the Penselvaney Kronical mr. Godard. [Opposing the excise law] [Signed] Terence Sweep. [Philadelphia: Printed by William Goddard, October 1, 1772].

To the public ... July 30, 1829.

To the public ... Maxwell McDowell. Baltimore, April 26th 1844.

To the public A false and garbled statement having been given by some of the presses, and letter-writers from this city, as well as by W. Montgomery, relative to the difficulty between himself and myself, and that matter having undergone investi

To the public Economy is wealth. The subscriber long convinced of the inestimable worth of the Honey Bee, having been led to its culture when but a boy, has been enabled by the study of its nature, habits and wants - and by experiments, observat

To the public [2 line quotation from Addison] The present General Assembly of this Colony in their first session, passed a resolution disqaulifying the judges of the Supreme Court from sitting in General Assembly ... [Signed] Brutus. New-York. J

To the public [Regarding the case of Mr. West]. Edwardsville [Ill.] May 20, 1830.

To the public [acknowledgement of William Semple, Alexander Bartram, James Stuart, Robert Wilson that they have violated the non-importation agreement] Signed Philadelphia June 30, 1770. These are to certify that we did sign the above acknowledg

To the public! The following article from the Dayton Daily democrat of October 10, 1885, is republished by the Democratic County Central Committee of Montgomery County and circulated in this form for the information of the public and the inmates

To the public!! Strayed from the subscriber, on or about the first of May, a gray horse, about 15 1-2 or 16 hands high, dark legs and white snip ... Joseph Lappell. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" Office May 13, 1840.

To the public, and patrons of the Columbus sentinel. The card of John A. Bryan, which appeared in the Columbus Sentinel, on the 14th ult., seems to require of me at this time some notice ... J. R. Emrie. Columbus, April 15, 1833.

To the public. A controversy of an unfriendly character having occurred between John Rowan, Jr. (of this city) and myself, I feel it due the circumstances and the parties involved, to make public their relative conduct ... James Pope. [Louisvill

To the public. A publication of Col. Robert Armstrong in the Nashville Republican of this day, seems to demand a brief notice from me ... Felix Grundy. Nashville, July 24, 1833.

To the public. A satisfactory arrangement is in progress, and will undoubtedly be made with the parties controlling the organization of the air line railroad co ... It is believed and promised that a subscription of $150,000 to the stock

To the public. An Advertisement having appeared at the Coffee-House, in consequence of the late extraordinary and very alarming advices received from England, inviting the merchants to meet at the House of Mr. Samuel Francis ... and there nomina

To the public. An individual, whose name, I believe, is James F. Brewer, who has been hanging about Danville for some time ... attacked me last evening, on the street ... Wm. C. P. Breckinridge Danville. Feb. 22d, ‘55.

To the public. As I am convinced that my refusing to store my goods, was wrong: I do promise and consent, that they shall be deposited in the public store with other goods which were imported contrary to the non-importation agreement;--- which I

To the public. As it is generally imagined, the Assembly will (contrary to the known sentiments of their constituents) grant supplies to the troops, I would therefore advise my fellow-citizens, immediately to appoint a committee, and give them i

To the public. As the claim of Cornelius C. Bogardus and others to land at and adjoining to Dominis Hook, in the West Ward of this city, has occasioned much speculation ... publish the following historical narrative of facts ... [Dated] June 12,

To the public. As the merchants of this city have nobly refused letting their vessels to the tools of government, for the base purpose of transporting troops and military forces to Boston ... [Signed] The Free citizens. New-York, Sept. 14, 1774.

To the public. At a meeting of the Massachusetts Anti-slavery society, duly held in Boston, on Monday, August 17th, A. D. 1835, Voted:- That the following address to the public be subscribed by the undersigned committee, and published in the new

To the public. At a meeting of the share-holders of the Washington printing and bookselling company, the following gentlemen were appointed a board of directors ... This publication will be entitled The National magazine; or Cabinet of the Unite

To the public. Being informed that many of out Fellow-Citizens entertain apprehensions that we may continue as usual to transact trade and business in this city, by which means they fear there will be continual infractions of the association: we

To the public. By the following letters, these facts appear unquestionable, viz. That the Committee of fifty-one first proposed by a General Congress to the people of Boston: That the Committee have in the most explicit manner pledged their hono

To the public. Fellow Citizens. The subscriber is once more dragged before your tribunal from the duties of a laborious office, and left with no alternative but to submit facts. Major T. W. Smith ... preferred certain false and unfounded charged

To the public. Fellow citizens: Of all the extraordinary performances I ever beheld, the late hand-bill, signed by eight members of our House of representatives, is the most extraordinary [Regarding the expenses of the government] ... Natchez, N

To the public. Fellow-Citizens, Some persons actuated by malevolence towards me have taken considerable pains to injure my reputation in the eyes of the public. There is no part of either my character or conduct, which I wish to remain secret. T

To the public. Friends and fellow-citizens In times of election the best charactes are frequently most basely slandered, for the purposes of party; hence it is a hand-bill appeared yesterday morning, signed Tom Plain-Truth in order to prejudice

To the public. From the numerous misrepresentations already in circulation relative to the encounter of last evening between Geo. D. Prentice and myself, I deem it important, in order to disabuse the public mind, and disarm the unjust prejudices

To the public. Having already signed the association, recommended by the General Committee of New-York, voluntarily and freely; --- for the further satisfaction of the respectable public, I hereby declare, That is my unalterable resolution rigid

To the public. I am once more under the disagreeable necessity of noticing & refuting certain malicious charges brought against my character by Capt. Thomas Gregg of Loudoun County ... [1815].

To the public. I beg leave to state, that for a dastardly, treacherous, and atrocious attack upon me, from behind the Court-house door, in Springfield, Ky. &c, I have recently challenged Abr'm F. Smith, Esq. of Harrodsburg, and Frederick W. Trap

To the public. I publish General Duff Green to the world, as a scoundrel and a coward. Jas. Watson Webb, of New York. Washington, February 6, 1832.

To the public. In 1811 or 1812, Z. Cook, Jr. became a bankrupt in Boston, and came to reside in Dorchester… Boston, May 20, 1825.

To the public. In September, 1824, I published at this place, Nashville, some criminal charges against Gen. Jackson, the most of which I relied on proving by public records ... [Signed] Jesse Benton. City Hotel, Nashville, Oct. 30th, 1828.

To the public. In presenting to the community the circular letter of the Franklin Bank to other banks, together with the correspondence explanatory of the causes of disagreement existing between that and the other banks of Alexandria, the presid

To the public. In view of the conflicting opinions on the national and general finances of the country, and the interests therein involved, I beg I may be excused for intruding my opinions on this subject ... The first thing to be considered is

To the public. It will be recollected, that in a publication which I felt it my duty to make on the 9th of April last, in relation to the punishment of John Wood, I spoke of Doctor James L. Armstrong, the reputed author of "A Tennessean," as "an

To the public. Many citizens being desirous of seeing the motion, made in Committee on the 6th instant, by Mr. Henry Remsen, it is now published by their consideration [Copy of motion] Mistake not the business of next Wednesday; it is only wheth

To the public. New York, October 27, 1774. Whereas Thomas Charles Williams, lately arrived in this city, from London, has in a most daring manner, insulted the inhabitants of British America, by purhasing and shipping 17 packages of tea, and say

To the public. New-York, November 16th, 1774. We have had frequent intimations from England, both by private letters and news papers that there would be attenpts made to bribe the printers of the public papers in America; at least that such a me

To the public. On to-day, just as the polls are about to be opened, I am again assailed in a large hand bill, in which the malice of its authors is so manifest, as to leave for me little to do in order to expose the baseness of their motives, bu

To the public. Real Indian skill from the Indian chief. Medicinal plants peculiar to our own country, the surest and safest remedy for diseases that occur in our climate. Medicines made and sold by Edward E. Davis, Indian physician, &s. Sign of

To the public. Ridge, September 30, 1846 Having seen a certificate signed by James Miller, and one by H. Winn, neaded corrected reports. I hereby certify, that about nine or ten yearsago, I was postmaster at the ridge, in this District, and John

To the public. Some allusions to myself in a late publication in the "Clarksville Chronicle" by Mr. Cave Johnson, have rendered it necessary for me to submit. in my own vindication, the following brief statement of facts ... C. Armstrong. Nashvi

To the public. Some time about the 1st or 2d of December last, a young man by the name of A. C. Manning, left this city with a stock of goods, for the purpose of pedling ... Some anxiety being felt, lest all should not be right, any person will

To the public. Stop him! Stop him! Stop him! In this day of trial- At this great and important period- When our lives liberties, and estates; nay when our very religion and all that is, or can be, dear to us, as freemen, are at stake; we cannot

To the public. That Great Britain will one day fall, and that glorious constitution which is the envy of the world, crumble into ruin, by the influence of corruption in election, no body seems to doubt ... The scheme or substance of a balloting

To the public. That regard which every virtuous member of society feels for his character, and a desire to exculpate myself from the false and monstrous charge which the basest malice has brought against me, are my motives for making this appeal

To the public. The undersigned having entered into a correspondence with Dabney S. Carr, hat to inform all honorable men that he has found him altogether destitute of the qualities of a gentlemen. Frederick Pinkney. Baltimore. October 15, 1828.

To the public. The Committee appointed at a public meeting at Faneuil Hall, June 3, 1856 to raise funds for the aid of the free state settlers in Kansas, earnestly ask attention to the following statements ... Contributions to Patrick T. Jackson

To the public. The crisis being deemed by the Parliament of England a libel, and consequently ordered to be burnt by the hands of the common hangman, on the copies arriving in this Province, Mr. Murray, late of the Kingdom of Ireland, who has di

... To the public. The following document, in the form of a letter to Mr. James Jackson, has been presented to him, and he has refused to answer [accusing General Jackson and others of fraudulent land deals] Nashville Banner and Nashville Whig.

To the public. The following letter received by me from Alfred Jones, a tailor of this place, is laid before the public, in order that they may form a correct opinion of his character. Samuel Devers. Lexington, Dec. 30th 1828.

To the public. The last news from Philadelphia, containing certain paragraphs, purporting to be a letter from England, containing imputations, that the subscriber has been instrumental by letters, to the sending out of troops to this country, to

To the public. The liberality and promptitude of the Citizens of this State, in attending to my request for information, have already far exceeded my expectations ... [Signed] Horatio G. Spafford. Hudson 1 Mo. 1, 1810.

To the public. The long standing, and extensive circulation of the Washington Federalist, renders it unnecessary to enter into a minute detail of its principles and objects ... W. A. Rind & Co. [182-].

To the public. The undersigned having observed in Green's Impartial observer, of the lst inst. an anonymous publication, by a person styling himself "The Friend of the people," containing an exaggerated estimate of the supposed expence attending

To the public. The undersigned, as is well known to the public generally, was, for a series of months, disabled from the pursuit of his business by a dangerous and almost fatal disease ... The object of this communication is principally to give

To the public. The undersigned, inventor of the marble slab coffins, having taken the initiatory steps to secure his rights by letters patent of the United States is now prepared to dispose of rights either by license to build or for territory.

To the public. The undersigned, persons who have been employed for a considerable time past upon the National Jounral, deem it expedient to offer to the public, a statement of facts in relation to the treatment they have received at the hands of

To the public. There having been a report put in circulation to the effect that all loyal merchants and business men will close their stores and places of business on Saturday the 15th inst., for the purpose of attending an aboliting meeting at

To the public. To the gross charge of John Hambden Pleasants, in his hand bill of yesterday, which he alleges is founded upon documents in the hands of another prson, and which he has not seen, I can only reply by calling for the proofs. It is t

... To the public. We desire to call your attention to the fact that we have fitted up and opened a district office ... New York April 1, 1881.

To the public. We the undersigned having seen a publication in the Philadelphia Gazette, of the 5th instant signed Nathan Suplee, which he perhaps may suppose the near approach of the general election will screen from contradiction but short as

To the public. When the character of a family is attacked in an unwarrantable manner, it behoves the accused to seek redress, and support that which is and ought to be dearer than life itself ... On Friday evening last was discovered in circulat

To the public. Whereas a number of hand bills have of late been thrown about our streets at sight, by an invisible post, people in general have supposed that this must have been done by the greatest of villains, with an intention to injure Mr. S

To the public. Whereas advertisements were published yesterday to convene the inhabitants to take their sense on the expediency of a law to elect our representatives by ballot ... This is therefore to notify all the inhabitants of this City and

To the public. Whereas, reports have been put, or caused to be put, in circulation against my moral character, by Samuel H. Hurlbut, which reports are, that while I was laboring for him in Vermont, he sent me money, and that I deny having receiv

To the public. With astonishment I read a late publication in Mr. Johnston's paper; set forth by one Samuel Chandler, who seems determined here as well as wherever he has been, to impose himself on the world as a man of universal learning ... Ph

To the public. [Regarding agricultural interests of the state of Illinois] Signed Farmer. July 27th 1840. [s. l.]

... To the public: In embarking in the enterprise of furnishing prompt, efficient and reliable messenger, police and fire service this company relieves you of the extortionate monthly rental for call boxes ... New York, March 21, 1881.

To the publick of Connecticut [Regarding the revival of the Connecticut gazette]. [New Haven, Printed by Benjamin Mecom 1765?].

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