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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


To the independent electors of the state of New-York. At a meeting of very respectable number of Republican freeholders, from the different parts of this State, held according to adjournment, at Wendell's hotel, in the City of Albany, the 4th da

To the independent electors, of the City and County of Albany. At a public and general meeting of the Federalists of the City of Albany, a committee, consisting of fifteen persons was appointed for the purpose of collecting the sentiments of the

To the independent freeholders and freemen, of this City and County. It having been industriously propagated, that numbers of the voters of this City and County, have been long intimidated at elections and are therefore desirous of voting for th

To the independent voters of Washington City! You have been earnestly invoked to mingle party politics in the mayoralty election ... [Signed] An old citizen. [Washington, 5 June, 1852].

To the independent voters of the Congressional districts of Barnwell, Richland, Lexington and Orangeburg:-- Fellow citizens: The Hon. S. H. Butler having resigned his seat in Congress, you will be called on the choose a representative, on the fi

To the inhabitants of Concord [Regarding the reception of Gen. La Fayette in Concord] [Concord, 1824].

To the inhabitants of King's County. Friends and fellow citizens. You were addressed a few days since, in Dutch, by a person under the signature of A King's County Farmer, intended as a reply, to a publication of mine, to you, on the 23d day of

To the inhabitants of King's County. Friends and fellow-citizens. I must beg leave to trespass once more on your patience, by a short reply to the King's County Farmer's address to the 26th instant ... I most sincerely pray that you will, with o

To the inhabitants of New York, and all the British Colonies, New-York, 20th April 1775. The following very interesting accounts were yesterday received by the Snow Gen Johnson Capt. Dean, in 31 days from England ... [New York 1775].

To the inhabitants of New York. My dear friends and fellow citizens. At a time when slavery is clanking her infernal chains, and tyranny stands ready with goads and whips to enforce obedience to her despotic and cruel mandates .... [Signed] Plai

To the inhabitants of New-York. I am much alarmed to find some of my fellow citizens who mean well to the cause of American freedom, under the influence of a strange and mistaken opinion, that it wouldd be proper to withhold all provisions and c

To the inhabitants of New-York. My Fellow-Citizens. This City becomes more and more of the scoff and wonder of America! [Warning them of those who transmit intelligence to Governor Tryon on board the Dutchess of Gordon.] [Signed] The Sentinel. J

To the inhabitants of Pennsylvania in general, and particularly those of the city and neighborhood of Philadelphia. Friends and fellow citizens ... Signed by order of a meeting of tanners, curriers, and cordwainers, held at the committee room, 1

To the inhabitants of Pennsylvania. In Council of Safety. Lancaster, 23, October, 1777 Friends and countrymen. We are again called upon by General Washington, for a reinforcement of the militia and have complied with his requisition, on our part

To the inhabitants of Staten-Island. Fellow-countrymen. We are hastening fast to an election, which, to the lovers of rational liberty, the advocates of our constitution, is unspeakably important. Permit me, therefore, to address to you a few wo

To the inhabitants of Ulster County. The public prints in this and in a neighbouring county, have of late been thronged with publications, bearing the signature of Ebenezer Foote, which were evidently intended to depreciate my reputation in the

To the inhabitants of Zanesville. The following is a copy of the will of John M'Intire ... [Zanesville, 1815?].

To the inhabitants of certain counties lying west of the Laurell Hill, in the State of Pennsylvania. Friends and fellow citizens. You see encamped in the bosom of your district, a numerous and well appointed army, formed of citizens of every des

To the inhabitants of the City and Colony of New-York. Fathers, Brethren, and Fellow countrymen. In this alarming crisis, of our public affairs, it is the incumbent duty of every well wisher to the rights and privileges of this much injured coun

To the inhabitants of the City and Colony of New-York. From Mess. Bradfords' paper of the 22d instant, the following judicious proposals, to the people of pennsylvania are reprinted, as being equally well adapted to this and several other Coloni

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New York. Gentlemen, It is an invidious task to be employed in detecting and exposing the many falsehoods and absurdities, contained in the numerous publications that daily infest this city; two of wh

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. Fellow Citizens. Be not deceived by sounds. A tremendous out-cry is made about the right of election, as if it would be violated and lost, by choosing one set of men, more than another ... [

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. Friends and Fellow Citizens. A paper addressed to the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York dated the 13th instant, in which the sin Messrs Usticks selling nails is declared, supply

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. Gentlemen. You will be called together on Thursday next, to meet at the City Hall, at twelve o'clock, to confirm the nomination of delegates, to represent this City and County in a general C

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. My dear Countrymen. A steady friend to your rights, I have ever been, and shall be always ready to warn you of danger, from every quarter. [Exhorting them to elect men of ability to the next

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. My dear countrymen. There can be nothing more fatal to us than to bring our representation into contempt. [Recommending the election of the old members] [Signed] The Watchman. April 15, 1776

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. My friends and countrymen. When I behold a few restless men, endeavouring to throw all things into confusion; and puffed up with false notions of their own wisdom and importance, labouring t

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. The committee appointed by the inhabitants of this City, on the 19th instant at the Coffee-House, for drawing up, and reporting to them, a set of constitutional resolves, do hereby request t

To the inhabitants of the City and County of Philadelphia. Gentlemen. You are come here this day to determine whether you will be freemen or slaves. The New-Yorkers have betrayed a meaness and cowardice in deserting us in the present important j

To the inhabitants of the City of New York. Fellow-Citizens. At a very large and respectable meeting held at the City Hotel on the 19th of December last, a society was formed for the "Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents" ... We beg leave to soli

To the inhabitants of the City of Philadelphia, and parts adjacent. Gentlemen. [Protest of the soap boilers against John Rhea's method of procuring ashes] Philadelphia 15th February 1772.

To the inhabitants of the City of Washington. Fellow citizens. A crisis has arrived in our city affairs, well calculated to excite the most intense anxiety in the mind of every reflecting man in the community .... With this view, it is believed

To the inhabitants of the Southern district. Fellow citizens. The advocates for the re-election of Governor Clinton, despairing of success by other means are employing every artifice to support the declining interest of his excellency ... A Citi

To the inhabitants of the State of Florida ... Fulwar Skipwith. St. Francisville, December 23rd, 1810. Natchez (M. T.) Printed by John W. Winn Co. [1810].

To the inhabitants of the State of Massachusetts-Bay. Friends and fellow countrymen! It is with concern and attention that the House of representatives find than an act, intitled an act for drawing in the bills of credit ... [Boston: Printed by

To the inhabitants of the State of Vermont Friends and fellow citizens. Pursuant to appointment by the Legislature, and instructions from the Governor and Council of this State, I waited on the General Court of New Hampshire ... Ira Allen. July

To the inhabitants of the United States west of the Allegheny and Apalachian mountains. Fellow-citizens: [Regarding free navigation of the Mississippi] By order of the Society John Breckenridge, Chairman. December 13, 1793.

To the inhabitants of the Ward of the City of New York, being the Collection District of the State of New York. [Notification that the tax on houses, etc. authorized by Act of Congress of 14th July, 1798 is due] [New York, 1798].

To the inhabitants of the great and growing City of Philadelphia. [Philadelphia 1851].

To the inhabitants, paricularly the farmers, and planters of the State of Maryland. Brethren and fellow citizens. With silent concern, I have for some time observed chains forging for you, which cannot fail ultimately to gall and oppress you ..

To the inspectors, directors, wardens, chaplains, &c. of penitentiaries, houses of correction, jails, and other penal institutions, and officers of prison reformatory societies ... Baltimore, Sept. 1st, 1860.

To the king and queens most excellent majesties. The humble address of the president and council for the safety of the people, and conservation of the peace. [Regarding restoration of charter and English liberties] Boston in New-England, May 20,

To the laboring interests of the United States of America., which makes up four-fifths of the population of this country. August 1st, 1877. [n. p. 1877].

To the laboring men of New York. Comrades: --- Do you want to pay heavy taxes? Do you want to suffer loss and ruin? Do you want to be trampled under foot by ambitious demagogues? ... [Signed] A democratic workingman. Saturday, July 18, 1863.

To the ladies of Charleston, and friends of Christian association in sister cities. [1857?].

To the ladies of Columbus. The late excitement in the Indian nation, having compelled the unfortunate inhabitants to abondon their homes, in such haste as to deprive them of the power of furnishing themselves with the necessities of life- and we

To the legislators. Gentlemen of the Senate, and gentlemen of the House of representatives [In re. an insolvent act] [Signed] One of a thousand.

To the legislators. Gentlemen of the Senate, and gentlemen of the House of representatives. .... [Signed] One of a thousand. [n. p. n. d. ].

To the liberty party of the County of Madison ... Gerrit Smith. Peterboro, September 15, 1846.

To the loyal citizens of the United States. The day is not far distant when you will be called upon to elect an occupant for the presidental chair ... National conference committee of the Union Lincoln association of New York ... New York, Janua

To the loyal men of Herkimer County! It is well known to the Unionists of this County that there is to be an immense mass meeting at Herkimer, on Saturday, the 15th inst .... Seth M. Richmond, Pres. of Union Club. Little Falls, Oct. 10, 1864.

To the loyal men of the loyal states. Dear Sir:- Proposing to call on you in behalf of the loyal interests of Tennessee, we beg leave to submit the following statements. S. C. Mercer, Editor Nashville, Press and Times. John Eaton, Editor Memphis

To the loyal women of America ... Washington, September 30, 1861.

To the master printers of the City of New York ... [184-?].

... To the masters, wardens and members of the subordinate lodges. A. F. & A. M., under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Virginia: Brethren.- Once again the hand of God has been laid upon the Grand Lodge of Virginia. On the 10th day of Nov

To the mayor, the board of aldermen, and Board of common council, &c. Fellow citizens:- The long looked for time is now arrived, and th great national work is now happily begun ... A citizen of Washington. [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

To the mechanics and working-men of the fifth ward, and those friendly to their interests [n. p. 1829].

To the mechanics of the City of New York. I have seen a piece, signed by a number of persons, said to be done in behalf of the mechanics of the city of New York. [Regarding the election of governor of New York] [Signed] A mechanic. April 28, 178

To the members of Congress. Whose states are deprived of their portion of currency. From "The Miners' journal" of February 15, 1868.

To the members of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee who voted for the following resolution: "Resolved, therefore, by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, that our Senators be instructed, and our Representatives in Congres

To the members of the General council of the Protestant Episcopal Church South: which meets at Augusta, Georgia, November 1st, 1865. My friends: You have seen the action taken by the Council of the Church in Virginia just adjourned ... [Signed]

To the members of the House of Delegates. [1866].

To the members of the Metropolitan police force. New York, March 4th, 1863,.

To the members of the National Kansas Committee. [1856].

To the members of the Oregon State Pioneer Association. Greeting. The Third annual Rose Festival will take place in Portland the week of June 7-12 ... [Signed] Seneca Stouts, Chairman Home Coming day Committee Portland Rose Festival. June 7-12,

To the memory of the eight martyr's slain in the month of May, 1844. By J. J. S. [n. p.] [c. 1844].

To the merchants and other inhabitants of Pennsylvania. [Recommending canals between the Susquehanna and Schuylkill and the Chesapeake and the Delaware] [Signed] A friend to trade. Philadelphia. Dec. 13, 1771.

To the merchants and traders, of the City of Philadelphia. Gentlemen. The worthy and patriotic writer of the Farmer's letters, have clearly demonstrated, that the liberties of the British colonies in America, have been most cruely violated by th

To the military officers, select-men, and Committee of correspondence in the town of [blank] Gentlemen, Your are hereby most earnestly requested to procure the execution of the subsequent resolve with the greatest possible expedition. In Provinc

To the millers of the United States. Take notice-- That Congress did on the 21st day of January, 1808, pass the following act. An act for the relief of Oliver Evans ... That in pursuance of said act, letters patent were made out, and delivered t

To the moderate and independent electors of Dutchess, At a meeting of about one hundred and fifty electors from twelve towns in the county of Dutchess, held at the house of Peter Germond innkeeper in Clinton town, on Monday the 23d day of March,

To the national library … Cecil and James Johnson. [San Francisco, The Windsor Press. 1934].

To the national republican electors of Boston. Fellow-Citizens. The time is at hand and you must decide between two candidates for the office of Maylor. Will you choose Gen. Lyman, a Jackson man ... Or will you nor rather choose Charles Wells th

To the non-slaveholders of the South. [184-?].

To the officers and men of the coast rangers: ... L. M. Hatch Colonel, Commanding H. R., C R. [1862?].

To the officers and soldiers of the army of the United States ... The undersigned has heretofore prosecuted claims under the annexed circular of September, 1853, with much satisfaction to the heirs of the officers of the Revolution ... John H. R

To the patriotic women of New Haven and vicinity. An appeal for the sick and wounded in the army. [1861].

To the patriotic women of Philadelphia. A meeting of the ladies of the City of Philadelphia will be held this day, at 4 o'clock, P. M., at the School Room, in Tenth Street ... to devise means to give aid and comfort to our noble soldiers ... [Si

To the people called freeholders and freemen of the "dirty corporation" of the City of New York ... Given under my hand, in Council, with my faithful allies aforesaid, this 21st day of February, being Monday, and in the sixth year of my Dominion

To the people of America. Stop him! Stop him! Stop him! One hundred pounds lawful money reward! A wolf in Sheep's clothing! A traitor! Whereas Isaac Wilkins, of the province of New- York, has made his escape from the place of his former residenc

To the people of Columbia. Burrism. Lewisism ... [New York, 1804?].

To the people of Cumberland County. The heart-rending state of starvation which at this moment afflicts the Irish people calls aloud to the civilized nations of the earth to contribute to their relief ... Carlisle [Pa] Feb. 20, 1847.

To the people of Davies County. Frankfort, Ky., Sept. 19, 1861. As your representative, I came to Frankfort with an earnest desire and an honest intention of preserving the peace ... George H. Yeaman.

To the people of Kansas [Regarding the distribution of relief clothing] ... E. B. Whitman, Gen.'l Agent K. N. Committee. Lawrence, October 22, 1857.

To the people of Kentucky. Fellow citizens [A plea for emancipation and for the election to the convention of persons favourable to it]. [Franklin Co.? Kentucky, April? 1799].

To the people of Kentucky. Will you stand quietly by and see the constitution of your country wantonly violated by the ambitious leaders of a desperate faction? ... Junius [Kentucky 1825].

To the people of Kentucky. Will you stand quietly by and see the constitution of your country wantonly violated by the ambitious leaders of a desperate faction? ... Junius. [n. d.].

To the people of Kershaw district. Fellow citizens: An old farmer of your district, takes the liberty of coming forth from the shade of his vine and figtree, to offer you a few observations on the subject of the public good ... [Signed] An Old f

To the people of Leavenworth County [Regarding the coming election for the members of the Constitutional convention] ... June 3d 1857.

To the people of Louisiana. A proper supply of arms is the great want of the state of Louisiana and of the Confederate states ... [Signed by] Tho. O. Moore. Governor. [New Orleans, 1862].

To the people of Louisiana. In consequence of a publication in the Orleans Gazette of the 8th inst. entitled, "Extract of a letter from Henry Johnson, Senator in Congress, to a gentleman in Louisiana, dated 19th April, 1820," I find myself calle

To the people of Madison County. The expected reply of Mr. G. T. M. Davis author of the address to the people of Madison County, of the 23d of April, on the approaching elections of August and November, to Mr. Krum's attack upon that address, wi

To the people of Maryland. The following facts, disclosing the conduct of the late convention of Maryland is submitted to the serious consideration of the citizens of the state ... [n. p. 1788] [Positive Photostat]

To the people of Maryland. You have seen from the beginning of our struggles for Liberty ... that our success depended almost, or altogether, upon the strength of the provinces united together ... A Countryman. Baltimore County, May 28, 1776.

To the people of Maryland. [Baltimore. 1860].

To the people of Massachusetts. Washington, August 15, 1862. The hospitals in and around this city (forty-four in number- many of them churches) are crowded with sick and wounded soldiers .... It is the earnest desire of the members of the Massa

To the people of New-Hampshire. By His Excellency, the Governor. A proclamation. Whereas, Wednesday the 19th of April, (a day of deep significance in the history of our nation) has been set apart for the funeral obsequies of Abraham Lincoln ...

To the people of New-Hampshire. Necessity compels me to appear before you in this form. I stood in need of a free press throughout the State, in order that I might make you acquainted with facts which concern the public welfare. This privilege,

To the people of New-York. Though the association lately set on foot, was on pretence of keeping the peace of the City, yet it is evident that it has a direct tendency to disturb that peace; and that the true design of it was to discourage and p

To the people of North Western Virginia: Fellow citizens. The present was has now reached a stage at which every candid mind must be convinced that it will soon result in the complete establishment of the separate independence of the Confederate

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