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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


To the citizens of Accomack, Northampton, Elizabeth-City, Warwick and York. Friends and fellow-citizens. As I had the honor of being twice elected your representative without opposition, when your counties were added to Gloucester and Mathews to

To the citizens of America, and especially those of Philadelphia ... [Signed:] Vitis Gallo-Americana. Spring-Mill, 13 miles N. N. W. of Philadelphia, August 18, 1797. [Philadelphia, 1797].

To the citizens of America, who are creditors of the United States [Signed by the following public creditors] Blair McClenachan, Charles Pettit, John Ewing, Benjamin Rush, Thomas Fitzsimons] [Philadelphia, 1782].

To the citizens of Annapolis. Gentlemen, Jan. 13, 1775. You have been particularly addressed by a writer, under the signature of "A Citizen" on the subject of my hand bill to the inhabitants of this country, and therefore you may expect an answe

To the citizens of Cambridge. A call has been made by the government for five hundred thousand men, to strengthen the armies of the Union.- the apportionment to Cambridge must be forthcoming, either as volunteers, or by a draft from the enrolled

To the citizens of Dauphin County, and the friends of Harrisburg. No persons in the state are more interested in the election of Governor than the citizens of Harrisburg, and Dauphin county ... [Signed at end] Conrad Weiser September 1817.

To the citizens of Frederick County. Our attention has just been called by Gen. White, the Commandant of the Federal forces at Winchester, to certain alleged outrages recently committed in our country against citizens dwelling peaceably at their

To the citizens of Groton. The subscribers, appointed by vote of the Town of Groton, April 3d, current, a committee to enforce the laws relating to the keeping and sale of intoxicating liquors in Groton, respectfully request all persons engaged

To the citizens of Lockport. The pastoral letter of Bishop McIlvaine, President of Kenyon College, Ohio, although of a local nature, cannot fail of producing beneficial results wherever it is read ... It is now published here, in the hope that i

To the citizens of Massachusetts. The undersigned are moved by an imperative sense of duty to address their fellow-citizens of the State of Massachusetts, concerning the portentous condition of our public affairs. [Regarding the fugitive slave l

To the citizens of Missouri. The directors of the New England Emigrant aid company, are desirous to correct some of the misrepresentations which have been seduloudly circulated in many of the public prints of your state, in regard to their plan

To the citizens of Nashville. To redress the grievance of a personal chastisement, which I felt it my duty to inflict on Nathaniel Dick, of New Orleans, on Tuesday last, he has appealed to your "justice and magnanimity" ... [Signed] S. B. Marsha

To the citizens of New York. A person who addresses you under the signature of a Plain citizen is very angry at the remarks made by me on the leaders of the party to which he belongs, which he affects to consider as indecent and untrue ... [Sign

To the citizens of New-York on the present critical situation of affairs. Were I neither a Philadelphian, a New-Yorker, a Bostonian, nor even a native of this continent, as a friend to the rights of mankind, I should interest mayself in the fate

To the citizens of New-York, on the present critical situation of affairs. Where neither a Philadelphia, a New-Yorker, a Bostonian, nor even a native of this continent, as a friend to the rights of mankind, I should interest myself in the fate o

To the citizens of New-York. December 30, 1775. Fellow-Citizens. The design of electing a new Assembly at this time, is plainly to distract your attention ... [Signed] A poor Man. [blank] [New York, 1775].

To the citizens of New-York. The inhabitants of this City having been called together, this day to decide on the subject of the treaty lately negociated between the United States of America, and Great-Britain; it may be considered ... to preside

To the citizens of Ohio County. We have lately seen a hand-bill, which has for some time been privately circulated among the friends of Mr. Jackson ... [Signed] Charles Hammond, Noah Zane, George Miller. Monday, April 3d, 1809.

To the citizens of Pennsylvania. Fellow-citizens: [Regarding secession] April, 1861.

To the citizens of Pennsylvania. Friends and fellow-citizens. [In regard to the withdrawal from the Assembly of nineteen members on the third reading of a supplement to the Test-law.] Signed in behalf and by order o the majority, George Gray, As

To the citizens of Perry, Henderson, Humphreys and Stewart Counties. When I first became a candidate to represent you in the Senatorial branch of our next Legislature, I intended visiting every part of the district, for the purpose of cultivatin

To the citizens of Perth Amboy. N. J.: "A word to the wise is sufficient." Fellow citizens: Are there not interests touching the welfare and permanent prosperity of our town compared with which the petty contests and vibrations of party are the

To the citizens of Philadelphia. Friends, countrymen, brothers and fellow-citizens. The important day is drawing near when you are to select delegates to represent you in a convention on the result of whose deliberation will depend, in a great m

To the citizens of Philadelphia. The death of Levi Foulkrod, has left a vacancy in the Senate of Pennsylvania, which is to be filled by the qualified voters of the County of Philadelphia, on Tuesday the 13th instant ... Philadelphia 184-?].

To the citizens of Reading. The subscribers have received a petition from citizens of Reading, stating that they "have reason to believe that intoxicating liquors are sold in large quantities, contrary to the statutes in such cases made and prov

To the citizens of Richmond! The President and the Governor of Virginia deeply impressed with the necessity of a speedy organization of all able bodied and patriotic citizens for local defence, in and around the City of Richmond ... urgently app

To the citizens of Robertson, Montgomery, Stewart, Humphreys, Dickson, and Hickman Counties in the state of Tennessee. The term for which you selected me as your representative in the Congress of the United States, expired on the third of March;

To the citizens of Washington!!. The undersigned deems it a duty he owes to the public as well as to himself, to state that he has been proscriptively removed by Samuel Strong, the superintendent, from his situation as a stone cutter at the Capi

To the citizens of Washington. A fellew who signs his name William Elliot; he is a clerk in the Patent Office, a foreigner and opposed to this government, has so far degraded himself, that I am compelled to apply to him the epithets that justly

To the citizens of Washington. A hand bill is in circulation signed "a citizen and a tax payer" in which, among Gen. John P. Van Ness's claims to the honor of being re-elected Mayor of Washington, it is stated that he has ordered suit" against J

To the citizens of Washington. A handbill is in circulation, which contains a correspondence with the Mayor of the city, and Richard S. Coxe, Esq. and Col. Ashton ... Johnston Hellen Washington, June 2, 1832.

To the citizens of Washington. Fellow Citizens:- I am informed that at the Navy yard, and in other parts of the city, General Weightman is represented as being opposed to the "ten hour system." ... Geo. M. Grouard. Washington, May 29, 1850.

To the citizens of Washington. It is well known to you that events have transpired within the last few days, deeply affecting the peace a d character of our community ... W. Lenox, Pres. Board of Aldermen. J. H. Goddard, Capt. Auxiliary Guard. A

To the citizens of Worcester. [Worcester, 1883].

To the citizens of the County of Philadelphia. Friends and Fellow Citizens. In common with the citizens of the State, you have been addressed by the Committee, appointed to promote the election of James Ross ... [Signed] Franklin. [1799?].

To the citizens of the State of Mississippi Cotton Planter. No. 1. Fellow citizens ... [Signed] Cotton Planter. [18- ].

To the citizens of the State of Mississippi. Cotton planter, No. II. To Judge Leake. [Signed] Cotton planter. [18-?].

To the citizens of the Territory of Arkansas: Fellow citizens: I offer myself to your consideration, to represent you in Congress ... Tho. P. Eskridge. Hempstead Court-House 9th January, 1823.

To the citizens of the U. States. No. I. Friends and fellow citizens. I respectfully request your most serious consideration of a few plain facts, highly important to your vital interests ... You are blest with the capacity of producing one of t

To the citizens of the eleventh Congressional district, of the state of Tennessee. 1833.

To the citizens of the fifth Congressional district of Kentucky ... Samuel Hopkins. City of Washington, Aug. 2, 1813.

To the citizens of the fifth Congressional district of Kentucky ... Samuel Hopkins. Washington, March 4, 1815.

To the citizens of the third Eastern district, in the State of Maine ... Mark Langdon Hill. Washington, 15th May, 1820.

To the citizens of the third ward. A permanent organization has been formed by citizens of the ward upon the following basis ... Let every man come to the meeting at Temperance Hall. Wednesday evening Dec. 7th, at 7.5 o'clk. Gibson Brothers, Pri

To the clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States ... New York. 1880.

To the colored citizens of the State of Ohio. Friends:- The undersigned were appointed, at a meeting held in the city of Columbus, July 30th ult to call a Convention of the Colored citizens of the State of Ohio, to meet at Chillicothe, on the 22

To the commanding officer of a French platoon and the men of his command. Thinking you might desire to attend one of our military church services, I extend an invitation to you and I am highly gratified that you have accepted ... Gustav Stearns,

To the commissioners of forfeitures of the Western district of the state of New York. Whereas by an act, entitled An act to liquidate and settle the account of the troops of this state in the service of the United States, passed the 4th October,

To the committee on war claims. United States House of representatibes. [Washington, D. C.? 186-].

To the conservative voters of Ward II ... Per order ward Committee. [Dec. 9, 1861].

To the country .... Edtwick Evans. Attorney and counsellor at law, &c. Washington, D. C. September 9, 1862.

To the curious! Tuesday and Thursday evenings, will be exhibited, at a commodious room, in Mr. Dearborn's new building, at the South entrance of the narrow lane, leading from the theatre, to Milk-Street by Mr. Maginnis ... a grand medley of ente

To the curious. There is now exhibiting at an ingenious and entertaining variety of historical pieces of wax work ... Richmond: Printed by T. Nicolson, near the Virginia Bank. [n. d.].

To the customers of Thomas's Massachusetts Spy. Kind patrons. The publisher of the Massachusetts Spy was early in life engaged, in the way of his profession, in the service of his country. Sixteen years have now elapsed ... Printing-Office, Worc

To the democracy of Wayne County. Mr. Tyler, during a long political life, has been steadily opposed to the principles and measures of federalism ... A meeting of the Democrats of the town [ ] of who accord with the spirit of the above notice,

To the descendants of Lieut. William Clarke. [Committee appointed to erect a satisfactory monument] Northampton, January 20th, 1883.

To the detestable author of a scurrilous hand-bill under the signature of Apollos ... Dio--Cassiud. June 9th, 1800. [Positive Photostat].

To the district collectors of Virginia: The taxes on property, moneys and credits, under the act of the 17th of February, 1864, to "lay bonds or certificates for the same, from and after the 1st day of January, 1865 ... Richmond, December 20, 18

To the editor of the National Journal. Sir: In your journal of the 7th February, you say "Mr. Whipple asked if it was to be allowed that the private character of members was to be referred to on this floor." ... Thos. Whipple. Thursday February

To the editor: The tremendous outburst of public indignation which had been aroused by the negotiations of the Russian-American extradition treaty in 1887, caused the promoters of this Anti-Republican scheme to adopt this time the Russian method

To the editors of the Albany atlas, Mohawk courier, Hamilton reflector, and numerous kindred newspapers. Peterboro. May 12, 1851.

To the electors of Boston ... Electors of Boston- To the polls then on Monday - one and all, and give our voices and your ballots for the Adams Ticket. [Boston 1824?].

To the electors of Boston. Electors. You are called upon once more to go the polls, on Monday next, to support the National Republican ticket ... [Signed] A mechanic. [Boston. n. d.].

To the electors of Connecticut, generally -- and To the electors of Norwich particularly ... Ichabod Ward. Norwich, March 30, 1825.

To the electors of Franklin County. [Regarding the voting for or against a convention]. [Signed] Junius. May 1, 1798. [Franklin Co., Kentucky 1798].

To the electors of Long-Island. Friends and fellow-citizens. On Tuesday next will commence the most important election since the revolution - on the result of it will depend whether the present system of war, debt & encreasing taxation shall con

To the electors of New-York. January 6, 1776. Fellow-Citizens. There are several important reformations which ought to be made, for our future security, and which if we are wise, we will take this opportunity to provide for ... [Signed] Publicol

To the electors of Ontario County. Fellow-citizens. Again an election is approaching and again you are assailed with hand-bills from certain characters of the town of Canadaiqua some of whom have been in the annual habit of presuming to dictate

To the electors of Pennsylvania. Take your choice! Thomas M'Kean - or - James Ross ... [1799].

To the electors of Pennsylvania. [Philadelphia. 1799].

To the electors of West-Chester county and of the other counties in the Southern District. Friends and fellow-citizens. The ever restless ambition of the leaders of the party who have arrogated to themselves the appelation of federal, has render

To the electors of a representative to Congress, for the first district. By the death of the late worthy, and truly excellent Mr. Havens, the seat in Congress which he filled ... has been rendered vacant ... There are three candidates submitted

To the electors of the City of New York. Fellow-citizens. The aristocratic prints have teemed with abuse and misrepresentation of the conduct and views of the Republican members of Assembly from this city: To refute these calumnies; to evince th

To the electors of the County of Albany, and of the Eastern district in general. Fellow-citizens. The Republican general committee of Albany, take the liberty to address you once more on the subject of the ensuing election. In our last address

To the electors of the County of Suffolk. Fellow Citizens ... Boston April 1, 1826.

To the electors of the Southern district of the State of New-York. Friends and fellow citizens. The approaching election of a chief magistrate of the State of New-York, is entitled to peculiar attention ... By order of the General Committee in

To the electors of the Southern district. In Mr. Child's paper of yesterday, a letter appeared, signed Candidus, directed to Cato, on which I beg leave to make a few observations.- The writer insinuates, that the author of Cato intended to decei

To the electors of the State of New York. Friends & fellow-citizens. A representative government confers the right and imposes the duty on the constituent body to examine and consider the object and tendency of the measures pursued by their agen

To the electors of the State of New York. Friends and fellow citizens we are informed that a report has been circulated in the state, that Mr. Jay cannot return to America, this spring, because he must wait in England, till the ratification of t

To the electors of the State of New York. I trust, fellow citizens, I may with reason congratulate you on the prospects of the ensuing election for Governor [Advocating electing John Jay] [Signed] A Republican [New York? 1795].

To the electors of the State of New-York. Fellow Citizens! In this interesting crisis of our affairs, the Federal young men of the City of Albany, presume to address you ... By order of the Committee, Wm. Boyd, Chairman. Myndert Van Schaick, Sec

To the electors of the Western Congressional district. The Hon. Wilkins Updike, of South Kingstown, is now a candidate to represent you in the next Congress of the United States ... A Citizens of Narragansett. [1847].

To the electors of the Western congressional district. The Hon. Wilkins Updike, of South Kingstown, is now a candidate to represent you in the next Congress of the United States ... A citizen of Narragansett. [186-].

To the electors of the Western district. A crisis has arrived in the affairs of our country, by which the comparative merits of federal policy on the one hand, and of democratic policy on the other are now brought to the test of actual experimen

To the electors of the city of New-York. The defeat of Fernando Wood at the coming election for mayor is the duty of every one who has an interest in the welfare of New-York ... [New York, Nov. 1859].

To the electors of the middle district. At a numerous and respectable meeting of freeholders and inhabitants from the several towns of the county of Dutchess, held at Baldwin's Hotel in the town of Poughkeepsie, on Thursday, the second day of Ap

To the electors of the state of New-Jersey. Friends and fellow citizens .... [Signed] A continental soldier. [Filled in in mss. Norfolk, Virginia] August 25, 1792.

To the electors of the state of New-York. Friends and fellow-citizens. The impropriety of electing any man, however exalted he may stand in the public opinion, to the office of Governor who is absent in Europe, and whose return may depend upon u

To the electors of the tenth district of the State of New-York for representative in Congress. Friends, countrymen and fellow-citizens. The period for electing a representative to Congress for this district, will soon arrive ... begs leave to re

To the enemies of Jefferson and Madison, in this district. Norfolk, April 22, 1809.

To the farmers and mechanics of New-Hampshire. In a few days you may be called upon to decide, whether you will live under a monarchial government, or republican government ... [1828].

To the farmers and traders in the State of New-York. The Corporation of the Chamber of Commerce of New-York, near twelve months since, took the liberty of addressing you on a subject of great importance ... By order of the Chamber. John Broome,

To the federal electors! It is well known to you that the change from a Confederation, to a Federal government, was made to give to the national government a power to provide for the common defence. Hence the power of calling out the militia in

To the federal republicans of Sussex County [Regarding candidates for election] A Sussex Federalist. September 11th, 1802.

To the forts. The steamer Argo! Capt. E.W. Davidson, leaves Foster's wharf daily, at 9 1-2 and 2 1-2 for Forts Independence and Warren ... Fare each way 25 cents. Boston. J. E. Farwell & Co. Steam Job Printers No. 32 Congress Street.

To the free Africans and other free people of color in the United States. The convention of deputies from the abolition societies in the United States, assembled at Philadelphia, have undertaken to address you upon subjects highly interesting to

To the free and independent citizens of the 8th Congressional District in the state of Tennessee. Washington, February 26th 1825.

To the free and independent electors of Jefferson County.

To the free and independent electors of the County of York. Fellow citizens. Permit me to name, as a suitable person to represent you in the next Congress, Mr. Joseph Leland, of Pepperellborough ... Warren. Sept. 20, 1804.

To the free and independent electors of the State of New York. Fellow Citizens! In the present truly alarming situation of our country, you are called upon to exercise the most important privilege which freemen can enjoy- the choice of your own

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