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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Tiller's Lafayette badge. Liberty equality & public order. Copyright secured by Congress Sept. 3, 1824. [Satin ribbon.]

Timber prospects for the west by C. S. Harrison of May Flower Colony, York, Nebraska.

Time table by Frank Queen of the New York clipper. Being a list of extraording speed, and remarkable events in sporting matters according to the best authorities of which we can find any record. [1858].

Time table of railroads from Cincinnati. [Cincinnati, O. c. 1872].

Time table of the Dead river grand trunk railway great central through route. [New York 186-?].

Time to redouble .... J. W. Studebaker. (From an address by Dr. J. W. Studebaker, U. S. Commissioner of education, before a convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation in Chicago. [1940].

Timely warning to the holders of life insurance policies. The free and unlimited coinage of silver would inevitably scale down values. From the New York Times. [n. d.].

The Times, mankind is high concerned to support that, wherein their own safety is concerned, and to destroy those arts by which their ruin is consulted [On the payment of troops] [Signed] A merchant. [New York: Printed by John Holt, February, 17

Tin plates again. A former letter brought up to date. By Henry W. Lamb. The tenth in a series of letters issued by the New England free trade league. [1900?].

Tippecanoe March 4, 1841. Inauguration ball, the managers request the honor of company at Carusi's Saloon, on Thursday evening, 4th of March, 1841. Baltimore: Murphy [1841].

Tippecanoe club. The committee appointed at the public meeting held at the Perseverance engine house, on Tuesday evening last, will be prepared to report a constitution and by-laws for a Tippecanoe club on Friday evening, September 11th ... the

Tirrell's California! now exhibiting at Allston Hall, (Bumstead Place, Tremont Street,) comes before the people of the Atlantic States with the generous and hearty endorsements of the public and prominent men of California ... [Boston n. d.].

Tit for tat, t'other side; or, bounceabout. [Boston] Sold at Edes's printing office in Cornhill [1782].

... To Abraham Lincoln [3 stanzas of verse] Weymouth, February 5, 1906. From the Lawten (Oklahoma) Constitution, Democratic Monday evening March 12, 1906.

To Albert Bender, Saint Patrick's Night, 1934 [n.p., 1934].

To Americans abroad, in behalf of the Metropolitan fair in aid of the United States sanitary commission to open March 28th, 1864 ... New York, January 20, 1864.

To Andrew Johnson, Vice-President of the United States of America [regarding cattle plague] Albany 1865.

To Aristides, The advocate of Aaron Burr, if not Mr. Burr himself, and the implacable enemy of emigrants from all quarters of the globe. Sir. On perusing your pamphlet in favor of Aaron Burr, I find you profess to be a guardian of religion- as m

To Charles Hammand, Noah Zane, and Geo. Miller, Esqs. Wheeling, (Va.) West Liberty, August 12th, 1809. Sirs: For a considerable time after the appearance of your handbill, dated the 3d of April last, I was fully determined to institute suits aga

To Christian mothers ... May 1832.

To Colonel Enoch Mason. Duty obliges us to watch with a lynx eye, the man whose principles we suspect, though we should aver his upright and patriotic intent ... [Signed] A poor freeholder [181-?].

To Dixon, Fulton, Lyons, and Central Iowa & Nebraska. Fifty miles saved. Chicago, Fulton & Iowa. railroad line. Two through express trains will leave the depot on Wells St., Chicago ... Albany, Weed Parsons & Co. printers [1857].

To Fernando Wood. [n. p.] [c 1855].

To Fort Independence Long Island and Fort Warren. The favorite steamers Argo and May Queen will leave Foster's wharf for Fort Independence, Long Island and Fort Warren, each making four trips daily ... A moonlight excursion will be made by the S

To His Excellency Benjamin Fletcher, Captain General and Governor in chief of their Majesties province of New York, Province of Pensilvania, County of New-Castle, territories and tracts of land depending thereon in America vice-admiral of the sa

To His Excellency Francis Bernard, Esq; Captain-general and Governor in chief, in and over His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, and Vice-Admiral of the same. And the Honourable His Majesty’s Council. The petition of Ri

To His Excellency George Clinton, Esquire Governor, and the other the Honourable members composing the board, constituted by law for the temporary government of the southern district of the State: The memorial of the subscribers, in behalf of th

To His Excellency Richard Earl of Bellomont Capt. General and Governour inn chief of the Province of New-York, Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, and Vice-Admiral of the same, &c. The humble address of the representatives of his Majesties Prov

To His Excellency Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States of America. Honorable Sir:- The recent massacres of Jews by organized mobs at Kisheneff, undisturbed by the Russian government ... cannot be treated any longer as an internal a

To His Excellency William Franklin, Esquire. Captain-General, Governor and Commander in chief in and over His Majesty's Colony of Nova-Caesarea or New-Jersey, and territories thereon depending in America, Chancellorand Vice-admiral in the same,

To His Excellency William Shirley, Esq; captain-general and governour in chief, in and over His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. To the Honourable his Majesty’s council, with the House of representatives, in General co

To His Excellency William Tryon, Esq; Sir As you have been pleased to address yourself, in a public manner, to the inhabitants of this province, at large, an apology can hardly be necessary for the freedom I use in conveying my sentiments to you

To His Excellency the Right Honourable John Earl of Dunmore, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice Admiral of the same: The humble address of the House of Burgesses. [Regarding paper curre

To His Excellency the Right Honourable John Earl of Dunmore, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor general of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia and Vice Admiral of the same: The humble address of the Council ... [Williamsburg 1772.] [Negative

To His Excellency the Right Honourable John Earl of Dunmore, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor general of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice Admiral of the same: The humble address of the Council. [Williamsburg. 1773.] [Negative P

To His Excellency, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, and Hon. Simon Cameron, Secretary of war: Copy of a letter from eminent citizens of New York, to the President and Secretary of war, requesting a trial of Perkins' Steam Gun for

To His Excellency, William Burnet, Esq; Captain, General and Governour in chief of the Provinces of New-York, New-Jersey and territories depending thereon in America and Vice Admiral of the same, &c. The humble address of the General Assembly of

To His Excellency, the Honorable [blank], Governor of the State of [blank]. We, the undersigned, respectfully make known to your Excellency that the inhabitants of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State have lately been made the victims of a sc

To Hon. John Sherman, Chairman of finance committee. My nomination to the Senate as commissioner of internal revenue, will justify me, I trust in addressing a few words to the Finance committee with respect to my confirmation ... M. N. Wisewell.

To Irishmen and adopted citizens. to the Public [Opposing the election of Dr. Joel B. Sutherland] [Signed] An Irishman. October 9, 1823.

To Jacob Gibson. I cannot but consider your silence with respect to Brutus, as a proof of your conviction that all your first charges against Mr. Hindman have been fairly refuted ... [Signed] Brutus. Sept. 22, 1798 ... [Followed by a letter from

To John Cruger, James Jauncey, James Delancey, and Jacob Walton, Esqrs; The representatives in General Assembly, for the City and County of New-York. Gentlemen: The author of this letter bespeaks a moment of your attention ... [Signed] Aristides

To John De Noyellis, Esquire. Sir, Your matchless effrontery upon my first publication respecting the crimes with which you have been solemnly charged by the Grand Jury of your country, and my silence may have vainly encouraged you to hope that

To John M. S , Esq; [John Morin Scott] Sir. It was not from any respect which is due to your character, or dread of your much talked abilities, that would have induced me so long to remain silent; 'twas the expectation alone that some one, more

To Luther Martin, and Robert Lemmon, Esqrs ... Sirs: As great metamorphosis is effected in our own "Marvellous days" as was that mystical transformation of a piece of fig treewood into the God Priapus ...[Signed] Cineas. Myrtle-Grove. December

To Max Eastman. A poem privately printed at Hillacre, Riverside, Conn. [n. d.].

To Messrs Joseph Delaplaine, Edward Parker, and Kimber & Richardson, publishers of the Royal octabo Bible. Gentlemen, It is with pleasure we learn that you are about to publish a splendid edition of the Holy Bible .... In compliance with your re

To Messrs. Voter, Gracchus, Scaevola, Keiling and other inspired penmen, who have wrote in favor of a convention. Gentlemen: We, the people of Kentucky, deeply impressed with a sense of gratitude ... The people. April 30, 1798. [Fayette Co.?].

To Mr. Wombwell, the celebrated menagerist. ... C. C. Tiptree Heath, 1843.

To Mr. You being duly enrolled as a soldier in the company of which is commanding officer, are hereby ordered to appear at the usual place of parade of said company ... [n. p., 181-].

To President Andrew Johnson. Whereas, Andrew Johnson, President of the United States ... have recently left Washington for the City of Chicago, to participate in the ceremonies of laying the corner stone of the monument to America's favorite son

To President Union League. Philadelphia. Dear Sir: Permit me to offer for the acceptance of the League over which you preside, the accompanying flag. It has been used by my regiment as a camp flag ... J. W. Hofman. Col. 56th regt. Pa. Vols. Dece

To Republicans and independent voters. Chicago, Sept. 20, 1884.

To Senate of the United States. Respected friend. We ask permission to place in thy hands the accompanying statement of "the case of the Seneca Indians" to which we respectfully solicit thy attention ... Signed by direction and on behalf of join

To Simon Newcomb. [Washington, D.C., 1909?].

To Simon Snyder, Esq. Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: The memorial of the undersigned citizens. sheweth ... For a great number of year, and in times and under circumtances of great danger to the rights and liberties of the people,

To Southern travellers! Spring, Summer and Fall arrangement of the great southern mail line! Via Washington City, S. C. Direct to New Orleans ... Stockton & Falls. E. F. Krebs, Agent. Baltimore, July, 1847. Murphy Print, 178 Market Street, Balti

To Tench Tilghman, Esq. In your attack upon Mr. Thomas, published in the Easton Gazette, your aim appears to be, to defeat his election and secure your own ... [Signed] A democrat. [1841?].

To Thomas J. Gantt, Esq. Respected and dear Sir: We are by birth citizens of South Carolina. In our veins flows the blood of the white race - in some, half, in others, much more than half, whit eblood. Our attachments are with you ... our allegi

To Willam Denny, Esquire Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of the Province of Pennsylvania, &c. The address of the trustees and treasurer of the Friendly association for regaining and preserving peace with the Indians by pacific measure

To Wm. T. Barry. Esq. No. II. Sir-- Few men in the state of your age and standing have exhibited so little stability of character and so complete a devotion to schemes of self- aggrandizement as you have. From your profession to-day, it is impos

To Workingmen: facts. In 1880, the Republicans told you that "Republican success means plenty of work, with good wages." This is 1884. We have had four years more of Republican rules and taxation .... If you want a change to better times. Vote f

To [blank] Captain of the military foot company in [blank] Greeting. Agreeable to the law, and pursuant to a warrant from his Excellency Thomas Pownall, Esq; Captain-General and Governor in chief, &c. In His Majesty’s name you are hereby require

To [blank] Gentlemen. Greeting. You are hereby impowered immediately to enlist a company, to consist of eighty-eight able-bodied and effective men, including non-commissioned officers and privates, as soldiers in the service of this Colony, to d

To [blank] Greeting. You area hereby required in His Majesty’s name, to make your appearance before the justices of our Lord the King, at the next Inferiour Court of Common pleas to be holden at [blank] within and for the County of [blank] on th

To [blank] Sir, You are hereby impowered immediately to inlist a company to consist of [blank] able bodied and effective men (including officers) as soldiers in the Massachusetts service, for the defence of the sea coast in this Colony, agreeabl

To accompany Their Majesties the King and Queen of the Belgians to Mount Vernon Wednesday October the twenty-ninth nineteen hundred and nineteen. [Washington, D. C., 1919].

To all Central High School cadets ... Join the young pioneers of America! Fight against child labor! Smash the boy scouth organization! ... Defend the Soviet Union, the only workers' Fatherland! Young pioneers of America Local unit. [Washington,

To all Marylanders in the Confederate States ... George P. Kane. [1864].

To all brave, healthy, able bodied, and well disposed young men in this neighbourhood, who have any inclination to join the troops now raising under General Washington, for the defense of the liberties and independence of the United States, agai

To all concerned! The act to revise the charter of the borough has been introduced in the Legislature. We understand that a protest againt is being circulated, we think under a misapprehension, or entire ignorance of its provisions, and hope tha

To all electors of Massachusetts of whatever political party they may be ... [Signed] The friends of peace. [Two postscripts on verso] Boston, March 28th, 1808.

To all farmers and tradesmen, who want good settlements for themselves and families, especially those lately arrived, or that may yet come, from Scotland or Ireland [Recommending Central New York] Philadelphia: Printed by John Dunlap, at the New

To all gentlemen volunteers, who prefer liberty to slavery and are hearty friends to the grand American cause; who are free and willing to serve this state, in the character of a gentleman matross, and learn the noble art of gunnery, in the Mass

To all interested in temperance. St. John refuses to retire. His reply to the "New York state temperance assembly"- Why the prohibition party is a necessity. Philadelphia,Pa. Oct. 11 [1884].

To all persons whom these may concern in the several townes, and plantations of the United Colonies in New-England. It is hereby declared, that his highness the Lord Protectour of the Common wealth of England &c. hath commissioned and impowered

To all the good people of Virginia. We his Majesty's faithful subjects, the Council of this Colony, deeply impressed with the most sincere regard for the prosperity of our country, and the welfare of all its inhabitants ... can no longer forbear

To all the good people of Virginia. [Williamsburg, 1775?] [Negative Photostat.].

To all to whom these presents shall come, greetings [Regarding Kennebeck Purchase. [17- ].

To all true whigs, and particularly to such as are independent electors of the City and County of New York. Gentlemen. The conduct of several of the magistrates of this City, having for a considerable time to notoriously inimical and unfriendly

To all voters who love their country better than party ... By order of the City Executive committee of the National Union Party. Philadelphia 1862.

To all who shall see these presents, greeting Know ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the integrity, diligence, and discretion of the Board of Managers and General agent of the Washington National Monument society, do authorize an

... To all whom it may concern, these presents come greeting:--- Know ye that whereas, Hawnopajuatin & Otosilongoomlisheau, chiefs of the Nandowissee Indians did by their certain deed, under ther respective seals, give grant, and convey to a cer

To arms! To arms!! [blank] For Herkimer to be taken!!! A steam packet will be at the Ilion dock at 1-2 past six this Friday evening, to carry citizens to Fort Herkimer, to attend a war meeting. By order of Committee. Ilion. N. Y. Loyal Citizens

To be exhibited in Chesnut Street. Philadelphia, below Tenth Street, from Monday, October 8th, until, Saturday, October 20th, 1838. and positively no longer, the gigantic giraffe or camelopard ... [Philadelphia 1838].

To be performed at the Brattle Street Church on Wednesday, February 19, 1800 Ode I. From Vernon's Mount behold the Hero rise! ... Ode II. That matchless form which aw'd the world ... [Boston] From the Chronicle-Press by R. Rhoades. [1800].

To be sold at private sale, the message and farm ... Jacob Bogardus. September 20, 1797 ... Printed in Catskill by M. Croswell [1797].

To be sold, on the 30th inst. if fair, if not, the next fair day. All the perishable property belonging to the estate of William Carr, deceased, consisting of a general assortment of merchandise, about seven hundred bushels of wheat, a sloop, fl

To capitalists. Penobscot Bay, Maine. Beautiful summer homes ... T. B. Witherspoon 80 Commercial street. Boston. [n. d.].

To collector of the town of within the County of Greetings. In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are required to levy and collect of the several persons named in the list herewith committed unto you ... Given under our hand and s

To conchologists, etc. I desire to obtain suites of the species named in my list for special study. If you can supply any of these and find anything in my list of duplicates which is of value to you, I will gladly make an exchange ... B. Shimek.

To elevate morals. Bird day Animal day .... We, the undersigned, desire to unite for the protection of all harmelss birds, and we promise to do all we can to prevent the killing or maiming of birds, and to discourage, so far as we can, the weari

To farmers, and others disposed to settle on new lands ... [Signed] William Poyntell. Walnut Street, between 7th and 8th streets, Philadelphia. [Philadelphia 1809-1811.

... To fisherman of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and residents of the State of Iowa. New Allin, Iowa. Jan. 2, 1886.

To hesitating Republicans. So much dust has been thrown around the issues of the canvass, and so much abuse - part rightly, part wrongly heaped upon both leading candidates, that, as election day approaches, it is necessary to clear the air to s

To his Excellency James K. Polk, President of the United States: The undersigned, citizens of the first judicial district, composed of the counties of Crawford, Grant and Iowa, in the Territory of Wisconsin, would most respectfully represent to

To his Excellency the Right Hon. John Earl of Dunmore, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice Admiral of the same: The humble address of the Council. [Williamsburg, 1774]. [Negative Photost

To his Excellency the Right Honourable John Earl of Dunmore, hi Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice Admiral of the same: The humble address of the Council ... To which his Excellency was ple

To his Excellency the Right Honourable John Earl of Dunmore, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice Admiral of the same. The humble address of the House of Burgesses ... To which his Excell

To his Excellency the Right Honourable John Earl of Dunmore, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor general of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice admiral of the same. The humble address of the House of Burgesses. [Williamsburg, 1772] [

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