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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


The soldier's and sailor's sabbath ... Office of the Sabbath Committee, No. 21 Bible House. New York [1862].

The soldier's offering. By a maimed soldier. [n. p. c. 1864].

A soldier's widow's letter to the President. ... [n. p. 1867?].

Soldiers' families. Circular to the citizens of Philadelphia. The bearer, Miss H. Mooney, is authorized to collect funds to relieve the pressing wants of the families of our brave soldiers .... [n. d.].

Soldiers' monument. The returned soldiers are invited to meet at the ante-room, Lyceum Hall, Monday evening, the 25th inst., at seven o'clock, to make the necessary arrangements to assist in dedicating the monument ... Reading, Sept. 23, 1865.

The soldiers' vote. To the friends of "Lincoln and Johnson" in Pennsylvania ... Simon Cameron. Chairman Union State Central Committee. [1864].

A solemn Tragedy. Tune of the Batten Kill mourners. Lines composed on the death of Hiram Cornell, of White Creek, who was drowned while bathing in Bennington River on the twenty-ninth of June, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-two ....

Soliloquy of Prof. John W. Webster, after the disappearance of Dr. Geo. Parkman up to the time of his execution. By Mary G. Doe. [Aug. 1850].

Solon Shingle! and his great apple sass case. Words and music published by Firth Son & Co. 563 Broadway N. Y ... J. E. Owens as Solon Shingle at the Howard Athenaeum tonight. [n. d.].

Some common questions answered by Sarah Platt Decker. late president General federation of women's clubs and of the Denver woman's club .... New York City National American woman suffrage association 505 Fifth Avenue 1913.

Some facts regarding the Hanna-Payne shipping bill. by Samuel Adams Robinson, M. D. With a thorough study of its probable cost by Captain William W. Bates. Remarks of Henry D. Clayton of Alabama in the House of representatives, Friday February 1

Some funeral verses occasioned by the death of the pious and much lamented Mr. Jonathan French of Wollentown, in Connecticut-Colony; who departed this life February the 17th, 1720, 21 in the thirty-second year of his age. [s. l.]

Some meditations concerning our honourable gentlemen and fellow-souldiers, in pursuit of those barbarous natives in the Narragansit-Country; and their service there. By an unfeigned friend. Re-printed at N. London, April 4, 1721.

Some memorials on the death of that pious and vertuous man, Mr. Ebenezer Tucker, of Milton, who departed this life May 14th. 1724. In the one & fortieth year of his age. [Boston, 1724].

Some notices of Kentucky, particularly of its chief town, Lexington ... [Signed] Hamilton. Philadelphia, Aug. 23, 1828.

Some queries sent up to his Excellency the Earl of Bellomont, by the House of representatives of the Province of New-York the 31th July 1700 concerning his Excellency's proposition to them of building a fort for defence of the five nations of In

Some reasons for insuring deposits. Two interesting contributions relative to the safeguarding of moneys placed with our national banking institutions ... The Financier, New York. January 16, 1906.

Some reasons why we oppose votes for women ... National association opposed to woman suffrage. New York City [1894].

Some remarks on silent worship, or devotion, seriously recommended to mankind universally, for their most weighty consideration. From the London review of December, 1791 [Philadelphia 1792].

Something new in dentistry. Dr. S. V. Tucker, Surgeon dentist ... Boston. J. E. Farwell & Co., Printers, 32 Congress Street [1859].

Something new! Now is the time to make a good investment! Now open Riddle's great original one dollar store ... Washington, D.C. H. Polkinhorn steam job printer, 375 & 377 D street, near 7th, Washington, D. C. Jan 14, 1861.

Something new. The history of the first locomotives in America. Published by D. Appleton & Co., New York, for the Author W. H, Brown, an old railroad man who has been collecting the facts and documents from the most reliable sources during more

Something startling! (In time of peace prepare for war). Torpedoes and torpedo-boats ... A. L. Fleury. Washington, D. C. 1865.

A sonata, sung by a number of young girls, dressed in white and decked with wreaths and chaplets of flowers, holding baskets of flowers in their hands as General Washington passed under the Triumphal arch raised on the bridge at Trenton, April 2

A song composed for the fraternity of Steuben Lodge, No. 18, Newburg, by G-- H-- S---. January 18, 1791. Tune- "God save the King." [Goshen: Printed by David Mandeville, and David M. Westcott, 1791].

Song of Consul Hawthorne. [Columbus, Ohio, The Tauser Head Press, 1965].

The song of the Vermonters. 1779 ... [Reprinted at] Windsor by Bishop & Tracy.

Song of the privateer. By Quien Sabe? Baltimore. Oct. 10, 1861.

The song of the specie payments. By Marblehead Greenback club. [n. p. 1878?].

Song of triumph on the election of Weston for Governor of New-Hamsphire. Composed by Byron De Wolfe, of Nashua, N. H. Concord. New Hampshire, June 14th, 1871.

A song on our country and her flag by Francis Lieber. Written in 1861, after the raising of the flag on Columbia College, New York. New York. Baker & Godwin, printers. No. 1 Spruce St [1861].

Song, for the Fourth of July, 1803. Blessings of Fredon, (U. S.) Tune "Yankee Doodle" [16 stanzas of verse] [New York] Printed by G. & R. Waite, 64, Maiden-Lane, [1803].

Song, for the anniversary of American independence, 1819. Tune- "Ye mariners of England." Newburyport. E. W. Allen, Printer [1819].

Song, written for the celebration of the semi-centennial anniversary of the instalment of Rev. Joseph Richardson, as fifth minister of the ancient church and congreation, in Hingham. [n. d.].

A song. Composed by the British butchers, after the fight at Bunker-Hill on the 17th of June 1775. Boston Sold at the bile and Heart in Cornhill [1775].

Song. Here's a health to the Prince of brave men and good fellows. [Washington, 1869?].

Songs for the biennial jubilee of the class of fifty-eight, Yale, July, 1856. [New Haven] Benham, printer. 1856.

Sons of Washington ... William Kimberley Palmer. Chicopee, Massachusetts. U. S. A. October 1937. A. D.

Sound Democratic doctrine. Resolutions reported in the Democratic convention, for the fourth senatorial district, January 10th, 1860, by William F. Goodwin, of Concord. N. H. [n. p. 1860].

Sound the tonjoing! Beat the fuzeguzy! Blow the huzagh! Rutgers' collapsed a flue. Barnum's annihilator annihilated, wonderful dispay of Aztec children dressed in full bloomer costume. Wednesday, July 28, 1852.

South Carolina. By Governor and Commader in chief in and over His Majesty's Province of South Carolina, and ordinary of the same. These are to authorize and impower you, or any three or four of you, whose names, are here under-written, to repair

South Carolina. In a Congress, begun and holden at Charles-Town, on Wednesday the first day of November one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, and continued, by adjournments, to Tuesday the twenty-sixth day of March, one thousand and seven

The South New steamship line between Boston and Savannah. The splendid side wheel steamship Joseph Whitney ... Will leave Boston for Savannah. on Saturday, Dec'r 8th, 1860 at 3 o'clock, P M ... Boston, December 3d, 1860 Boston. J. H. & F. F. Far

The South Platte Forest Reserve. Colorado (Second proclamation.) By the President of the United States of America. A proclamation ... Done at the City of Washington, this 6th day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and

South Reading, Massachusetts [1840?].

South end forever [cut] North end forever. Extraordinary verses on Pope-night. or, A commemoration the fifth of November, giving a history of the attempt, made by the papishes, to blow up king and Parliament, A. D. 1588. Together with some accou

South-Carolina price-current. Charles-Town, the 30th day of July 1774. Printed for Crouch & Gray, New England factors.

South-Carolina. By Sir Henry Clinton. Knight of the Bath, General of His Majesty's forces, and Mariot Arbuthnot, Esquire, Vice-admiral of the blue, his Majesty's commissioners to restore peace and good government in the several colonies in rebel

South-Carolina. Know all men by these presents that we are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency ... in the full and just sum of two thousand pounds sterling money of Great-Britain, to be paid to the said governor .... and dated the day of A

Southern district. Senatorial convention. At a convention of delegates from the several counties in the Southern District of the State of New-York, held at Tammany-Hall, in the City of New-York, on Wednesday the 31st day of March 1819. Gen. Jaco

Southern excitement, or a view of the opinions and designs of the friends of General Andrew Jackson. From Niles' register- Compiled from authentic documents [1825].

Southern slavery and the Christian religion. [Philadelphia, 1863].

Southern testimony. Speech of Alex. H. Stephens, now vice president of the "Southern Confederacy," delivered before the Convention which assembled in Georgia in Dec. 1860 to act upon the question of secession ... Published at the Waltham (Mass.)

Southern travellers. Look out for monopoly! Great reduction of fare!! The eagle line of new and splendid coaches leave Baltimore daily, on the arrival of the Philadelphia cars, for the following places, viz.: Washington City, Richmond, Petersbur

... Souvenir programme, commemorative of Lincoln's birthday, February 12, 1898. Saturday matinee and night. Farewell performances in Chicago of James A. Herne as Nathaniel Berry in his beautiful play, "Shore Acres." [Chicago, W.H. Hennessey, pr

The Sovereignty of the people must and shall be maintained.-- Thom s W. Dorr. From the Auburn Journal and Adv. Rhody's prodigy, or, The first and only veritable history of the Rhode Island war. [1842?].

Spafford's patent, for improved wheel-carriages. This certificate, No. is evidence of the sale of a single right to use the improvement secured by my patent ... Albany Mo. 18.

The Sparkling diamond fall season. 1880. New York. F. B. Patterson. 1880.

Speaker Blaine's letter of acceptance. Published by the Union Republican congressional committee, Washington, D. C. 1870.

Special circular to botanists. May 1, 1886. ... S. E. Cassino & Co. Boston, Mass.

Special lecture National geographic society at Convention hall ... Tuesday evening, at 8. An address by Colonel Theodore Roosevelt on "South America." Reserved seat. May 26, [1915].

A special meeting of the Tippecanoe club of the City of Alton, will be held at the counting room of B. Clifford, jr. on Wednesday evening, May 27th, at half past 7 o'clock. By order of the President. J. Hall, Sec'y. Alton, May 26, [1840].

Special meeting of the Vermont historical society, at Rutland, August 20th and 21st, 1868. Rutland: Tuttle & Co. printers 1868.

Special message of the governor, to the Senate and House of representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. and to the members thereof ... David R. Porter. Executive Chamber April 16, 1840. Holbrook, Henlock & Bratton, printers.

Special notice to the guests of this house. In conformity with an act of the Legislature of the state of Pennsylvania. "An act to regulate hotel and inn keepers." ... Pittsburg: Printed by J. M'Millin's steam book and job office. [c. 1866].

Special notice. A fugitive from justice at large!! Three hundred dollars! reward ... Green P. Garner. Cairo, September 2nd 1857.

Special notice. This plan, supported by twelve hundred (counting yourself as one) of our energetic minds, must from the very foundation principles of the work soon girdle the earth with a band of true brotherhood. We ask ... that each and every

Special religious services will be continued in Vine St. Church, Boston Highlands, this week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings ... Vine Street Church, May 10th, 1869.

Special train tickets for sale at Patten's Summer arrangement time table on other side. [1867].

Specification for a school house for the second section ... Chamber of the controllers of the public schools - First school district of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, August 19, 1842.

Specimen [Specimen of a new type and paper for a pocket miniature edition of the New testament, from Corrall's London ed.] [Boston 1812].

Specimen of index to reports of committees & executive documents, from the first to the thirtieth Congress inclusive. Navy ... The above outline of my plan for an index to the Congressional documents contemplated and proposed in my memorial to b

Speech delivered by Edgar Tehune before first congressional democratic convention, accepting the nomination for Congress, Sept. 28, 1887. Published in Chicago Times, Sept. 29, 1886.

Speech of B. F. Perry, of South Carolina, in the national democratic convention at Charleston, S. C. [n. p. 1857].

Speech of Brig. Gen. George F. Shepley, Military Governor of Louisiana, Delivered in Portland, Aug. 10, 1863.

Speech of Capt. R. H. Hendershot, (The drummer boy of the Rappahannock.) Delivered at Romney, Indiana, March 23d, 1868. Lafayette, Indiana. Courier Steam Printing House and bookbindery. 1868.

Speech of Gen. Jas. A. Garfield delivered to the "boys in blue." New York, August 6, 1880.

Speech of Gov. Cass. Fellow-citizens of the Legislative Council. Detroit June 7, 1824.

Speech of Governor Fulwar Skipwith to the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of West Florida, at St. Francisville, on the 29th of November, 1810. Natchez, (M. T. [Mississippi Territory]) -- Printed by John W. Winn & Co. [1810].

Speech of His Excellency Governour Wolcott, delivered before both houses at the session of the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut in May, 1818. [Hartford?].

The speech of His Excellency Right Honourable John Earl of Dunmore, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor general of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice Admiral of the same, to the General Assembly, convened at the Capitol, on Monday t

Speech of His Excellency the Governor to both branches of the legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, at their sessions began and held in Boston, Sept. 18, 1793, agreeably to His Excellency's proclamation ... [Boston, 1793].

The speech of His Excellency the Right Honourable John Earl of Dunmore, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice Admiral of the same to the General Assembly convened at the Capitol, on Thursd

The speech of His Excellency the Right Honourable Norborne Baron de Botetourt, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia and Vice Admiral of the same, to the General Assembly, conwened at the Capitol, o

The speech of His Excellency, the Right Honourable John Earl of Dunmore, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice Admiral of the same, to the General Assembly, convened at the Capitol, on Thu

Speech of Hon. J. Ross Snowden, delivered at Philadelphia, Thursday, September 17, 1863. Philadelphia. Printed at the Age Office, 430 Chestnut St.

Speech of Hon. John P. Hale, upon the slavery resolution, in the House of representatives, Thursday, June 25th, 1846. [Concord], N. H. 1846.

Speech of Hon. Josiah Quincy, Sen., at the Whig Convention, held in the Music Hall, Boston, August 16, 1854.

Speech of Hon. Thaddeus Stevens,of Pennsylvania, on the abolition of slavery. [Washington, D. C. 186-?].

Speech of Hon. William A. Newell, delivered at Freehold. N. J. on Tuesday, September 18, 1866 before the District Convention, in acceptance of his renomination to Congress.

Speech of John O'Byrnne, Esq. delivered by invitation, before the Democratic Association of Pennsylvania, on January 23d, 1868. Philadelphia: Published by John Campbell, No. 722 Sansom Street 1868.

Speech of Mr. Jefferson at his inaugural. Washington, March 4, [1801].

Speech of Richard H. Dana, Jr., at a meeting of citizens held in Faneuil Hall., June 21, 1865, to consider the subject to re-organization of the rebel states.

Speech of Robert B. M'Afee on education Delivered in the Senate, on the bill providing a literary fund for the establishment and support of free schools, as amended by attaching thereto appropriations for the University, Centre and Southern Coll

The speech of Sir John Randolph, upon his being elected speaker of the House of Burgesses, of Virginia. Printed by order of the House of Burgesses. Williamsburg: Printed by William Parks. M, DCC,XXXIV. [Negative Photostat.].

The speech of Sir William Keith, bart. Governour of the Province of Pennsylvania, and the Counties of New-Castle, Kent and Sussex upon Delaware. To the Representatives of the Freemen of the said Province of Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met,

The speech of William Tr[yo]n, Esq; who was executed on Thursday the 18th of March, 1776. Rebels and traitors behold me now, and take warning by this my deserved death.--- Had I but have tarried in my native country, when there last, I might, fo

Speech of his Excellency the Governor. Gentlemen of the Senate and Assembly .... Albany, November 6th, 1804.

Speech of his Excellency the Right Honourable John Earl of Dunmore, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice Admiral of the same. To the General Assembly, convened at the Capitol, in the City

The speech of the Honble Francis Fauquier Esq; his Majesty's Lieutenant-Governor, and Commander in chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: to the General Assembly, summoned to be held at the Capitol, in the City of Williamsburg, on Tuesday

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