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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Prof. Hedrick's defence From the North Carolina Standard of Oct 8, 1856. Messrs. Editors. In the last "Standard," I see a communication, signed "Alumnus." Although my name is not mentioned therein, still I suppose there is little doubt that it w

Prof. J. Isaacs, oculist and aurist of Philadelphia, formerly of Leyden, Holland, is now stopping at Hill's hotel, Elizabethtown for twelve days where he can be consulted on all diseases of the eye and ear ... Prof. J. Isaacs. N. B. No charge ma

Prof. Sweet's velocipede route table. 3000 miles in thirty-seven days, for a wager of five thousand dollars. From east to west! From west to east! Passing through more than 500 cities, towns and villages, starting from Hoyle hotel, Providence, R

Professional instruction in interior decoration ... New York 1927.

Program of ceremonies attending the unveiling of the statute of John Witherspoon. Thursday afternoon Washington, D. C. May 20, 1909.

Program of the ceremonies attending the inauguration of the President and Vice President of the United States at the National Capitol January twentieth nineteen hundred forty-one. Washington. U. S. Government printing office. 1941.

Program of the first national jubilee to be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey June twenty-six, 1936. An anti-political demonstration in the interest of good government. Baltimore, Maryland. Salt House Press. 1935.

Program of the national exposition for the benefit of the Garfield monument fund. Nov. 25 to Dec. 3, 1882. Pennsylvania P. R. [Washington, D. C. 1882].

Programme The Y. M. C. A. Hut. American army post 731 Wednesday, Octobre 9 The Hut players present the following plays. A night at an inn .... The three wishes ... [1918].

Programme [Regulations for inauguration day] [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Programme celebration opening of American Independence Week June 28th, 1926. Memorial Continental Hall, Washington, D. C.

Programme des conferences Octobre, Novembre et Decembre 1939.

Programme for the evening. Wednesday February 20, 1861 ... Hingham, Blossom & Eastbrook, prs.

Programme of a proposed course of four lectures on geography and history: By William Darby ... R. A. Waters print. [n. d.].

Programme of exercises at the inauguration of James C. Welling, LL. D., as president of Columbia College, Washington, D. C., at the Congregational church, corner Tenth and G. Streets. Monday evening, November 6, at 7 o'clock [Washington, D. C. J

Programme of organization of the Smithsonian Institution. [Presented in the first annual report of the Secretary and adopted by the Board of regents, December 13, 1847] ... Stereotyped and printed at the Smithsonian Institution [1847].

Programme of procession to escort the remains of President Lincoln from the court house to the funeral train for Springfield ... R. M. Hough, Chief Marshal. [Chicago? Ill., 1865].

Programme of the Republican mass meeting, at Oregon, Monday, Octo. 26th, 1868.

Programme of the Temperance convention, Middletown, Oct. 26, 27, 1841.

Programme of the anniversaries, for May, 1856. [New York 1856].

... Programme of the centennial exercises of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey to be held Wednesday, April 5th, and Thursday, April 6th, 1916 at Washington, District of Columbia. [Washington, 1916].

Programme of the funeral ceremonies in honor of the late President of the United States. Boston, August 15, 1850.

Programme of the procession at the celebration of the completion of Bunker Hill monument. June 17, 1843.

Programme. The Y. M. C. A. Hut. American army post 731 Tuesday August 7, 1918 The Hut players will present the famous play A night at the Inn ... Produced under the direction of John Alexander McKesson. [1918].

Programme. Washington, D. C. May 20, 1884.

The progress of freedom. On the 6th of April St. Louis elected a mayor, "unrequivocally in favor of the President's policy proclamation, arming of negroes, and all." and the next morning the Missouri Democrat joyfully declared that "St. Louis is

The progress of the age! A new paper, bearing this title, edited by D. L. Elder, will be published at Lexington, Ky., on Saturday, June 1st, 1850 ... May 24, 1850.

Proklamation Demokratisch-Republikanische Versammlung ... [Easton, Pa. 1838].

A promise as to words. In order to testify my approval of the principle of a simplification of English spelling, and to encourage the practise, I agree to adopt for customary use in my own personal correspondence the following twelve simplified

Prompt patriotism. At a convention of republican delegates, consisting of one hundred and forty-two members, from fifty one towns/in the late County of Hampshire, comprising the counties, of Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden, convened at the Court

A prophecy of the Southern Confederacy ... J. H. Jefferson County, Virginia [1862?].

Prophecy. An army of principles can penetrate where an army of men can not enter. The Rhine can not stop it, nor the ocean hinder it. It will march to the horizon of the world, and conquer, and it's conquest will be permanent. James G. Blaine. T

Proposal by J. W. Scott, for publishing by subscription The Moment: a poem, addressed to the American people, and other poems. By J. M'Coy ... Philadelphia, Sept. 1, 1809.

A proposal for publishing by inscription, Poems on several occasions, mostly on religious and moral subjects. By J. R. Tourmin .... May 30, 1803.

Proposal for publishing by subscription the poetical works of Gilbert John Hunt ... [n. p. n. d.].

Proposal for publishing in the City of Washington, a new periodical paper, to be entitled the Tribunal of the people; and national inquisitor. Edited by a Society of gentlemen. Prospectus ... Washington, May 9th, 1818.

Proposal offered to consideration, wherein the good of this Province is aimed at. … Boston March 1st 1733.

The proposal to add six additional justices to the Supreme Court of the United States. Speech of Honorable Henry F. Ashurst, United States Senator from Arizona ... delivered in the Senate on January 29, 1937.(one week before the President's mess

Proposal to issue again the Herald of freedom; N. P. Rogers, editor .... Concord. 4 February, 1845.

Proposals by Amos Lay. Geographer and map publisher, Author and publisher of the late maps of the northern part of the State of New-York, upper and lower Canada. For revising, correcting, and republishing from the latest authorities and from a

Proposals by James Thomas, of Georgetown, D. C. for publishing, by subscription, a new work, entitled The Virginia Family physician ... By Thomas Ewell ... [Circular regarding the work] [1824].

Proposals by John Cook of Albany & Charles Holt, of New York, for publishing a monthly miscellany, to be entitled The American magazine. Albany. May 2, 1815.

Proposals by M. W. Dunnavant, for publishing in Petersburg, a weekly literary and miscellaneous paper, entitled The eye by Oliver Optic ... [n. d.].

Proposals by Redwood Fisher, for printing by subscription the American artist's manual, or dictionary of practical knowledge ... By James Cutbush ... [n. p. n. d.].

Proposals by T. Boyle, of New York, Wm. Reynolds, of Philadelphia, and J. Campbell, of Baltimore, for publishing by subscription, The pride of Britannia humbled; or, The queen of the ocean unqueen'd ... By William Cobbett, Esq. To which is added

Proposals by Thomas Morgan for publishing a weekly newspaper in the Borough of Washington, Washington County, Penna. to be entitled The Herald of the cross, and Democratic eagle. Washington [Pa.] March 15, 1827.

Proposals by Thomas W. White, for publishing in the City of Richmond, a new tri-weekly newspaper, to be styled The friend of the union, and advocate of state rights ... August 26, 1833.

Proposals for a second settlement in the Province of Pennsylvania .... [Signed] William Penn. Printed and sold by Andrew Sowle, at the Crooked Billet in Holloway-Lane, Shoreditch, 1690 [Reprint].

Proposals for carrying on a manufacture in the town of Boston, for employing the poor of said town. [Signed] John Barrett [and others] Boston March 13, 1768.

Proposals for engraving in aquatinta, four select views three upon the river Shannandoah, in the state of Virginia, and one upon the Schuylkill, in the state of Pennsylvania. From the paintings of W. Winstanley; by G. J. Parkyns ...... [n. p. 17

Proposals for erecting and encouraging a new manufactory. Wealth and honorary rewards are never bestowed with greater propriety than on those who expose their fortunes, or lives for the salvation of their country. [Satirical of the non-importati

Proposals for establishing, in the City of Philadelphia, an academy, for the study of the liberal arts. By subscription. [n. d.].

Proposals for insuring houses, buildings, stores, ships in harbour, and on the stocks, goods, wares, and merchandize, from loss or damage by fire ... Middletown, October 1, 1813.

Proposals for printing by subscription ... an American edition of Barclay's Apology for the true Christian divinity, as held by the people called Quakers. Also for printing by subscription ... The works of Thomas Chalkley ... Proposals of Joseph

Proposals for printing by subscription a dramatic piece, or political farce entitled, Federalism triumphant in the steady habits of Connecticut or, The turnpike-road to a fortune .... [n.p., 1802?].

Proposals for printing by subscription the Boston magazine ... Norman, White & Freeman ... Boston, January 12th, 1784. We the subscribers, do severally promise to take the magazine mentioned in the annexed proposals of the publishers, Norman Whi

Proposals for printing by subscription the miscellaneous works of David Humphreys ... It is requested that to the names of subscribers their titles, address and places of residence may be distinctly added ... addressed under cover to the Rev.d T

Proposals for printing by subscription the miser: or, the soldies [blank] A comedy of three acts, as it is [blank] acted by his Majesty’s servants by William Clarke. Boston December 1768.

Proposals for publishing a weekly newspaper in the city of Washington to be called the Washington examiner ... Washington City, D. C. Nov. 10, 1826.

Proposals for publishing at Richmond, Virginia a semi-weekly paper, to be called The Virginia Times. By T. W. Gilmer. [189-].

Proposals for publishing by subscription the life of Major General Andrew Jackson, comprising a full history of the late war in the south, from the commencement of the hostilities with the Creek Indians, to the defeat of the British before New O

Proposals for publishing by subscription, a new edition of the history of the Colony and ancient dominion of Virginia by Charles Campbell in one volume octavo ... Petersburg, Va., Oct. 2 th, 1858.

Proposals for publishing by subscription, in a large octavo volume, a complete history of Connecticut, from the time of the emigration of its first planters from England, in 1630, to 1712. By Benjamin Trumbull ... Hartford Hudson and Goodwin Apr

Proposals for publishing by subscription, the life of Major General Andrew Jackson, comprising a history of the war in the South, from the commencement of the Creek campaign, to the termination of hostilities before New Orleans. By John Henry Ea

Proposals for publishing, by subscription a pamphlet on the question of the next presidency ... Washington City, January, 1823.

Proposals for publishing, by subscription, A history of the rise and progress of the arts of design, in the United States. By Wm. Dunlap. [New York, 1834.].

Proposals for publishing, in this city, a new semi-weekly paper, to be called The Boston Journal. Boston, 1825.

Proposals for re-printing by subscription, the venerable Mr. Stoddard, on the nature of conversion, and the way in which it is wrought. Also, four sermons by the same author ... Price about three shillings, well bound ... Subscriptions to be sen

Proposals to publish, by subscription, the following works, viz. "Letters from Alabama," "The Tennesseean," and "Sketches by a traveller." [n. d.].

Proposals! will be received at the office of the Lexington & Frankfort railroad company, until the 12th of September next, for grading, building culverts, and doing such other work as may be required upon from four to five miles of road, commenc

Proposals, by Ephraim Perkins, of Treton, Oneida Co. N. Y. for publishing in pamphlet form, a letter addressed to the Oneida Presbytery ... Dated September 13th, 1830.

Proposals, by Judah Delano, for publishing a directory for the City of Washington, showing the name, occupation, and residence, of each head of a family, and person in business. To which will be added, a complete city register ... Washington, Ju

Proposals, by Kentyon Harper, for publishing in Staunton, Virginia, a weekly miscellaneous paper, to be entitled The wreath ... Staunton, July 9, 1827.

Proposals, by Richard S. Fitzgerald, for publishing in the City of Baltimore, a weekly newspaper to be entitled the Monitor. [Baltimore, 1816.].

Proposals, for publishing by subscription a new work, entitled a system of pryotechny, comprehending the theory and practice, with the application of chemistry, designed for exhibition and for war, in four parts ... By James Cutbush. [West Point

Proposals, for publishing by subscription, By D. Fraser, No. 57 Ann-Street, Author of the History of all nations, Mental flower-garden, &c. A work, entitled, The curious collection, original and selected, containing singular laws, customs, and p

Proposals, for publishing in the City of Richmond, a new weekly paper,to be styled The Friend of the Union; to be conducted by Oliver Oldschool: designed for extensive circulation among the people, and o cherish a predominant attachment to the U

Proposals, the following splendid work entitled The Presidency of the United States by A. B. Woodward is now in hand, and will shortly be offered to the public in pamphlet form ... Washington City, May 19, 1825.

... A proposed Transylvania memorial. The Transylvanians, a patriotic society founded Oct. 11, 1929, at Henderson Kentucky, is arranging a celebration at Boonesborough, Kentucky, October 12, 1935. [n. p. 1935].

Proposed Utopian calendar. Joseph G. Collins. Los Angeles, Calif. 1939.

Proposed amendments to the Constitution of the State ... Oct. 15, 1849.

Proposed constitution of the Federal employees union No. 2. [Washington, D. C. 1919].

Proposed ship canal at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, to connect Green bay with Lake Michigan and open a new harbor on the west shore of the lake. Reasons why Congress should grant lands to aid in its construction. Washington, D. C. McGill & Witherow,

The proposed tax on billiard tables ... Michael Phelan. [n. p.] [1862?].

Proposed utopian calendar. Joseph G. Collins. Los Angeles, California 1936.

Proposition extra. To the Honorable the Legislature of the State of the memorial of the undersigned inhabitants of County, in said state, respectfully invites your attention to the following proposition, and your aid to procure its adoption in s

Proposition for forming "The Society of Constitutional Republicans to be held at in the County of to be called Number to preserve, maintain, and defend the constitutions of the Union, and of the State ... [182-?].

Proposition to employ liberated negroes. ... Springfield, Vt. Dec. 18, 1861.

Proposition to the president to employ the emancipated negroes at Port Royal ... Springfield, Vt. January 27th, 1863.

Prospect Hill. Bunker’s Hill. I. Seven dollars a month. - - I. Three pence a day. II. Fresh provisions, and in plenty. - - II. Rotten salt pork. III. Health. - - - - III. The scurvy. IV. Freedom, ease, affluence and a good farm. IV. Slavery, beg

Prospectus for 1866-7. New York John A. Gray & Green, printers. [1866].

Prospectus for Kendall's expositor ... [1840?].

Prospectus for publishing a work, to be called The United States statistical journal. To be devoted to the collection, classification, and comparison of facts which illustrate the condition of mankind, and tend to develope the principles by whic

Prospectus for publishing at Concord. N. H. a weekly newspaper, to be entitled the Democratic senrinel, devoted to politics, literature and general intelligence ... John B. Palmer, Concord. N. H., May 1, 1863.

Prospectus for publishing by subscription A map of the state of Louisiana, with a part of the State of Mississippi and Alabama Territory by Maxfield Ludlow. [181-].

Prospectus of Mr. B. W. Smolk's first blue grass directory for 1870 & 1871 ... Lexington, Ky. [c. 1870].

Prospectus of The National Journal, a semi-weekly newspaper, to be published in the City of Washington .... Washington, Davis & Force August 1823.

Prospectus of The Universal traveller, A weekly publication, of 16 octavo pages ... It will be issued every Saturday, by the undersigned, in Washington City, D. C. at five dollars per annum ... Washington, D. C. October, 1824.

Prospectus of a history of the administration of John Quincy Adams, president of the United States of America ... Peter Force. Washington, D. C. February 19, 1829.

Prospectus of a new journal to be published at the City of Washington, by Way & Gideon, for the editors entitled The American Mercury. Washington, June, 1824.

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