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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Photo of the only paper issued in San Francisco on April 18, 1906 after the earthquake.

Phrenological head and chart by M. Nutting [n. p.] [c. 1857].

Phrenology. This original and novel production on phrenology. by Ezra Ripley, is intended to set forth the character and tendency of the organs of the brain (when excited), and in a style and manner which can not fail to convey to the mind of th

Pictorial illustration of abolitionism. Its rise, progress and end. Vol. II.-Pictorial history of the cause of the great rebellion .. Liberty, equality and fraternity ... Asbury, New Jersey. Copyright secured by Alfred Gale.

Picture lesson paper. Vol. XII, no. 2. January 9, 1881. New York, Phillips & Hunt; Cincinnati, Walden & Stowe.

The picture of the representative merchants of America. Painted by Thomas P. Rossiter. Sir: It is proposed to purchase, by subscription, the above large painting ... and to present the same to the Chamber of Commerce of the state of New York ...

Pictures for the million! 12 beautiful gems for 25 cts ... 2000 pictures daily. Large and small photographs as cheap as can be made in Boston. Card photographs! In every style. Satisfaction guaranteed. Hussey & Ruggles ... Boston. Propeller Pres

Pierre D. Van Hoesen's Dexter circular. A new method for training any horse to trot fast without the use of a track. [n. p.] [c. 1868].

Pike County puzzle. Camp Interlaken, Penn. August 28, 1894.

Pioneer fire company attention!! An adjourned meeting of the ‘Pioneer fire company,' will be held at the New court room this evening!! at seven o'clock -- for the purpose of electing officers, and for the transaction of such other business as ma

Piratical barbarity [Woodcut] Representation of the horrid massacre of the unfortunate crew of the Sloop Eliza-Ann, by the pirates, March 1825. Just published a new and interesting work, entitled Piratical barbarity or the female captire ... and

Pitman's phonography (first and second styles) [n. p. 1845].

Pittsburgh reference card 1864. [Pittsburgh] Published by Marthens & Jackson, W. S. Havens. [c. 1863].

Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne, and Chicago R. R. in direct connection with the Pennsylvania Central railroad, the only road running west from Pittsburgh. Chicago St. Louis and Cincinnati ... Shortest, quickest and most reliable route ... New York. Booth

Pity the blind. Tune - The watcher. New Bedford. July 12, 1859.

Plain calculations. When the people of a free country, who are not slaves of any man&s ambition, passions or policy, are carried into a war, the most dreadful of human afflictions, they have a right to demand clear and satisfactory answers to th

Plan e ener negotiatie, groot dollars 400,000 Amerikaansch, off 1,000,000 Hollandsch tegen den Intrest van 5 en 1 half per Ct. in't jaar, venevens een Uitdeeling van f 50,000 aan Premien, by den asloop dezer negotiatie, in plaats van meerdere in

A plan for funding the national debt, restoring a specie basis and securing an abundant elastic and safe currency ... S. S. Hayes. Chicago, Jan. 1st. 1868.

A plan for liquidating certain debts of the state of Pennsylvania, collecting arrearages with greater expedition, restoring confidence in the government, and providing the quota of Federal supplies. [Philadelphia] Printed and sold by R. Aitken M

Plan for organizing a confederate regiment or brigade to be called the national confederate guards. [Corinth, Miss. May, 1862].

Plan for raising by loan a sum of money for the purpose of carrying on the work of The Schuylkill and Susquehanna Canal till the end of the present year 1794.

A plan for supplying an ample volume of currency, protecting our industries, and resuming specie payments without contracting the currency. [1867].

Plan for terminating the war, by Division of the United State, without concession of principle or right on the part of the North ... J. P.B. [1861?].

A plan of Congress hall, with the names of the members and officers, numbered so as to shew their seats:- 21st Congress. 2d session. [Washington, D.C.] Wm. Greer, printer. 1830.

A plan of a National bank of 30 millions of dollars. In public debt, 24 millions. In specie, 6 millions. [n. p. n. d.].

Plan of appointments for the Cincinnati station, from 6th of October 1833, to 17th of August, 1834,.

A plan of government. Laid before the committee of the House, which they have ordered to be printed for the perusal of the members. [Williamsburg 1776?].

Plan of ore bodies in mammoth mine, by levels and cross sections. [n. o. n. d.].

Plan of organization, recommended by the Republican convention held at Hartford, March 12, 1856 ....

Plan of stalls in Faneuil Hall Market, Boston [Boston c. 1849].

Plan of state action. Messrs. Editors. The enclosed document was drawn up by a distinguished citizen of south Carolina, no longer engaged in public affairs, for the use of a member elect of the State convention called at the last session of the

Plan of the French invasion of England and Ireland, &c. Extract of a letter, dated London, April 16, 1798. [Followed by] Plan of invasion, by the powers of France, Spain and Holland against England & Ireland. Philadelphia: Printed by James Carey

Plan of the House of representatives, U. S. Engraved and published by J. V. N. Throop of Washington. 1848.

Plan of the Senate chamber of the United States by D. H. Burr. 2d session 25th Congress. 1837 & 1838.

Plan of the book auction to be the first of July next. [Savannah, Printed by James and Nicholas Johnston 1791].

Plan of the hall of the House of representatives. First session, thirty-second Congress. [Washington, 1851.].

A plan of union, by admitting representatives from the American colonies and from Ireland into the British Parliament ... 10th December, 1770.

A plan to remodel the United States government by Thomas F. Bennett. Tarkio, Mo., Sept. 1891.

A plan to secure specie payment and a convertible and re-convertible currency. [Washington, D. C. 187-?].

A plan, for the establishment of iron-works in Spotsylvania county, and state of Virginia .... [1805].

Plane Hills, 9th Sept. 1831. Dear Sir:--- I send you an extract from my first message to the Legislature on the subject of emigration. My meaning has been much perverted and grossly misinterpreted ....

A plantation map of the state of Louisiana, by John La Tourette, Southern map-maker [Prospectus] [n. d.].

Platform adopted by the Republican party of Mississippi, in convention assembled, in the City of Jackson, September 10th and 11th, 1867 ... [Vicksburg, 1867].

Platform of principles adopted by the Soldiers' and sailors' national convention at Chicago, May 19, 1868.

Platform of the American party of Massachusetts. [185-?].

Platform of the Crusaders ... [Washington, D. C. 1930].

Platform of the Friends of United Southern action ... New Orleans, Dec. 27, 1860.

Platform of the National Union party of Pennsylvania, adopted in convention, at Harrisburg, March 7th, 1866. Philadelphia, Pa. King & Baird, printers, 607 Sansom Street.

The platforms. Baltimore. The National convention which assembled at Baltimore on the 7th of last June, and there nominated Abraham Lincoln for re-election as President, with Andrew Johnson as Vice-president, adopted and presented to the America

The plea of Erin. or, The case of the natives of Ireland in the United States, fairly displayed in the fraternal address of the first congress, in the year 1775; and in the respectful memorial of the republican Irish, who had, consequently, soug

Please circulate the documents herewith sent among your neighbors and friends and send to above address for others ... [New York. n. d.].

Please fill this blank immediately for the Boston almanac for 1861 ... Damrell & More or Geo. Coolidge, Proprietors of Boston Almanac.

Please observe!! Recommended to the attention of M[blank] by a member of the anti- poking-your-nose-into-other-people's-business-society. Wanted immediately! a person of fair character, (age or sex immaterial,) at a salary of $500 per ann

Please read the following letter! which will explain itself. Having witnessed an exhibition of Capt. E. C. Williams' panoramic representation of a South sea whaling voyage, we take great pleasure in bearing testimony to its great artistic merits

Please read this carefully. A few facts in regard to Gov. Cleveland ... [n. p. 1884].

The pleasure of your company is requested at the ceremonies to be held in Yorktown commencing the 18th of October 1881.

... Pleasure seekers' and tourists routes for summer travel ... New York Central R. R. 69 Washington Street Boston. Abraham Skith, passenger agent. Boston, July 1, 1860.

Pledge to the nation. "I pledge allegiance to the United States of America and to the flag, constitution and democracy for which they uphold; our nation, inseparable, with freedom, justice and equality ... Forever." Copyright 1941 by Dr. Edward

The plot discovered, communicated by letter from a worthy American patriot in London, to his friends in this Country, dated March 15, 1775. [New York? 1775].

The plot exposed! or, Abolitionism, Fanny Wright, and the Whig party! The following sermon, delivered at the African church in Church Street, by the Rev. Moses Parkes, a colored preacher from Canterbury, Conn, drew from Miss Desdamont the letter

Pocket book lost!! The subscriber lost in the City of Alton, or on the road from thence by way of the River to Chippewa, on Saturday last, a dark blue morocco pocket book ... J. W. Call. Dec. 16, 1839. [Alton, 1839].

A poem occasioned by the late sudden and awful death, of a young woman, who was found drowned, in Medford-River, July 14, 1771. Medford: Printed and sold 1771.

A poem on the last sickness & death of Mrs. Nancy Williams, first wife of Capt. Zuri Williams of Dana, and elder daughter of Mr. Joshua and Mrs. Nancy Chamberlain of Petersham ... Samuel Dunn. Newsalem, January, 1817.

A poem on the late distress of the town of Boston. With some remarks of the sudden flight of the ministerial troops, after plundering and destroying the property of the worthy inhabitants, they left the town in the greatest confusion imaginable,

A poem on the much-lamented death of Mr. Edmund Titcomb, who died May 26, 1722, in the 31st year of his age. By Jonn Calef. [Massachusetts 1722].

Poem written by Mrs. Julia Ward Howe in her ninetieth year and read by her at the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln Symphony Hall, Boston, February 12, 1909.

A poem, on the joyful news of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield’s visit in Boston. Dedicated to all the true friends of such (3z (Ban examplary Christian, fine gentleman and accomplished orator, who has discover’d in some late sermons such a deep insight into

Poem, suggested by A. F. Biard's picture of a slave mart. by S. Sanford. Boston [1845?].

A poet praying for her bread ... Trenton. N. J. 1882.

Poetry Where now is Athens. [Column of a Hartford newspaper June 23, 1775.]

Point Arena light, [by] James Johnson.

... Policies of insurance on dwelling houses, household furniture, store houses, merchandise, etc. issued by the local agent of this company on the new "participation plan" which experience has shown to be the safest and cheapest ... [New York,

Political and business convention. Circular No. 1. Thursday morning Sept. 3d. 1868.

Political and industrial reform. [New York? 1859?].

The political and military reformer. Devoted to the support of truly Republican principles -- of a well disciplined militia -- of an American system of education, and of sound literature and science. [Prospectus] January 30, 1846. [s. l.]

A political creed for the day ... [Signed] A believer in politicks. [n. d.].

A political creed. [Kentucky, Apr.? 1798].

Political meeting. A public meeting, for the purpose of discussing the measures of the administration, and the principles of the Whig party, will be held on Saturday evening, at Burdine's rooms near the Navy-yard ... All parties are invited, as

Political science of the United States advocating a law for the future happiness and prosperity of the whole nation. By a private citizen of Baltimore. Md [Signed at end] Duncan McPherson. [blank] [1886?].

The political situation. [n. p. n. d.].

... Pompeii. A. W. A. Cedar Hill, West Roxbury. [1871].

The poor armourer boy. A song ... Entered according to Act of Congress the 8th day of March 1815. By John R. Jewitt. of the State of Connecticut.

The poor man's remedy. Hill's clarified decoction of hoarhound candy ... The receipe for which was originally obtained from an aged physician ... For sale in the principal stores in this place. Boston. J. E. Farwell & Co., Printers 2 Spring Lane

Poor-house establishment. The committee of the Township of Hillsborough, with the overseers, met at the Poor-house, on Saturday, the 21st of March, 1840, and after examining the accounts, the overseers make the following report, viz: ... Hillsbo

Pope Gregory's cross. [by George C. Clarke] [Rochester. N. Y. c. 1859].

Port of New-Orleans shut. By an express arrived this evening the following important intelligence, which we hasten to give to our readers ... Herald Office, Natchez. Thursday night, October 28, 1802.

Port of Philadelphia. Wardens Office, Philadelphia, 30th of April, 1785. Extract of an Act of the General Assembly, passed the first of April, 1784, entituled, "An Act for the further regulation of the Port of Philadelphia, and enlarging the pow

Port. To all the faithful in Christ, to whom these presents may come: I Thomas Jefferson Esq; Governor and Chief Magistrate of the Commonwealth of Virginia in Williamsburg, in the Dominion aforesaid, greet you well. Whereas it is pious and honou

Porter & Visitor, --- Extra. Towanda, Bradford County, Pa., September 3, 1840.

Portraits and autographs of the Presidents of the United States and valuable political data. [n. p.] [1908].

Portraits. To be seen for a short time, from nine o'clock in the morning until sun set, in a commodious room with two fire places at Mr. Barnet's brick house, near Schockoe warehouse, opposite Mr. John Banks' office. The exhibition of about two

Portsmouth and Concord railroad. An act relating to the Portsmouth & Concord railroad ... Approved. Jan. 8, 1853. Stockholders' resolutions. Resolutions passed at a meeting of the stockholders of the Portsmouth & Concord railroad holden at Conco

The position of the Republican and Democratic parties. A dialogue between a white Republican and a colored citizen. Published by the Union Congressional committee, Washington, D. C. [Washington, D. C.] Chronicle print. [1868].

Post Office, Boston. Summer mail arrangements ... John G. Palfrey, postmaster. Boston, May 1, 1861.

Post Office. Boston ... Summer mail arrangements ... Boston, July 13, 1863.

Post office Boston ... Winter mail arrangements ... John G. Palfrey, Postmaster. Boston, Nov. 16, 1863.

Post office department. Sir: You are directed to receive from Postmasters, on deposit, for the service of the Post Office department all treasury notes of the old issue, at part, for balances due from them to the Confederate states, up to and in

Post office notice. That letters may be mailed in all sections of the city with equal facility, and be transmitted with promptness and certainty,-- the Post Master General has authorized strong and secure iron boxes to be put up at the places na

Post office, Boston ... Summer mail arrangements ... Boston, May 4, 1863.

Post office, Boston. Winter mail arrangements (corrected monthly) ... John G. Palfrey, postmaster. Boston, Dec. 1, 1861.

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