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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Metropolitan fair, for the U. S. Sanitary Commission. Dear Sir. You are earnestly requested to use your influence with your congregation ... that contributions may be sent to the great Metropolitan fair ... New York. Francis & Loutrel, printers,

Metropolitan fair, for the relief of sick and wounded soldiers ... I present to you the claims of the Metropolitan fair for the benefit of the U. S. Sanitary commission ... New York, Feb. 25,1864.

Metropolitan fair, in aid of the U. S. sanitary commission ... The Curiosity shop ... [New York, 1864].

Metropolitan record. Vol. 1 No. 1. January 29, 1859. New York.

Metropolitan theatre ... Benefit of the Monumentals. The members of the Monumentals have the pleasure to announce to their fellow citizens ... their first benefit for this Saturday evening, May 24th. On which occasion will be produced for the fi

Mexican indemnity. Treasury department. Register's office, ---------- 184 --- Whereas, the Commissioners appointed to carry into effect the Convention between the United States and the Mexican Republic, concluded at Washington on the 11th of Apr

Mexico- Supplementary extradition. Supplementary convention between the United States and Mexico for the mutual extradition of fugitives from justice. Signed at the City of Mexico, June 25, 1902. Ratification advised by the Senate March 11, 1903

Michael Pray, executor of John Pray, deceased, who was terre tenant, plaintiff in error v. The commissioners and inhabitants of the incorporated district of the Northern Liberties, defendants in error. Supreme Court July Term 1848 No. 27 ... [Ph

Micheal Kernan, Late 66 Royal street, Begs to inform [blank] that he has removed to No. 30 Chartres street, corner of Customhouse, where he is now opening the most extensive and elegant Stock of rich French Fancy Dry Goods… New Orleans, 1845.

Middlesex, ss. To Horatio N. Cate, Constable of the Town of Reading. In the County of Middlesex. Greeting. [To notify the inhabitants of the election 8th day of November.] Reading, Oct. 28th, 1852. Selectmen of Reading ... Boston Propeller Press

Middlesex, ss. To either of the Constables of the Town of Reading, Greeting: In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are hereby required to notify and warn the inhabitants of the Town of Reading, qualified to vote in elections and t

Midweek, May 25, 1709 [Election for Council for Massachusetts.] [n. p. 1709].

The military agent for the State of Virginia, will furnish Camp equipage, for Capt. company of Virginia militia, from the regiment, in the county of consisting of men, called into actual service under the general orders of the day of 181, now at

Military despotism! Arbitrary arrest of a judge [Regarding Andrew Jackson and Dominick A. Hall] During the session of Congress in 842, Senator Linn of Mo. introduced the bill for refunding the money to Jackson, with interest, amounting to {dolla

Military division of the West. October 17th, 1864.

Military drill for boys. From editorial in New York nation, April 11, 1895.

Military laboratory, at No. 34, Dock street near the Drawbridge, Philadelphia: where owners and commanders of armed vessels may be supplied, for either the use of small arms or cannon, at the shortest notice, with every species of military store

The military movement of Gov. Holdon. Letter of Hon. J. C. Abbott Wilmington, N. C., July 8, 1871 [to] Senator John Pool. Reply of Senator Pool Washington July 10, 1871. What impeachment cost- A rare and expensive book ... [n. p. 1871].

Militia Law. An act to amend an Act intituled "An act to anend and reduce into one act, the several acts of Assembly for regulating the militia of this Commonwealth. passed January 23, 1799.

Militia law. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred. An act in addition to an Act, entitled, "An act for regulating and governing the militia of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and for repealing

The millennial of Alfred the Great ... Directors of the Old south work, Old South meeting house, Boston, Mass [1901].

The million and first book. [1963].

Millions of acres. Iowa and Nebraska. Land for sale on 10 years credit by the Burlington & Missouri River R. R. Co. at 6 per ct interest and low prices ... Buffalo. N. Y. Commercial advertiser printing house [1872].

The millionth book. [Lexington, Ky.] 1963.

Milwaukee Lodge of Elks. Milwaukee, Wis., August 9th, 1917. Elks war fund ... Chauncey Yockey, Exalted ruler.

The miner's ten commandments. Placerville El Dorado Co., Cal [c. 1853].

Mineral waters. Seltzer, soda, and Ballstown waters, prepared and sold by the subscribers, at the Erech fountain, or Norfolk mineral water ware-house, No. 109, Main-Street, corner of Baker and Marsden's alley ... Hance Baker & Co. Norfolk. J. O'

Minnesota historical news. No. 188. August 1937. Distributed to newspapers by the Minnesota Historical society, St. Paul.

The minor literary exhibition of the College of Georgetown, D. C. will take place on the 27th of February, at 10 o'clock, A. M. ... [Georgetown] February 27, 1821.

The minute man. Lexington, April 19, 1875. Lexington centennial. Order of exercises ... For railroad time tables, see other side.

Minutes of the regular Baptist association; held at Apple Creek church Morgan County, Illinois. October 2d, 3d, & 4th, A. D. 1840. Alton "Telegraph" [1840].

Minutes of the thirteenth annual meeting of the Edwardsville Baptist Association, held with the Baptist Church of Alton City, Madison County, Illinois, May 20, 21, 22-1842. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office [1842].

A mirror for a printer. [Forty-six lines of verse, and] A proclamation [A parody on Gage’s of sixty lines, ending:] From Salems council-chambers I these wise instructions give. 1774 [Without place or printer. 1774].

A mirror. by Amos Higby, Jr ... Lewis Co., N. Y., 1848.

Miscellaneous facts. Latitudes and longitudes ... Natural and artificial elevations ... Velocities ... Specific gravities ... [Washington, D. C. 18--].

Miss Brooke's English and French boarding and day school, Washington, D. C. [Circular] [Washington, D. C. 1855].

Miss D. Y. Emerson; will commence the Spring term of her school; on Monday April 8th, in Buttrick's block 3d door Market Street ... Lowell, March 13, 1844.

The Miss Gillinghams' second concert ... Thursday Ev'g, January 25, 1827. Washington City, William Cooper, Jun, Printer, Ninth street, Washington City, [1827].

Miss Helen Potter, America's greatest reader and impersonator, Congregational church, Washington, D. C., Tuesday evening, March 3, 1885.

Mission prayer of the little flower ... The Maryknoll fathers, New York [1937?].

Missionary Station, No. 7 [Word list in Dakota and Wasicun] [n.p., n. d.].

A missionary hymn, recommended to be sung at the anniversary celebration of all the missionary, bible, tract and Sunday school societies in the United States: and at all other kindred associations for hastening on the glorius millennium of eccle

Mississippi Valley Sanitary Fair. Circular. [St. Louis, 1864].

Missouri military and collegiate institute, Lexington, Missouri. Lexington: DeMotte & Turner, printers. 1868.

The mode of elections considered. In Pennsylvania government, the representatives are chosen by ballot; and each elector is furnished with a ticket, by some one or other of the friends, agents, attornies, solicitors, or acquaintances of each can

The "moderation " of the proposed tariff .... See how this moderation is expressed in the Dingley Bill (H. R. 379), as it passed the House of representatives ... [Boston, 1897].

... Mohawk regiment - guards of liberty and union! ... O. N. Peirce, Colonel, Commanding. Headquarters, Rome. N. Y., Oct. 18, 1861.

Monday morning, December 27, 1773. The tea ship being arrived, every inhabitant who wishes to preserve the liberty of America, is desired to meet at the State-House, this morning precisely at ten o'clock, to advise what is best to be done on thi

Money must be had! One cent a handsomely chased gold plated locket charm, former price 37 cents.; for only one cent. at Salom's Old curiosity shop. Cor. of West and Washington Sts., Boston [1861].

The money paradox or two metals and one standard. Los Angeles July 18th 1877.

A monody on the death of the Hon. Thomas Russell, Esq. sung after the eulogy delivered by Doctor John Warren, in the church in Brattle-Street on Wednesday, May 4, 1796. Written at the request of the several societies of which he was a member. Se

Monologue d'outre tomb. ... [Baltimore Reprinted by Salt House Press n. d.].

The Monroe doctrine. Bay St. Louis, Miss., 1900.

Montana. The people of Eastern Idaho as affected by House bill No. 15 ... J. L. Campbell, of Eastern Idaho. Washington, D. C. May 12th, 1864. Washington, D. C. McGill & Witherow, printers and stereotypers, 366 E street [1864].

Montgomery County Republican candidates and platform ... Election Tuesday, November 4, 1913.

The Monthly advertiser. Boonton, August 30, 1843. Vol. 1 no. 2.

Monument on the site of famous debate. Dedication exercises held yesterday on anniversary of Lincoln and Douglas meeting. By Lutz White. In the Aurora Beacon-News. [193-].

Monument to Professor Bache. The undersigned in pursuance of a design to erect, at Washington City, a monument to the memory of Alexander Dallas Bache, late superintendent of the United States coast survey would respectfully solicit the subscrip

Monumental Grandeur of the Mississippi Valley! Now exhibiting for a short time only, with scientific lectures on American aerchiology. Newark, N. J., Mercury Office [s. d.].

Monuments or tablets at Gettysburgh. Letter from the secretary of the Treasury, transmitting an estimate from the secretary of war providing for monuments or tablets at Gettysburgh. February 14, 1890. Referred to the committee on appropriations.

A mood apart. Robert Frost. Duke University. March, 1945.

The Moon --- Extraordinary. Important correspondence. Great excitement among the democracy. Tremendous rush for the spoils. Awful disclosures. Our reporter "Flying mercury" has just obtained the annexed correspondence &c. for publication in the

The Moon ---- Extra. Reported by "Flying Mercury." The Democratic jubilee and procession. [Washington, November 27, 1844].

Moral substitute for war. International federation of nations under a cosmopolitan constitution. How the nations of the world could protect themselves against foreign invasion without the use of armies and navies. Omaha, Neb. 1916.

A more just vindication of the Honourable Sir William Keith, Bart. against the unparalleled abuses put upon him, in a scandalous li el call'd A just and plain vindication of Sir William Keith, &c. [Philadelphia: Printed by Andrew Bradford, 1726]

More men! Subscribers to the recruiting fund, are requested to meet at the Selectmen's office. this Tuesday evening, Nov. 29, at 7 1-2 o'clock. Per order of committee. Reading, Nov. 29, 1864. [Boston] F. A. Searle, Steam printer, Journal Buildin

More than 100 festivals of dolls held past year. All following Mrs. Weaver's ideas and her operetta ... Yours truly Mrs. Walter Elmo Daum, 1472 Elgin Street, Bend Oregon. [n. d.].

... Morgan and his captors: by Rev. F. Senour [prospectus] Cincinnati, 1865.

Mormon Expositor. Salt Lake City, Utah. Vol. 1 no. 1. [1875].

Morning Post extra. Boston, Wednesday Nov. 4, 1840. The elections. [Boston, 1840].

Morris Wilkins, auctioneer. Foreclosure sale of valuable property on Spuyten Duyvil Park-way. Palisade & Independence Aves. 24th ward. N. Y. City. [map] E. H. Ludlow & Co. will sell at auction, on Monday, Sep. 9, 1889 ... the valuable plots of g

Mortgage [printed form] Rochester [N.Y.] Smith, Benton & Co. [185-].

The most extensive stock of hardware and agricultural implements ever offered for sale in the District of Columbia at auction on Thursday, November 5, 1868. we will sell at the warehouse of J. P. Bartholow, Esq ... the largest, most complete and

Mothers' day May 14, 1922. A proclamation By the Governor. [Lansing, 1922].

Mothers' day. May 13, 1923. A proclamation. By the Governor. [Lansing 1923].

Motion respecting the establishment of a post road from Knoxville, in the State of Tennessee, to the settlements on the Tombigby River, in the Mississippi Territory and from thence to New Orleans ... 7th December, 1804. Referred to a committee o

Mount Vernon dining & oyster saloon ... The subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the public that he has fitted in the above place with every convenience, for a first-class restaurant ... James Patterson ... Boston, June, 1859.

Mount Vernon record. Devoted to the purchase of the home and grave of Washington. Philadelphia, July, 1858.

Mount Vernon the tomb of Washington and Fort Washington. The steamer Thos. Collyer runs regularly every Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday morning, to Mount Vernon, the Tomb of Washington, and Fort Washington, leaving her wharf, foot of 7th street, a

Mount Washington in the winter. During the past winter (1869-70) a party of scientific observers occupied the summit of Moosilauke- 4950 feet above the ocean - under the auspices of the Geological Survey of New Hampshire ... Subscriptions are so

A mournful lamentation for the sad and deplorable death of Mr. Old Tenor, a native of New-England, who after a long confinement, by a deep and mortal wound which he received above twelve months before, expired on the 31st day of March, 1750. He

Mournful song, on a man and wife, who both froze to death in one night, on Standish Cape, so called. [By Thomas Shaw of Standish Maine] [182-?]

A mournful song, on the death of the wife and child of Mr. Nathaniel Knights, of Windham, who fell off the bridge at the falls above Horse-Beef Mills on Presumpscutt River, February 22, 1807. Written by Thomas Shaw of Standish. 4th ed.

Mournful tragedy [Cuts] or, The death of Jacob Webb, David Morrow, John Harris, Henry Lewis, David Hunt, and Edward Lindsay, six militia men who were condemned to die, the sentence approved by Major General Jackson, and by his order the whole si

Mouse. Boston, Impressions Workshop, 1966.

"Impressed seamen from Salem. From the Salem Gazette of March 30, 1813. [and] April 2, 1813.

Mr Way's case. Doubts of the eligibility of this gentlemen, to the mayoralty, having been started, it was expected by every one who knew him, that he would immediately publish to his fellow citizens, under his proper signature, a plain unsophist

Mr. --------------------- will find marked X on the margin the remedies which Dr. Green prescribes in this case, and he requests you to observe carefully the following directions ... [n. p. n. d.].

Mr. Anderson and family are respectfully invited to attend the fifth annual exhibition of the select classical & mathematical seminary, on Friday, July 30, in the Apollo Hall, on Pennsylvania Avenue, exercises to commence at 4.5 o' clock, P. M.

Mr. Bingham made a reply to Mr, Butler, which is printed from the phonographic notes of the official reporter, as written out by himself, in the lef-hand column, vertatim, and contains 589 words ... As Mr. Bingham's speech wa never delivered as

Mr. Blaine's letter of acceptance, Augusta. Aug. 20th, 1864. Gen. J. R. Bachelder: Dear Sir: I am in receipt of your favor formally advising me that on the 10th inst., the Union Convention of the Third District unanimously nominated me for re-el

Mr. Blaine's reply to the Union Pacific $64,000 slanders in the House of representatives April 24, 1876.

Mr. Buchanan's statement. Extract from Gen. Jackson's second letter ... Mr. Buchanan's statement to the Editor of the Lancaster Journal ... Lancaster, 8th August, 1827. Printed at the Office of the Wheeling Gazette [1827].

Mr. Calhoun- Mr. Van Buren- Texas. As the time when the Convention is to assemble seems to be settled, I propose to discuss the opinions of some leading members of our party, who are likely to receive its nomination ... [Signed] Simenes. [1839?]

Mr. Chandler's rejoinder to Mr. Wadleigh. Concord. June 12, 1879.

Mr. Dallas, letters. Messrs. J.B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia, propose so soon as a sufficient number of subscriptions are obtained to warrant the undertaking - to publish the letters from London of the Hon. George M. Dallas. [Philadelphia? n

Mr. David Rusk! Having been, this morning assaulted when I was off my guard, in my own house, by a gang of ruffians - to dastardly for resenting, on equal terms, their own personal quarrel with me ... I intend as expedittiously as possible, to

Mr. Dawson's motion, amended. Resolved by the Senate and House of representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled ... that the following article be proposed to the legislatures of the several states as an amendment to the

Mr. Dennis's motion. 7th February, 1804. Read, and ordered to be referred to the committee of the whole House, to whom was committed, on the 25th ultimo, the bill to lay out and open a new public road in the county of Washington, in the district

Mr. Eccleston's superb medallion of General Washington obverse. An elegant and very striking likeness of General Washington from an original painting. Reverse. An American Indian, with his bow and arrow, and an appropriate legend ... Lancaster,

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