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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Letter from the Secretary of State, accompanying an address from the representatives of the French people, member of the committee of public safety, to the Congress of the United States. Philadelphia, April 22s, 1794. Sir, The French letter, whi

Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting statements of the annual payments on account of the public debt, and of the revolutionary government; in obedience to a resolution of the House of representatives of the twenty-second ultim

Letter of Col. Mosby. Comments of the New York Herald. From the New York Herald of Aug. 12 1876.

The letter of George William Gordon, accepting the nomination of governor by the Fillmore American convention. Boston, Aug. 30, 1856.

Letter of Gerrit Smith to Mr. Garrison and Mr. Phillips. Peterboro, September, 12th, 1865.

Letter of Governor Warmoth, of Louisiana, to Senator Kellogg, on the subject of the late election in that state. New Orleans, December 20, 1868.

1. Letter of Hon. James Shields. 2. An article from the Boston pilot, exposing the falsehoods of the Scott Whigs respecting General Pierce. 3. Extracts from speeches of General Franklin Pierce before the constitutional convention, and before the

Letter of Hon. John A. Griswold. His acceptance of the union nomination. Sound, patriotic, union sentiments. Troy, September 20th, 1864.

Letter of Jabez C. Woodman, Esq. enclosing three hundred dollars to the agent of the Sanitary Commission, and their reply. Portland, Nov. 26th, 1863.

Letter of Mr. Jay Cooke on the payment in gold of the U. S. five-twenty bonds. [Dated] March 19, 1868.

Letter of Mr. Truman Smith, of Connecticut. to the Hon. Daniel Gott, of the House of representatives, on the importance of supporting the nomination of General Zachary Taylor for the presidency, in reference to the past, present, and prospective

Letter of Wm. P. Wood, to the Hon. Geo. S. Boutwell, secretary of the Treasury, Relating to one of his favorite officials, with facts and quotations submitted for reference and study. [Washington, D. C.] 1872.

Letter of resignation, Attorney General's office, Austin. Oct. 28, 1867 ... [Signed] William Alexander.

Letter of the Hon. Thomas P. Moore, representative in Congress, from Kentucky, showing the large sums of money which Mr. Adams contrived to draw from the United States' treasury in two years.-- much of it under false pretenses, and for services

Letter on incidents at the funeral of the Walton family, in N. L., Nov. 29, ‘46 ... T. J. Greenwood. New London, Conn. Dec. 21, 1846.

Letter to Hon. J. J. Crittenden. New York, February 22, 1861.

Letter to Hon. Schuyler Colfax, Speaker of the House of representatives. Washington: H. Polkinhorn & son, printer, 1866.

A letter to Mr. Samuel Hake. Sir, Your behaviour to me in a late affair, has been of so extraordinary a nature, that I cannot omit giving a recital to the public ... [Signed] Robert Leigh. [New York 1773].

Letter to Rev. Nathaniel Hall, of Dorchester, Mass. By Nahum Capen, concerning politics and the pulpit. Boston and Cambridge: Published by Jas Munroe and Co. [1855].

Letter to a sick and wounded soldier (By a soldier's sister) New York. American Bible Union. [1864].

A letter to his most Excellent Majesty, George the third, King of Great-Britain, France, and Ireland, and Emperor of North America, &c. May it please your Majesty. [Asserting that Parliament has usurped his authority by imposing taxes upon the c

A letter to the Rev. John Wilder, pastor of the first Congregational church and society in Attleborough. By Richard Carrique, pastor of the First Universal Society in Attleborough Published by particular request. Miller & Hutchens. printers [181

A letter to the celebrated patriot of New York [Alexander McDougall] Sir. A sage of antiquity tells us, that the propriety of an action, depends not a little on the season in which it is done ... [Signed] Laelius. [New York, 1770].

A letter to the committee on ways and means, House of Rep. New York, Feb. 3, 1859. ... William Oland Bourne. Cor. Sec. Workingmen's Iron Platform Association. [New York 1859.].

A letter to the common people of the Colony of Rhode Island; concerning the unjust designs, and actual attempts, of a number of misers, and money jobbers, (particularly such of that character as are in place and power,) to compel all the old ten

Letter to the inhabitants of the City and Colony of New-York; My friends and fellow-countrymen. I was formerly much engaged in mercantile concerns, but of late years, for the sake of retirement, I have been chiefly employed in cultivating a smal

A letter to the majority of the General Assembly of Liliput. Before you, gentlemen, were called to a share in the Legislation, the House of Assembly was considered as the grand paladium of the people of liberty ... [Signed] A freeholder of Lilip

A letter, from Tom Bowline, to his worthy messmates, the renowned Sons of Neptune, belonging to the Port of New-York. My dear boys. As the time is approching, in which the ship, with the East India company's tea may be expected to arrive, and be

Letters from Colonel John Williams [Letter dated Knoxville, Sept. 29, 1815 to Adam Huntsman and one dated Knoxville, Sept. 21, 1815 to Capt. Wm. King] The originals of the above letters are in my possession; and may be seen by any person on appl

Letters from the people For School board secretary To the editor of the Sentinel I notice that there is a friendly contest on for the appointment of a secretary of the school board in place of Henry E. Legler, who is soon to retire and engage in

Lewis A. Tarascon, of Shippingport, Ky. To the people of the United States on the propriety of establishing a wagon road, from the River Missouri to the River Columbia, of the Pacific ocean. [n. d.].

Lexington and Danville railroad. Second division of Kentucky Central rail road. Chartered March 5, 1850 ... Amendments to charter ... Leslie Combs, President Lexington and Danville Railroad. April 1st, 1857.

Lexington lottery, No. One. Authorized by law of the state of Virginia. This ticket, on payment of five dollars, will entitle the bearer to such prize as may be drawn to its number, if demanded within twelve months. Subject to a deduction of fif

Lexington lottery, second class. Authorized by law of the state of Virginia. This ticket, on payment of five dollars, will entitle the bearer to such prize as may be drawn to its number, if demanded within twelve months. Subject to a education o

Lexington races! Spring meeting. Association course. Fourth day. Thursday, May 28, 1857. Purse $300! Two mile heats ....

Lexington races! Spring meeting. Association course. fourth day. Thursday, May 28, 1857. Purse $300! Two miles heats …

Liberal principles of Mr. Adams. An attempt has been made to create an impression that Mr. Adams, the President of the United States, is hostile to Catholics. The following extract of a letter from a Catholic of high standing and unimpeachable c

Liberty and peace. A song [Cuts] [Two columns of verse] [1815].

Liberty day, the 19th of April in American history. Eventful days in the struggle for liberty commemorated by the celebration of Lexington's great day ... [1913].

Liberty of speech, and the press. A charge to the grand juries of the County Courts of the fifth circuit of the State of Pennsylvania By Alexander Addison. President of those courts. [Boston Office of the Columbian Centinel 1799].

Liberty. Andrew Marschalf declares, that on the morning of this instant, Isaac Sears, came to his father's house, and in his hearing told his father, that if he voted against Mr. Scott, that the Board of Commerce would give him the inspection of

Library bill of rights. Adopted by Council of American library association at Atlantic City on June 18, 1948.

Library bill of rights. [Chicago, Printed by the Norman Press, 1962].

The Library of Congress. The Hispanic Foundation. Office of the Director. Mr. Archibald MacLeish, Librarian of Congress will speak at 3:45 o'clock at the opening of the Hispanic Room on Thursday afternoon, October 12. Inasmuch as the address is

Library of Congress. The following members of the Library force have joined the military or naval service of the United States for the war. [95 names] October 19, 1918.

License is hereby given to within the jurisdiction of the Corporation of Georgetown, until the day of 182 Dated Georgetown the 182 Clerk. Mayor. [Washington D. C. 182-].

The License law!! ... The epilogue on the law of 1838 and the effect of 1839 ... A voice from the jail. [n. p. n. d.].

A lie nailed. The following certificates silence a base slander set afloat by a man who knew it was a lie when he told it. The original certificates are in the hands of Wm. H. Pearce, Cecilton. Certificates. The undersigned, neighbors of Charles

Lieut. Gov. Dunn to Hon. Horace Greeley. [n. d.].

The life and character of Abraham Lincoln. A lecture by Hon. M. W. Delahay, of Leavenworth, Kansas [1865?].

The life and dying speech of Arthur, a negro man who was executed at Worcester, October 20th 1768. For a rape committed on the body of one Deborah Metcalfe. Boston: Printed and sold in Milk-Street 1768.

Life and health preserved and disease cured. Mr. Porter's poor man's curative pills, Prepared by Dr. Porter, New-York. [c. 1845].

The life and public services of Henry Clay. [c. 1844].

Life at the door. Russia in 1914 ... Lewis McKenzie Turner. Baltimore, Maryland. Salt House Press [1935?].

The life blood of a nation is in its commerce ... To the United States Congress assembled ... Charles Stoughton. Washington, D. C. Dec. 1st, 1879.

Life eternal ... Gabriel Wells, Christmas 1925. Arranged by Bruce Rogers. Printed by William Edwin Rudge.

Life of General George Washington. Proposals (by John Low ... for publishing by subscription in one duodecimo volume ... The life of George Washington ... by John Corry ... 1st American edition from the 2nd London ed. with additions and improvem

The life of faith: exemplified and recommended in a letter found in the study of the Rev. Mr. Joseph Belcher, late of Dedham, in New-England, since his decease. An answer to his question. How to live in this world so as to live in Heaven? to whi

Life temporal ... Gabriel Wells, Christmas, 1926. Arranged by Bruce Rogers: Printed by William Edwin Rudge.

Lincoln & Hamlin. Ward No. 6. Republican ticket ... Boston. Wright & Potter printers. [1860].

Lincoln and Johnson. State of Connecticut. Electoral ticket. For presidential electors. John T. Wait, John P. Elton, James G. Batterson, Samuel C. Hubbard, Sabin L. Sayles. Frederick A. Benjamin. [Nov. 1864].

Lincoln and liberty!!! For president Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois. For vice-president Hannibal Hamlin, of Maine. Issued by the Young men's republican union of the City of New York ... New York Isaac J. Oliver, Steam Job Printer, 32 Beekman St. 1

The Lincoln birthplace farm. You are invited to become a member of the Lincoln farm association, organized ... for the purpose of converting the Lincoln birthplace farm into a national park as a memorial to the great president ... New York 1906.

Lincoln, Loudoun Co., Va. Month 4th, 1872. Respected friend: We desire to present a brief statement of the facts relating to two bills (S. No. 260 and 860), reported to the Senate from the Committee of claims, "For the relief of the loyal citize

Line of post coaches ... Wheeling, Va. Armstrong & Green, printers [n. d.].

A line to the modern ladies: found among the writings of Joseph Hopkins, late of Farmington, deceased. [s. l., 1770?].

Lines addressed to Mr. Jefferson, on his approaching retirement from the presidency of the United States. Trenton. N. J. February, 1809.

Lines descriptive of scenes in Philadelphia, as viewed from his window. Oct. 23d, 1853 with reflections. By Freeman Scott.

Lines in commemoration of the death of Sarah M. Cornell. Sung by Mrs. John Thomas. On the death of Sarah Marian Cornell, supposed to have been murdered by the Rev. Ephraim K. Avery. In December last at Tiverton, Rhode Island. The body was found

Lines in memory of Anne M. Sigourney, who died in Oxford, August 7th, 1851 ... L. H. Sigourney. Hartford, Conn.

Lines in memory of Porter Leavitt, aged 25 years, 4 months, and 16 days; late master of Schooner Leander, of Portland who was washed overboard, from the Wreck of said vessel, and lost, on his passage from Portland for St. Michael's at the dawnin

Lines in memory of the Philadelphia volunteer refreshment saloon. Suggested by its ruins. Respectfully dedicated to the managers and contributors.

Lines made after the great earthquake, in 1755, which shook North and South America, with great destruction in Cales, in Lisbon and most of the adjacent kingdoms. [Boston 1755].

Lines on first looking into Henry George's "Progress and poverty" Harry Weinberger. Land and Freedom April-May 1943 issues. [New York].

Lines on the death of Miss Elizabeth Fitch by Miss Eliza Hubbard. [New Haven: Printed by T. and S. Green 1795].

Lines on the great calamity at Lawrence, and the fall of the Pemberton Mills, Jan. 10, 1860. Rhymed by O. K. Vates,----- air- Major's only son.

Lines to a mother by C. H. D'Entremont. Dedicated to his respected mother. [c. 1863].

Lines, on the death of Asa L. Payne, aged 20 years, who lost his life in attempting to give the alarm of fire by ringing the bell at Waterville, Oneida County, N. Y. Dec. 22, 1838, written by a witness of the scene.

Linnean Botanic Garden. New-York, August 1, 1826. This establishment commenced about the middle of the last century, is already well known for the great extent of its Botanic acquisitions, as well in exotic and native fruits .... [Signed] Willia

... Liquor Cerebronspinalis. A sonnet review of the literature on spinal fluid with special reference to three important events. By Merrill Moore. Reprinted from the transactions of the testimonial dinner given in honor of Professor James B. Aye

List of Committees of the House of Representatives, Nineteenth Congress -- Second Session.

List of Senators of the General Assembly, of the State of Tennessee, convened at Nashville on the furst Monday in October, 1849 - whose election extends for two years from the second day of August, 1849. Prepared by Ramond B. Sloan, for the memb

List of acts passed at the second session of the seventh Congress. [1803].

List of acts passed during the sitting of the Legislative [39 acts] [182-?].

A list of balances due from the several counties for taxes, from the year 1782 to the year 1790, inclusive. [Richmond: Printed by John Dixon, 1790].

A list of candidates, nominated to supply the vacancy, in the Representation of the State of New Jersey, in the House of representatives, of the 16th Congress of the United States, occasioned by the resignation of John Condit, Esquire ... I, Isa

List of delegates in Convention. Yeas and nays on the question. [Boston 1820].

List of deserters from Pennsylvania regiments. Gettysburg, October 6, 1866.

List of expenditures charged on the revenue 1814, from 1st January 1814 to 31st October, 1814, both inclusive. [Richmond] Auditor's office, 14th November 1814.

List of foremen of the respective classes of cartmen, with their places of residence .... [Signed] Richard Varick, Mayor New York, December 1, 1797. [New York: Printed by George Forman, 1797].

List of judges, attorneys, and marshals, in the United Stares. [s. l., s. n., 182?].

... List of killed, wounded and missing in Battle of July 1, 1862 ... Headquarters 10th Mass. Volunteers. July 3d, 1862. The Republican Springfield, July 8, 1862.

A list of lands and lots returned as delinquent, in Jefferson County, Va. for the non-payment of taxes, for 1820, and prior thereto, and which are redeemable on or before the 1st day of January, 1832, made out in conformity to an act of the Gene

A list of lands returned as delinquent, in Nicholas County, Va. for non-payment of taxes due for the year 1820, and prior thereto, and which are redeemable on or before the 1st day of January, 1832, made out in conformity to the acts of the Gene

A list of lands returned as delinquent, in Scott County, Va. for non-payment of taxes due for the year 1820, and prior thereto, and which are redeemable on or before the 1st day of January, 1832, made out in conformity to the act of the General

List of manuscripts in binding -- No. 1 April 1, 1870. [Cleveland, 1870].

List of members of the 21st congress. [Washington, D. C., ca. 1829].

List of members of the House of Representatives of the United States. Twenty-seventh Congress, first session, commencing Monday, May 31, 1841. [Washington, D. C., 1841].

List of members of the Howard Fire Company for 1841. Bull & Tuttle, Job printers No. 7 North Gay Street.

List of members of the Senate and House of representatives of the United States, in the 3d session of the 13th Congress, according to states. [Washington, 1814.] [Positive photostat.].

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