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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Just the thing for a child to have! John Adams's letter written the day after the signing of the Declaration of independence ... Boston. Henry Bowen's chemical print [185-?].

Just what it means. Let us try to put this silver question plainly, so that any workingman can understand it ... [n. p. n. d.].

Justice to authors and artists. It is proposed to hold a second meeting in the city of New York, to consider further the subject of international copyright, and to concert measures for securing the early establishment of an international copyrig

Justice. Equality. Why women want to vote. Women are citizens, and wish to do their civic duty ... National American woman suffrage association. Headquarters: 505 Fifth Ave, New York [1910].

K. G. C. ... The following pages are addressed to the citizens of the Southern States by order of the Convention of K. G. C held at Raleigh, N. C. May 7-11th, 1860.

KNOW all Men, by these Presents, That I Thomas Legea a Free Negroe formerly belonging to Thomas Cambelle deceased am Held and firmly bound unto John Potts of the County of Philadelphia in the Sum of Fifty pounds Lawful Money of Pennsylvania to b

Kansas affairs. To the friends of free Kansas. National Kansas Committee Chicago, Dec. 1, 1856.

Kansas. To those who desire that Kansas should be free ... Worcester, Nov. 22, 1854.

Kenny's coin regulator -- 1846. The following table exhibits the mercantile and United States customhouse value of coins passable in the United States. Rea's rotary press office, 60 Magazine St. [c. 1846].

Kentuckians! The army of the Confederate States, has again entered your territory, under my command ... Kirby Smith, Maj. Gen. C. S. Army [s. l., 1862?].

Key plate of the heroes of the Revolution ... Published by Philip Levy. No. of the New-Bowery, New York [c. 1861].

A key to tell by the gas meter the amount of gas consumed by A. Mayer ... [n. p. c. 1851].

Key to the House of representatives XXXVI Congress, U. S. 1860.

Key to the star monument .... The memorial of a centuries' progress. [1875].

The Key. Electors of the Western district. The conspicuous part you bore, in putting down the former administration of Gov. Clinton, will be remembered with pride and satisfaction .... Copy of a letter from Peter Ten Broeck ... to Conrad Ed. Elm

King Cotton and King capital. Messrs. editors:- The greenback currency is the only money of the United States, except silver change for less than a dollar ... Frederick Robinson. Marblehead, March, 1878.

The King’s speech to both houses of Parliament, on the 30th of November, 1774. Together with their addresses to his Majesty. [Boston: Printed by Mills & Hicks? 1775].

Kings' lace store between 10th and 11th streets, Pennsylvania Avenue. New goods just received!! ... J. T. & C. King. Washington, T. Barnard, printer, corner 11th street and Penn. Avenue [n. d.].

Know all men by these presents that I Cornelis Joosten of the City of New York, carpenter holden and firmly bound unto Coll. Abraham de Peyster of the City of New York in penal sum of sixty pounds ... In witness whereof I have set my hand and se

Know all men by these presents that I for and in consideration of the sum of current money of the Province of .... have granted, bargained, sold, released; and by these present do fully, clearly and absolutely grant, bargain, sell and release un

Know all men by these presents that have constituted, ordained, and made, and in stead and place put and by these persents do constitute, ordain and made, and in stead and place put to be true, sufficient and lawful attorney ... [Boston, 17-, ].

Know all men by these presents that we both of the county of and state of Tennessee, are held and firmly bound unto constable for said county, in the just and full sum of one hundred dollars, to which payment well and truly to be made, we bind o

Know all men by these presents, that [blank] have constituted, ordained and made, and instead and place, put, and by these presents do constitute, ordain and make, and in stead and place put [blank] to be [blank] true sufficient and lawful attor

Know all men by these presents, that [blank] have constituted, ordained, and made, and in [blank] stead and place put, and by these presents do constitute, ordain and make, and in [blank] stead and place put [blank] to be [blank] true, sufficien

Know all men by these presents, that [blank] held firmly bound unto [blank] in the just and full sum of [blank] to be paid ... [Maryland? ca. 1742]

Know all men by these presents, that we Jonathan Bull, Ebenezer Barnard, Nathanial Patten and James Ward, all of Hartford in consideration of one cent received to our full satisfaction of [blank] Do give, grant, and assign, to him, his heirs and

Know all men by these presents, that we are held and firmly bound to Esq; treasurer of the United States of America in Congress assembled, in the penalty of twenty thousand Spanish milled dollars, or other money equivalent thereto, to be paid to

Know all men by these presents, that we are held and firmly bound unto His Excellency Governor or Chief magistrate of the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the just and full sum of two thousand dollars; for the payment. ... [License to stem or manufa

Know all men by these presents, that we of the county of in the of and county of in the of are held and firmly bound unto the United States of America, in the full and just sum of dollars, money of the United States, to which payment well and tr

Know all men by these presents, that we, John Abbott, gentleman, and Moses Thomas, housewright, both of Westford, in the County of Middlesex, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, being a committee of agents ... to sell at public vendue, the pews,

Know all men: that we, the National savings bank of the District of Columbia ... are held and firmly bound unto the United States of America in the just and full sume of two hundred thousand dollars ... October 31, 1870.

The "Know-nothings" & the "Savage" by "Timid" ... May 30 '54.

Knox's calendar for 125 years. 1776 to 1900. Illinois state journal steam job print [1872].

The Ku-Klux organization ... Ku-Kluxism and democracy. The Ku-Klux reign of terror. [n. p. 1872].

The Ku-Klux reign of terror. Synopsis of a portion of the testimony taken by the Congressional investigating committee. No. 5. [n. p. 1872].

L. Prang & Co. practical lithographers 34 Merchants Row, Boston. Dear Sir. We beg leave to send you our card enclosed ... L. Prang & Co. [n. d.].

Labor and capital. Carroll D. Wright, Commissioner of labor, shows how labor fares under large industrial corporations. Chicago, Ill. Allied printing. [1900].

Labor and wages, as they are affected by a depreciated currency. [New York? 187-?].

Labor day, 1902. State of Michigan. Executive department. Lansing. To the people of the State of Michigan, Greeting: Monday, September 1, 1902, in accordance with law, is hereby proclaimed as Labor Day ... Given under my hand and the great seal

Labor day, 1904. A proclamation. By the governor ... Done at the Capitol, in the city of Charleston, this eleventh day of August, A. D. 1904 and in the forty-second year of the State. Albert B. White.

The labor movement. Mass meeting of working-men at the Mechanics' Pavilion, speeches of General A. M. Winn, Hon. Philip A. Roach, C. C. Terrill, Frank M. Pixley, and others - The Southern Pacific railroad. From the San Francisco Examiner, April

The labor question; by Hon. B. G. Northrop From Christian Union Sept. 18, 1872.

Labor records for candidate for U. S. Senate ... Issued by the Republican State committee. Indianapolis 1926.

Labour in vain: or an attempt to wash the Black-Moor white. Humbly inscrib'd to the author of the Chronicle. [1755?].

[A placard containing two poems in tribute to the Hon. W. T. Whitaker, founder of an Orphan Home in Oklahoma] Minnesota, January, 1954.

The lack of a strong French republican organ has long been felt all over the country; and it is to answer the many calls made upon me, that I intend to establish such a paper in the city of Washington ... Frank F. Barclay. Washington January 11t

Ladies amusement by High Rev. George Clark. Doctor of Divinity, High Learnt. Poetry made without studying and the best that was ever accomplished By the 45th degree East longitude [183-?].

Ladies fair!! To be held in Alton, September 16, 17 & 18. The Ladies centenary fair, will open at the Old Court room, on Thursday & Friday next, at 4 o'clock P. M., and on Saturday, at 10 A. M. for the whole day! Alton, Sept. 11, 1841.

... The ladies in charge are happy to announce that they have completed the arrangements for the inauguration of this great work in behalf of the Sanitary and Christian commissions ... [Washington, D. C. Jan. 12, 1864].

The ladies managers of the Twenty-third National Anti-slavery Bazaar have the satisfaction of announcing its opening at Hall, No. 15 Winter Street, December 23d, at 10 o'clock A. M. ... [Boston, 1856].

The ladies of the 15th Street Presbyterian Church, Washington, D. C., will hold a fair, beginning December 22d ... [Washington, ca. 1880].

The ladies of the Presbyterian Aid Society will give a tea party at the church this Thursday evening, Sept. 17, '85 ... [Woonsocket, S. D.] Times Presses [1885].

The ladies' choice. 3d Ward For Mayor. J. G. Berret, Alderman, J. F. Brown. Councilmen L. Tree, T. Scheckeds, P. M. Martin. Assessor. J.W. Rane. [Washington, D.,C. 186-].

The lady managers of the Soldiers Home intend holding a fair for the benefit of the Institution, and appeal to their fellow citizens for aid ... Philadelphia, September 1865.

Lafayette dollar ... Chicago. November 25, 1899.

[Flag] Don't think that because you work at a desk or in a laboratory that therefore you are not serving your country. You are if you do the work which is given you well. The Commander-in-chief of the army and navy wears no uniform. He is our gr

[Flag] Not everyone can go to France if they did, what would become of America? If you are called to do something else don't worry. You are part of the strong support on which our soldiers rest. What would a building be without its foundation? T

[Flag] This is not the time for knocking or growling. Boost and smile. Lift - Manlift. Department of Commerce. Office of the Secretary. [Washington, D. C.] Government printing office. [1918].

[Flag] Two things the country needs Less waste. More production. What the people save and what the people make are the means of winning the war. Keep work moving stopping or delaying work helps the enemy. Department of Commerce. Office of the Se

The laird of Duck island by Carleton W. Angell. [Taken from the Quarterly Review of the University of Michigan Alumnus, Dec. 10, 1938].

A lamentation for Gen. Washington Esq. commander in chief of the combined forces of America and France, during the Revolutionary war, and afterwards President of the United States of America---Who died December 14th, 1799. [Two columns of verse]

A lamentation occasion'd by the great sickness & lamented deaths of divers eminent persons in Springfield composed by Mr. Jonathan Burt, (an old disciple,) in his fourscore & fifth year. (since deceases,) left as a dying legacy to his children a

The lamplighter. We publish with pleasure the following strong commendations of the Press ... Boston Published by John P. Jewett & Co. [n. d.].

Lancaster, January 4th, 1802. Honorable Sir. The following is a copy of an anonymous piece, without date, addressed- "Mr. Francis Bailey, State printer, Lancaster."- Delivered by the Sergeant-at-arms of the House of Representatives on the 31st D

Lancaster, the 14th July, 1776. In Committee. Gentlemen. The Committee have received orders from the Congress, to keep a guard over the prisoners, at the barracks, and to have the barracks surrounded by a stockaded fort ... By order of the Commi

Lancasterian institute. Having succeeded, by a series of long-continued and personal experiments, in effecting an important improvement in education, I am anxious to extend its knowledge over the Union, that all teachers and parents may share it

The land league (manifesto) motto. New York. [c. 1882].

The land of our birth. The following poem was then read by Prof. Rodney Welch one of the editors of The Times, of Chicago, a native of Monmouth, Kennebec county, Me. [Chicago? Ill.].

Land office treasury warrant, No. To the principal surveyor of any county within the Commonwealth of Virginia. This shall be your warrant, survey and lay off in on or more surveys, for his heirs or assigns, the quantity acres of land due unto in

Land, negroes, stock, &c. for sale ... W. H. Barksdale, Haw-Branch, Amelia, Nov. 6, 1827.

Land-Office, 17th of June, 1765. The Honourable the Proprietaries having been apprized that many persons have been, and still continue in the practice of taking up large quantities of land within this Province, only with a design to retail them

Land-Office. For sale, by the subscribers, at their land-office in the town of Palatine, county of Montgomery, State of New-York, the following lots and tracts of land ... The above lands will be sold on the most reasonable terms and a liberal c

Land-grant legislation. How it began and who supported it. The votes on the Wabash & Erie canal, the Illinois Central and the Pacific grants. Washington, D. C. September 25, 1884.

Land-office, Pennsylvania, Sept. 13, 1800. The first day of October approaches, when it will be impossible to make any more releases to the Commonwealth, of lands owned under the Pennsylvania title, within the seventeen townships of Luzerne ...

The landing of the Pilgrim fathers on the coast of America. A. D. 1620. Nesbitt & Co. Printers [185-?].

The landmarks of life; to be found on a New Year's day journey by Hon. Schuyler Colfax. New York, January 15th, 1883.

Lands for sale: the following tracts of land are offered for sale on very reasonable terms and on the payment of a small part of the purchase money, the remainder may be paid in four or five equal annual installments ... The terms may be known b

Lands. Lands to be rented, or for sale. [Signed] Richard Graham. Dumfries, August 22, 1789.

Lane's plow attachment ... Bell, Lane & Co. Hillsborough, Highland Co., Ohio [1872].

[Blank bill of lading. n. d.].

[Blank book plates sold by James P. Parke. No. 75 Chestnut Street 8 to a page].

[Blank check of the Manhattan company, New York. 185-?].

[Blank form for oath of postmasters] [1821].

[Blank form of a diploma 17--].

[Blank forms used by the Boston Public Library n. d.].

[Blank receipt for railroad taxes] 1884.

[Blank receipts].

[Blank tax form] [On verso] Special exemptions. [n. p.] [186-].

[Blank warrants for arrest] [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Lardy Dah! the great English comic song ... New York [185-?].

... A large and peremptory sale of fine gold watches, chains, jewelry diamonds, etc, on Saturday, August 11, at 10 A. M. [Helena, Mont. 187-?].

A large extra supplement in color containing the portraits of President Cleveland and the Hon. Allen G. Thurman (drawn by Joseph Keppler,) will be given free of charge with Puck of August 22 ... The Publishers of Puck, Puck building, New York. [

Large stock of dry goods at auction! C. McCauley, No. 112 Hanover Street, Boston, will close out his entire stock at auction. The sale to commence on Thursday, July 17, at 10 o'clock A. M ... M. E. Brown auctioneer. Boston. Geo. B. Hamlin, print

Last Tuesday morning Mr. Galloway carried a writing containing some reflections on me, to a printer in this city, and desired that he would insert it in his next News Paper ... [Signed] John Dickinson. September 29. [Philadelphia: Printed by Wil

The last act of slavery arrived. The new embargo law ...... (No. 6) [Jan. 9, 1809].

The last bulletin. Elberon. N. J. Sept. 19, 1881, 11.30 P. M. The President died at 10.35 .... At ten minutes after ten o'clock he awoke, complaining of severe pain over the region of the heart, and almost immediately became unconscious, and cea

The last clause in article 10 of the regulations and additional instructions issued from this office on the 2d day of June, 1864, is hereby so modified and changed as to permit the owners and managers of slaves, or such other persons as may be r

The last night. Mr. Reinagle's benefit. On Saturday evening, May 25th, will be presented, a celebrated comedy. Taken from the German of Kotzbue ... called Lovers' vows ... To which will be added, a new grand dramatic romance, called Blue-Beard;

The last of his family ... Nathan Lanesford Foster. Mt. Parnassus, Con. Aug. 30, 1837.

The last subsidy scheme. Special dispatches from Washington say that the Senate Committee on Pacific railroads have agreed upon the outlines of an omnibus railroad subsidy bill, which will be reported in a few days and its passage urged .... [n.

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