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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


JR & AS society. All are bound for the safety of the country, and the encouragement of domestic encouragement. Rules and regulations ... [n. p. c. 1870.

Jacket of "Are you a bromide by Gelett Burgess. [The word "blurb" had its origin in the exploitation of this book [194].

Jackson Delegate ticket. [1824.].

The Jackson Democratic association of Washington, desirous to contribute their aid to advance the interest of the party in the approaching presidential canvass, respectfully solicit you to forward to the address of the undersigned, (correspondin

Jackson Ticket. Andrew Jackson. President John C. Calhoun, Vice President [24 candidates] [Virginia 1828].

Jackson a negro trader. From the Nashville Banner and Whig. To the public. [Signed] Boyd McNairy. 14th July 1828.

Jackson and the nullifiers ... Printed and sold, wholesale and retail, at 257 Hudson-street, and 138 Division-street. [1832].

Jackson and the people's ticket [1828].

Jackson blasphemy. The following hymn to Jackson was sung and danced round the Hickory idols in the upper wards by the devotees of the man of blood and his catilines ... Hymn to the Immortal and Divine Jackson [1825?].

Jackson delegate ticket .... [1828?].

Jackson democrats read this. An extract from the farewell address of President Jackson in 1837.

Jackson guards. Proceedings of the Committee for the purpose of arranging and facilitating an uniform alteration in the battalion of Jackson guards ... [n. p. n. d.].

Jackson meeting. At the City Hall, this evening, May 24, at half past 7 o'clock. At the request of three hundred citizens of Washington, who approve of the conduct of General Andrew Jackson ... a meeting is invited of such of their fellow-citize

The Jackson or Fenner pamphlet .... [Providence, April 1831].

Jackson triumphant in the great city of Philadelphia. Jos. Hemphill, a federalist of high Tory principles, and of the blood and carnage times of 1798 and 1799 - a warm and active promoter of the celebrated alien and sedition laws of that perilou

Jacob Singer's car coupler ... Harrisburg, Scheffer, printer 1876.

Jacob Walborn der desertor ... Harrisburg Sept. 30, 1837.

Jacobin modesty! Again the cry of Tory is raised against the Federalists by the modest Jacobins soit disant Republicans.- One would have thought, after President Jefferson had turned out of office James Watson an old Whig and soldier, to put in

James A. Garfield. When the heart of a nation is moved with great feeling, and that feeling is pure, tender and unselfish, the character of the whole people is softened, raised, and enobled ... Our mourning for James A. Garfield, is, however, no

James Abram Garfield, twentieth president of the United States, died September 19th, A. D. 1881. Memorial services at Evans Hall, Evansville, Indiana, Monday afternoon September twenty-sixth, A. D. 1881. Evansville, Ind. Courier Company, printer

James G. Birney. The character and claims of a candidate for the highest office in the nation are always proper topics for public consideration and discussion ... Signed Q. [n. p. 184-].

James H. Wallick will continue to manage his greatest success Dairy Farm by Eleanor Merron ... In preparation, two new productions from same author ... [New York 1901?].

James Robertson's memorial to the Honorable the Senate of the United States of America ... Washington, D. C. August 6, 1852.

James Walter, at the sign of the piece of linen, No. 14, William Street, is now selling off by the piece or at retail a variety of seasonable and fashionable dry goods. New-York: Printed by Harrisson & Purdy. [1790].

Jameson's ladies and gentlemen's dining rooms, No. 1. Spring Lane ... T. Jameson. [Boston,] J. E. Farwell & Co. Printers, 37 Congress St.

January 14, 1764. To the Honourable Francis Fauquier, Esquire, His Majesty's Lieutenant-governour, and Commander in chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the Council. [Williamsburg: Printed by Joseph Royle. 1764.] [

January 16, 1764. To the Honourable Francis Fauquier, Esquire, His Majesty's Lieutenant-governour, and Commander in chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the House of Burgesses. [Williamsburg: Printed by Joseph Royl

January 18, 1801. Read the first and second time, and committed to a committee of the whole House, to-morrow. A bill, respecting the navy-yards and timber for naval purposes. [Washington, 1801].

January 19, 1764. To the Honourable Francis Fauquier, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-governour, and Commander in chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the House of Burgesses. [Williamsburg, 1764] [Negative Photostat.

January 1st, 1846. Sir- The undersigned, Nahum Ward, of Marietta, Ohio, in his own right, and as Treasurer and agent of the "Ohio Company" formed in Boston, in 1786 ... is the holder, and bona fide owner, of forty-three loan office certificates

January 3, 1940. [Message] to the Congress of the United States. [Washington 1940].

January 7, 1778. When the chimneys of the barracks of the different regiments want sweeping they are to apply to Christian Apple, at the corner of Race-Street, in Sixth-Street, who is employed by the Dy Barrack Master General, for that purpose.

The Japan institute profoundly regrets to announce that due to the freezing by the United States government of Japanese credits in this country and the difficulty of obtaining the release of funds ... we have made the unhappy decision of discont

Jas. C. McGuire, auct. Very extensive sale of valuable building lots, in "printing office" Square .... [Washington, D. C.] Printed at the Capital City office, Southeast Corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Sixth Street. [n. d.].

The Java village Midway plaisance. World's Columbian exposition ... [Chicago? Ill., 1893].

Jeff Davis going to war. and Jeff returning from war. [Cartoon] [c. 1861].

Jeff Davis' confession! A singular document found on the dead body of a rebel! ... Philadelphia. Alexander & Co., publishers. [c.1861].

Jeff. Davis Caught At Last. Hoop Skirts & Southern Chivalry. Philadelphia, J. L. Magee [1865]

Jefferson's ten rules ... Printed for free distribution by the Brooklyn Eagle Book, Job and Pamphlet printing Department. [n. d.].

Jeffie Davis the belle of Richmond. New York The American News company, 119 & 121 Nassau St. [1865].

Jehial Bryan's patent Daily account of time for thirty years. Utica. Northway & Porter printers. [c. 1829].

Jenkins & Knight's patent spoke machine. Awarded the gold medal, at the late fair of the Maryland Institute, in the City of Baltimore ... Kingston, N. Y., November 8, 1854.

Jesuitism in New Mexico. An answer to Father Finotti by Hon. W. G. Ritch. Santa Fe. N. M. October 30, 1878.

Job and fancy printing office, High street, West side, between fourth and fifth streets, Georgetown, D. C ... F. W. De Krafft. January, 1847.

Job and the N. R. A. A recovery act that worked 6000 years ago ... Copyright 1934 by L. & W. Service Co.

John Adams … letter of advice to his cousin Zabdiel … 1763. [Worcester, Mass.] Massachusetts Historical Society, c 1967]

John Brown Souvenir of the World's Columbian exposition. Chicago. 1893.

The John Carter Brown Library. Providence, Rhode Island. Extract from the minutes of the Committee of management, July 19, 1938 [Regarding the retirement of Mr. Joseph McCoid].

John Charmion’s latin epitaph from his ardent love to learning and learned men on Mr. Pemberton, who dyed at Boston, the 13th of February, 1716,7 in the 45th year of his age, translated into English. Sacred to the lasting memory of the Reverend

John D. Young's answer to Hon. Samuel McKee's notice of contest. Owingsville, Bath Co., Ky. June 24, 1867.

John Doyle's catalogue of books, by auction, on Wednesday even'g, Nov. 28, 1827 at his store. No. 237 Broadway, Corner of Park-Place ... [New York] E. M. Murden & A. Ming, Jr. Printers, No. 1 Murrary-St.-Corner of Broadway [1827].

John F. Kennedy. [New York. Amalgamated Lithographers of America. c1963].

John Hopkins University. Announcement of publication. Photographs of the Bryennios manuscript ... Baltimore, March 26, 1885.

John Mayfield, gun and lock smith, Bridge Street, a few doors above the Union hotel, Georgetown, D. C. Makes and repairs all kinds of steel, iron and brass ware ... Georgetown, March 19, 1849. Georgetown, D. C. F. W. De Krafft, printer, West sid

John Millington, civil engineer and machinist No. 207 Pine street. 10 doors below Seventh street, Philada. [Advertisement] Philadelphia. January 1833.

John Radcliffe, produce commission merchant for the sale of all kinds of country produce ... Chicago Market report Dec. 10, 1855.

John Rhea, of Tennessee, to his constituents Washington, April 8, 1806.

John Sherry's dream T. J. Hyatt. [New York? c. 1870].

John Tyler, President of the United States of America, to all and singular to whom these presents shall come, greeting: Whereas, a treaty was made and concluded at Upper Sandusky, Crawford County, Ohio, on the seventeenth day of March, in the ye

Johnny fill up the bowl ... Philadelphia. A. W. Auner, Song publisher, cardand job printer. [1864].

Johnny, fill up the bowl! Philada., Pa., A. W. Auner, Song published [1864?].

Johnson's love for the soldier. [n. p. 1867?].

Joint resolution proposing certain amendments to the constitution of the United States. The following proposed amendments to the constitution of the United States are based on the Missouri Compromise. [n. p. n. d.].

Joint resolution relative to coercion ... Passed February 1, A. D. 1861.

Joseph Cook. Two lectures at the Congregational church, Monday and Tuesday, January 14 and 15. Subjects: "The seven modern wonders of the world." and "The failures of unbelief." ... [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Joseph Desha to his constituents ... Fellow citizens. The second session of the tenth Congress will close on Friday next, it being the constitutional period. I deem it my indispensable duty at this momentous crisis, to give you an outline of our

Joseph Walker versus Colonel Roosevelt. [Boston World peace foundation 1914?].

Josh Billings to the folks at Washington. Washington, D. C. Gibson brothers, printers. Tuesday, March 2, 1869.

Joshua Barney's, Lessee, against John Hawkins. on writ of error. [Kentucky 1817?].

Joshua Scholefield, and John Taylor, plaintiffs in error, vs. Jesse Eichelberber, Surviving partner of John Clemm, defendants in error. In the Supreme Court of the United States, January, 1832.

... Joslin's patent self-acting heat regulator, for house and other furnances. [Boston, 1864].

The Journeymen printers of Philadelphia. To the public. Fellow-Citizens- Understanding that the booksellers of this city have circulated an address, through the medium of their coadjutors in the United States, respecting the difference which at

The jubilee of knowledge! What mathematicians have pronounced mathematically impossible, I have demonstrated to be mathematically certain! ... Wm. Isaac Loomis, Baptist pastor, Martindale Depot, Col. Co., N. Y. 1866.

The jubilee of knowledge! What mathematicians have pronounced mathematically impossible, I have demonstrated to be mathematically certain! ... [1865].

Judah's table of land areas. Niagara Falls. Published by Geo. H. Hackstaff. [c. 1851].

Judge Blackstone in the 2d Chapter of the first Book of his Commentaries, speaking of Parliament says, It is a matter most essential to the liberties of this kingdom, that such members be delegated to this important trust ... [n. p. n. d.].

Judge E. C. O'Rear's speech on farmers' and laborers' organizations. Louisville [n. d.].

Judge Jay's letter. Free soil Whigs and Libery party men, read this! October 1849.

Judge Jordan a prominent candidate. [Circular letter from the Secretary of State, Aug. 5, 1886]. [Corydon? Ind.].

Judge Leavitt's decision in the habeas corpus case. Springfield, Ohio: Printed at the Democratic expositor office, [n. d.].

Judge Parker's charge to the grand jury. The following charge to the Grand jury of Frederick County was delivered by Richard Parker, in 1861; and, at the solicitation of leading rebels, was published in the Winchester Republican of June 21st, 18

Judge Whitley's pantological game of Chevy Chase. [New York? c. 1863].

Judicial districts and salaries of the judges. Statement showing the counties composing the several judicial districts of the Commonwealth, the names and salaries of the judges of the Supreme Court, District Courts, and Judicial Districts, toget

The jugglers processions and grand jubilee With gull traps and hard cider. Air "The flower of Dunblane." ...[Signed] Equal rights. Carroll County, Md., 1840.

Julius A. Palmer! Voters of Boston! Shut up your dram-shops! ... Vote for Julius A. Palmer, and whoever may be elected, your vote will not fail to have its influence in favor of law, morality and all that elevates the character and promotes the

July 14th, 1703. Prices of Goods supplyed to the Eastern Indian, by the several truckmasters; and of the peltry received by the truckmasters of the said Indians.

July 26, 1918. My fellow countrymen. I take the liberty of addressing you upon a subject which so vitally affects the honor of the nation and the very character and integrity of our institutions that I trust you will find me justified in speakin

July 4, 1868. Granting a general pardon and amnesty to persons engaged in the late rebellion, with certain exceptions and reservations. By the president of the United States of America. A proclamation ... Done at the city of Washington, the four

July Dawn [a poem], by Louise Bogan.

July number just out. The little-pig monthly ... A new magazine, filled with amusing and instructive matter, such as will interest the entire family circle ... [1859].

Junior exhibition. Yale University 1836 .... Engd by Chs. E. Ely, N. York [s. l., 1836].

Junior prize declamation, to be held on Monday evening, July 12th, at the Congregational church. Portland. Berry, printer. [n. d.].

The Junket. New York, 1955.

Jupiter and Hebe. From the Boston Courier of March 20, 1870. [Signed] A. W. A. [Boston? 1870].

Just Issued. A Neglected Point in Connection with Crises.

Just arrived from England, price 25 cts ... The authentic, and only correct edition of A lecture on the life of Franklin as delivered by the Rev. Hugh M'Neile, in the Liverpool Royal amphitheatre, on Wednesday evening, 17th November 1841, before

Just imported, and to be sold by Joseph Greenough, Jun., at his cheapshop, a little below the Ferry-Way. Newbury-Port. [Two columns]. [Newburyport:] Printed by John Mycall, 1784.

Just published a catalogue of new books, sold wholesale and retail by W. Spotswood, printer & bookseller; Front-Street, West-side, between Market and Chestnut-Streets, next door but one to the Custom-House .... [Philadelphia: W. Spotswood, 178-?

Just published, Ewell's celebrated family physician, entitled, The medical companion. fifth edition greatly improved ... [Washington, 1819].

Just received a supply of those celebrated oysters ... [Washington, D. C.] McGill's steam press. [n. d.].

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