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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


[Circular] Adjutant and Inspector general's office. War department, 22nd, July, 1814. All cases in which general officers commanding armies or districts may judge it necessary, or conducive to the public service to order armes accoutrements or o

[Circular] Boston Geo B, Hamlin, printer. [1860].

[Circular] Boston, [1861].

[Circular] Northfield, Mass. Sept. 12, 1829.

[Circular] Philadelphia, [186-].

[Circular] Washington, June 1, 1858.

[Circular] [Nov. 25, 1861].

[Circular]. [Burlington, Iowa. 1855].

[Circular 184-?].

[Circular San Francisco October 14th, 1885.]

[Circular and description of the Valley Union Seminary, at Botetourt Springs, Roanoke County, Va.] [1858?].

[Circular announcing the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Society. Philadelphia, 1892].

[Circular containing testimonials] [1847].

[Circular dated Boston, May 9, 1846].

[Circular dated Oct, 2d, 1899 Zelienople, Pa.

[Circular letter and circular describing the United States family sewing machine] [Biddeford, Maine. 1869].

[Circular letter dated Boston, February 3, 1816, regarding the enlarging of the theological funds.].

[Circular letter dated Cincinnati, January 1st, 1859].

[Circular letter dated Cincinnati, O. July 1st, 1870].

[Circular letter dated Des Moines, Iowa. March 16, 1864 regarding ship canal convention, with proceeding of the preliminary meeting and circular of the convention].

[Circular letter dated New York Aug. 28th, 1843].

[Circular letter dated New York August 1, 1882.].

[Circular letter dated New York, 17th January, 1834,].

[Circular letter dated October 14, 1926 regarding the Truth about Adams].

[Circular letter dated October 17th, 1905].

[Circular letter dated Paterson. N. J. June 5th, 1832 enclosing proceedings of town meeting regarding duties].

[Circular letter dated Tallahassee, Florida, [blank] 184 [blank] regarding the amount of money due to soldiers of the Continental army].

[Circular letter from C. S. Mepinger to members of Congress regarding a return to specie payments. dated New York. February 16, 1874].

[Circular letter from W. C. P. Breckinridge, General counsel]. Lexington, Ky. 188-.

[Circular letter from the Columbia institute dated Washington, October 1, 1827].

[Circular letter giving plan of organization, Senate and Assembly districts, dated New York, August 24th, 1847.].

[Circular letter of J. W. Stevenson, General counsel]. Covington, Ky. 188-.

[Circular letter of the American friends of Spanish democracy, New York City, requesting contributions 1937].

[Circular letter regarding House Bill No. 589 regarding the erection of a memorial in honor of John Adams, dated Boston, February, 1903].

[Circular letter regarding lotteries] March 18, 1861. [Wilmington, 1861].

[Circular letter regarding persons who are trying to make a change in the administration of the Commonwealth] [1804?].

[Circular letter regarding sale of coins in the Randall sale] Brooklyn, N. Y. 2d February, 1869.

[Circular letter regarding the establishing of Sunday schools.] [Boston, 1818].

[Circular letter seeking assistance for a proposed column to commemorate the centennial of the victory at Cowpens. Addressed to the Governors of certain States, with the name of John W. Hall, Governor of Delaware, supplied in manuscript] Charles

[Circular letter urging people to vote the following week] September 27, 1926.

[Circular letter, to solicit subscriptions for the erection of an edifice.] Boston, R. M. Peck, pr., 1823.

[Circular letters regarding proposed bankrupt law, together with a copy of "An act to provide an uniform system of bankruptcy. Philadelphia, 1861].

[Circular of the Ashmun institute.] Oxford, Pa. March, 1866.

[Circular of the exhibition which opens July 2 and closes August 3, 1883. [Santa Fe, New Mexico. 1883.].

[Circular of the school listing officers, courses of study and terms of admission] Baltimore: Printed by James Young [1867].

[Circular on tariff duties] Paterson Dec. 10th, 1827.

[Circular regarding Institution of reward for orphans of patriots New York 1865].

[Circular regarding rates] Saratoga, July 1, 1843].

[Circular regarding school] Portsmouth, Jan. 1841.

[Circular regarding the subscription of the Botanical gazette]. [1886?].

[Circular regarding uniform and the organization of the club. [186-?].

[Circular to County assessor. 170-].

[Circular, Boston 1868].

[Circular, Washington, D. C. 1864-65].

[Circular.] City of Washington, August, 26th, 1842. The undersigned being engaged in preparing a statistical history of the State of Virginia, would respectfully invite and solicit your aid in collecting such facts relating to your country as wi

[Circular.] Department of state, Washington, 29th, June 1833. Sir: Messrs George Randall and James B. Congdon, each for himself, and jointly in their capacity of the administrators upon the estate of Gideon Randall deceased,.. of New Bedford, Ma

[Circular.] District of Connecticut, Supervisor's office, March 18th, 1801. Sir, It becomes my duty to communicate to you without delay, the information this day received in regard tothe surveyors of the revenue, from William Miller, Esquire, Co

[Circular.] Office regulations. [Washington, D. C., 1845].

[Circular. Boston 1869].

[Circular. New York 184-].

[Circular. New York 1857].

[Fire insurance policy issued to Bushrod Washington for the dairy at Mount Vernon, dated in mss. Dec. 6, 1815. at Richmond].

An Irishman to Irishmen. Speech of Patrick A. Collins, of Boston, member of Congress, Ex- President of the National land league, at Albany, N. Y. July 29, 1884. [Albany, 1884].

The Irishmen's petition, To the Honourable c-mm-ssi-n-rs of excise, &c. The humble petitition of Patrick O'Conner, Blany O'Bryan, and Carney Macquire, to be appointed inspectors and over-lookers for the port of -- ... Printed by desire. [New Yor

The Irishmen's petition, to the Honourable C-mm-ssi-n-rs of Excise, &c ... Patrick O'Conner, Blany O'Bryan, Carney Macquire. Lawrence Sweeney. [Printed by desire.] [n. d.].

The Iron platform Extra. New York June 1, 1872. To the President of the United States. The Republican national executive committee, The Republican national convention, and the Workingmen of the American Union .... Wm. Oland Bourne. New York, 187

Iron ship-building in the United States. The ship-yards of William Cramp & sons, of Philadelphia. How the Pennsylvania Central R. R. Co. has solved the problem of regaining our lost commerce. Iron ship-building and the west. Philadelphia, April

Irrigable public lands to be located under the "Carey arid land act." where they may be scientific, intensive, reliable farming. [n. p.] [c. 1905].

"The first book printed in New York," 1693-94. The laws & acts of the General Assembly for their Majesties Province of New York, as they were enacted in divers sessions, the first of which began April, the 9th Annoq; Domini, 1691. At New York, P

Is Buckingham to be denied renomination for refusing to make a corrupt bargain? William F. Russell offers unanimous nomination to Mayor Buckingham as price of written corrupt promise -- "No," says mayor ... Bridgeport Farmer, October 26, 1911.

'Tis now near two years, since I left my native place, and retired to the wilds of the western waters, beyond the Apalachion mountains. I have saved a small part of a genteel fortune from certain harpies and rascals of Philadelphia, by making a

Is the government of the State of New York a republic or a despotism? To the members of the Constitutional convention ... [c. Jan 2, 1868].

Is the war a failure? ... Published by the National Union Executive Committee, Astor House, New York.

Is the war a failure? The Chicago convention declared that the war against the rebellion had proved a failure ... Americans! Read these declarations of your generals in the field, and then decide whether the Chicago convention was right or wrong

Is there a Judus [sic] among us! Latest move of the conspiritors against Doctor Bennett! Betrayed for 1100 pieces of silver!!! ... [3 cuts] ... The penny paid for this goes to the benefit of news boys. New Haven, Conn., May, 17th, 1860.

Is there a north. The live men of Peekskill and vicinity are requested to meet at Simpson's Hall, on Tuesday Eve's August 5, 1862 to adopt measures to promote volunteering under the new call of the president for more troops ... "To arms! to arms

Is this protection? Tax on farmers ... Hon. James Brook's speech, March 3, 1870. The American Free-trade league. New York [1870].

[Miscellaneous publications].

[Miscellaneous publications, 1898-1904].

Issuance of emergency passports and the visaing of passports. Department of State, Washington, December 26, 1914.

Issued by Woollen and Dunlop. Amateur journalism! An institution for the youth of the land. Its aims, pleasures and intellectual profits fully set forth- how to become an amateur some of its distinguished graduates, and advocates- names of some

[A list of delegates by counties] [1820].

[A list of delegates by counties] [1821].

[A list of the federal legislature] George Washington, Esquire, President of the United States. John Adams, Esquire, Vice-President of the United States. Senators of the United States [Arranged by states] Representatives of the United States [A

[History of the flag]. [1918].

[Lists members of the Executive committee and of the Central committee, and gives the vote by Congressional districts in the Congressional elections of 1866 and the gubernatorial election of 1867].

It has been the intention of the American people from the close of the war of the revolution, to rear some monument to the memory of Washington. This was expressed first, by their representatives in Congress on the 7th day of August 1783, by the

It is agreed between the master, seamen, and mariners of the master, now bound for the port of that in consideration of the monthly or other wages against each respective seaman and mariner's name hereunder set, they severall shall and will perf

It seems to be conceded on all sides that the bill for the relief of the sufferers by French spoliations prior to July 31, 1801, will be voted by Congress next winter ... James H. Causten. Washington City, October 10, 1849.

It's all right B. M'Call Barbour. Binghamton. N. Y. [n. d.].

It's up to me by W. L. Brownell, Kalamazoo, Mich. copyright 1908.

[Five cards from the Union Hotel] [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

[five elections tickets of n. d.].

"Dixie land." In the thirties America was flooded with "wildcat" money and counterfeiting was so common that suspicion became fixed on almost all paper money. Through it all, however, the bank notes of the Citizens' Bank and Trust Company of New

J. B. Gough's Benefit at the Tremont Temple. This Monday Eve., Oct. 28, 1844, being the second anniversary of his signing the total abstinence pledge. Mr. G. will sing two original pieces, written for the occasion ... Admittance 12 1-2 cents. Do

J. B. Gough. Presentation of a silver cup. The Boston young ladies' total abstinence society will give an entertainment at the Tremont Temple! on this Wednesday evening Oct. 23d ... [Boston] Mail steam press. [1862].

J. Churchman's address to the members of the different learned Societies in Europe and America, in support of the principles of the magnetic variation, and their application in determining the longitude at sea; shewing wherein what the learned d

J. F. Browne & Co. harpmakers. [Advertisement] New York. Drawn & engraved by W. Thompson, 169 William St. [c. 1853].

J. H. Merrill, solicitor of patents, Corner of D and eighth streets, opposite Martin's Franklin house. Washington, Sage printer [185-].

J. L. Roberts, merchant tailor, has just returned from Philadelphia, where he has purchased a stock of cloths, &c ... Alton, October 1841. "Telegraph" --- Alton.

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