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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Head quarters, Virginia forces, Staunton, Va. Men of Virginia, to the rescue! Your soil has been invaded by your abolition foes, and we call upon you to rally at once, and drive them back. We want volunteers to march immediately to Grafton and r

Head quarters, Virginia forces, Staunton, Va. Men of Virginia, to the rescue! Your soil has been invaded by your abolition foes, and we call upon you to rally at once, and drive them back. We want volunteers to march immediately to Staunton and

Head quarters. Commander of the Post. Winchester, Va., April 17th, 1862. Citizens of Winchester: Upon me has devolved the duty of commanding this post ... Wm. D. Lewis, Jr., Col. 110th Reg't P. V. Commanding Post.

Head-Quarters, Cambridge, November 1775. The generals flatter themselves that the new establishment of the army will not be less agreeable to the men in general, than it is calculated for action and economy … [An address to the soldiers.] [Cambr

Head-quarters, Army of the Potomac. Warrenton, Va., November 9, 1862. General orders No. 1 ... A. E. Burnside, Major General cammanding.

Head-quarters. Army of the Potomac, Camp near Harrison's Landing, Va., July 4th, 1862. Soldiers of the Army of the Potomac! ... [Signed:] Geo. B. McClellan, Major General Commanding.

Headquarters Army of shirtwearers. Important information having been received that there are in this city over 10,000 gentlemen who want good fitting shirts, this to to let them know that by calling at W. H. Faulkner & Co's and leaving their mea

Headquarters Department of the Lakes, Detroit, Michigan, January 19th, 1870. Dear General ... By order of the Secretary of war. Ed. Schriver, Inspector General War department February 16th, 1870. [Published by General John Pope in his controvers

Headquarters Department of the Missouri, Assistant Adjutant-general's office, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, June 8, 1881. General orders, No. 16.

Headquarters Grand Army of the Republic. Adjutant General's Office. 411 F Street. Circular no. 7. Washington, D.C. 1869.

Headquarters Potomac Department. Culpeper C. H., May 5, 1861 ... Therefre I call upon the brave men within the geographical limits above indicated, to respond instantly to this demand upon their patriotism, in defence of all that is held sacred

Headquarters for military and other claims, at Washington, D. C ... John P. Dickinson. Attorney at law and agent for claimants. [Washington 1853].

Headquarters of the Marine corps. Adjutant and Inspector's office. Washington, Orders. [16 orders] A. Henderson, Colonel commandant marine corps. [1840].

Headquarters third cavalry division. Appomattox Court House, Va., April 9, 1865. Soldiers of the third cavalry division: With profound gratitude toward the God of battles, by whose blessings our enemies have been humbled and our arms rendered tr

Headquarters, 1st brigade, Washington, July 12, 1864. General orders, No. 2 .... Peter F. Bacon, Brigadier General.

Headquarters, Baltimore. 1st December 1828. Great official news. [Signed] Sioul Trah.

Headquarters, Cambridge. November 1775. The generals flatter themselves that the new establishment of the army will be not less agreeable to the men in general, than it is calculated for action and economy; that they shall find in them the same

Headquarters, D. C. Finance committee of the Republican national committee, No. 1421 New York Avenue. Washington, D. C. Oct. 16, 1884. Dear Sir: Early in August last this committee addressed you a circular letter of the Republican national commi

Headquarters, Department of South-western Virginia, Salt Sulphur Springs, August. 1862. General orders, No. By direction of the General commanding is hereto appended a list of those absent without leave from the 2nd brigade of this command ... M

Headquarters, Western division St. Louis arsenal, Missouri, October 14th, 1838. Sir:- Accompanying this, I do myself the honor to send you a diagram of my system of rail roads, designed to lead from the central and western states of the Union to

Headquarters, first brigade, first division, V. M. V. General orders No. 7. Boston. August 8, 1862.

Headquarters. First Pennsylvania colored brigade, No. 120 Vine Street, Philadelphia. To the colored citizens of Pennsylvania ... [Philadelphia, 1862?].

Headquarters. Fredericksburg, Va. May 11, 1861. General orders No. 9 ... Daniel Ruggles Colonel Provisional army Commanding V. forces.

Headquarters. Seventh military district. Adjutant's General's office, New Orleans. March 14, 1815. General orders. The major-general is at length enabled to perform the pleasing task of restoring to Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana and the territo

Headquaters, New-Hampshire militia. Adjutant-general's office Concord, 182- The Governor and commander-in-chief has accepted the resignation of Captain of the company .... By His Excellency's command, [Signed in mss. Joseph Low] Adjutant & inspe

Health department, District of Columbia. Advice as to the care and patients suffering from influenza and pneumonia and as to the prevention of these diseases ... [Washington, D. C.] Oct. 1, 1918.

Health reporter. Thursday, July 26 1832, 10 o'clock. The Board of Health reports 141 cases of cholera & 55 deaths, since July 25 10 A. M. viz ... Printed and published by A. Bling, No. 9 Canal-st corner of Elm st.

Hear us again for the wounded soldiers. They are suffering! They are dying!! Read what an earnest woman says! ... The chapel at the corner of Eighteenth and Spring Garden Streets is open every day from 8 A. M., until 10 P. M., to receive your of

Hearing before the Legislative Committee 1859, on the management of the State Liquor agency ... The Massachusetts Charitable mechanic association awarded a deploma to the Chestnut Grove Whiskey, contributed to the ninth exhibition, Sept. 1860 F.

[Checks dated 183-].

Hellard's concentrated gaseious chlorid, for external use. Properties of this chlorid. [Circular] New York 1858.

Heney stands for Wilson. [California 1918?].

Henry Bishop's advice to his patrons on the care and general management of the aquarium ... Henry Bishop, 49 E. Baltimore St. [c. 1878].

Henry C. Baker of Winchester, Virginia. The friends of the unfurtunate lady who disappeared at the Falls of Niagara on the night of the 26th of November last, and who then supposed to have committed suicide, have been, for three months, in a sta

Henry C. Carey on national matters ... Medford. Nov. 26, 1859.

Henry R. Schoolcraft died in Washington D. C., on the 10th day of December, 1864, aged 72 years. His funeral services were conducted by Rev. Dr. Gurley ... Washington, D. C. Chronicle Print. [1864].

Henry W. Lawrence. No. 4 S. Gay Street. Baltimore, manufacturer of fringe and cotton cord, of the first quality, and of every size ... [n. d.].

Henry W. Longfellow. [Born Feb. 27, 1807. Died March 24, 1882.] I. Edwards Clarke. Washington, D. C. March 24, 1882.

Henry's valedictory, June 16th 1856. Ladies and gentlemen: We have taken in consideration the part of human suffrage of the present year 1856 ... C. H. Bowens.

Hepburn & Dundass, vs. Colin Auld. Error from the court of Ch'7. [Washington D. C.? 180-].

Her daddy's been and brought her a bow-wow (bull dog.) By Norton Atkins. Sung by Joe Lawrence. [c. 1893].

Herald. Extra. Newburyport. April 15, two o'clock. Appalling circumstance! the President dead! Escape of the murderer! Attempt on the life of Secretary Seward, J. Wilkes Booth, the actor, the assassin. [Newburyport, Mass. 1865].

Here is the document. Workingmen, this goes to the question of your daily bread. Facts do not lie. Campaign of 1884. Vote for Blaine & Logan. which means protection and fair wages. Read what the Republican platform of 1884 says. The tariff ... n

Hereditary sheriff of Dutchess. To the curious ... [New York. n. d.] [Positive Photostat.].

Herndon's Lincoln. One of the great historical works of this century. The life of Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, by William H. Herndon, for twenty years Lincoln's law partner, and Jesse W. Weik ... Beldford-Clarke Co., Publishe

Hero of the Thames. The citizens of the District of Columbia, friendly to the elevation of Col. R. M. Johnson to the second office in the gift of a free people, are respectfully requested to attend at the City Hall, on Tuesday evening next, at e

Heron's table for calculating interest, at 6 per cent, per annum. presented by him to the St. John's orphan asylum, and for sale at the Orphan's store, Chestnut above twelfth. [n. p.] [c. 1844].

Herrn Dr. J.G. Flügel, Consul der Vereinig ten Staaten von Nord-Amerika zu Leipzig in Sachsen. An open letter addressed to Dr. Flügel by Veit Eifel and Caspar Vogel, farmers of Bonhomme, Bottom Missouri. ca. 1820?.

... The Hetch Hetchy scheme; why it should not be rushed through the extra session; an open letter to the American people. [New York, 1913].

Hickok's patent cider mill .... Harrisburg, Pa. Scheffer & Beck, printers and engravers. [c. 1852].

High and low tariffs, and their effects [187-?].

Highest premium silver plating fluid. [Boston, Mass.? s. n., s. d.].

Highly important from Washington. Journal Office, ----- Extra. Saturday, April 23, 4 P.M. Resignation of the cabinet!! By the Benjamin Franklin, arrived this day we received the following important information, to wit - the resignation of the wh

Highly important land sale! on Monday, May 21, 1855, at 10 1-2 A. M. One hundred and sixty-five splendid building lots in Cambridge, will be sold at auction, on Monday, May 21 ....

... Highly important report by a Committee of the Legislature of Georgia on railroads ... Evening Gazette Office. 1837. [Atlanta?].

Highly important to visitors to the Bath Alum, warm, hot and healing springs ... Joseph Baxter, Proprietor Bath Alum Springs, Va. June 28th, 1869.

... Highly important. New-York Legislature. House of Assembly. Wednesday March 18 [1801] The following important communication was received and laid before the House by the Speaker. It was read and committed to a committee of the whole, and 150

A hillside thaw. New York. The Poets' Guild [ca. 1930].

Hints to Elder Pottle, on the necessity of mortifying the deeds of the body:-- By Jonathan Plummer, a travelling preacher, physician, poet and trader. [17- ].

Hints to consumptives. Persons whose lungs, throat, or liver are at all affected, will find the following hints of great service. S. Tousey. New York. 1850.

His Excellency George Washington's last legacy. A circular letter ... dated June 11, 1783. [Fish-Kill? Printed by Samuel Loudon? or Poughkeepsie, printed by John Holt? 1783].

His Excellency the Earl of Bellomont's speech to the House of representatives convened in general assembly at New-York the 29th day of July 1700. [New York: Printed by William Bradford, 1700] [Negative Photostat].

His Excellency, Samuel Shute, Esq; Captain General and Governour in Chief over His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England His speech to the Honourable Council and House of representatives convened in General Assembly at Bosto

His Majesty’s most gracious speech to both Houses of Parliament, on Monday, March the 21st, 1714/15 [blank] Boston: Re-printed by T. Fleet and T. Crump. In Pudding-Lane. Sold by Nicholas Buttolph and Samuel Gerrish 1715.

His Majesty's most gracious speech to both Houses of Parliament, on Friday, October 27, 1775. Philadelphia: Printed by Hall & Sellers. [1776].

His Majesty's most gracious speech to both houses of Parliament, on Friday, October 27, 1775 ... [New York? 1775].

His Majesty's ship Liverpool, being hauled off from the wharf, it is expected and ordered, that every man absent from her, do immediately repair on board, or they will be apprehended at Defertes. Ten volunteer seamen wanted for the above ship He

"This is my own, my native land" Speech of R. W. Lassiter, Esq., of Granville County. Delivered before the State mass meeting, at Raleigh, on Sept. 16th, and published at the request of the Republican Executive Committee Raleigh. 1868.

His majesty's most gracious letter to his government of the Massathusets Colony in New-England ... Printed at Boston in New-England, by Richard Pierce for Benjamin Harris Anno Domini M DC LXXX IX.

A historic duel. A letter written by Brigadier General Lachlan McIntosh to Colonel John Laurence, Military secretary to General Washington, three days after the death of Button Gwinnett being a true relation of the duel, of the events that cause

Historic poem. The first poem of the civil war. "The Great bell Roland." Suggested by President Lincoln's first call for volunteers. By Theodore Tilton. Baltimore, Md. J. H. Furst company, printers. 1941.

Historical dates ... Sacred chronology ... [Washington, D. C. 18--].

The historical love letter ... John Hancock President of Congress to Dorothy Quincy, the second "Dorothy Q" whom he married two months later. Printed here in facsimile for the first time for a few friends by the American Autograph shop [Merion S

The history and antiquities of Boston. By Samuel G. Drake. [Prospectus] William Guild & Co. 156 Washington Street Boston [1856].

History of Babylon. Mr. Sanborn will lecture on Monday evening on the above subject at the Town hall at 7 o'clock ....

History of Desirable apple trees, Samuel Preston, Stocmport, Pa. May 30, 1828.

History of the Massachusetts temperance alliance. [187-?].

History of the church in the press, and wil be speedily published by E. Thayer, at the Theological Book-Store, No. 25, Broad-Street, Charleston, (S.oCa.) An historical account of the Protestant Episcopal Church in South-Carolina, from the first

History of the national flag. [n. p. n. d.].

History of their reunion. Gathering of the survivors of the seventy-seventh regiment. [1899].

Hitchcock's chronoscope or time table. (A counting house convenience,) by which are shown the numerical relations of the days of the year to each other, and to those of the calendar months. [c. 1886].

Ho! for Coffeyville, Kas! the General starting and outfitting point into the beautiful Indian Territory, now opened for settlement by the government ... call on or address Ex-Gov. Dan'l Woodson, Coffeyville, Kansas. April 21, 1879.

Ho! for the New Eldorado! 1,400 second-hand six-shooters for sale. Also 1,100 double-barrel shot guns and 1,000 winchester rifles! As the route from Independence to Carpenter City lies through the Cheyenne and Arrapahoe Country, it is necessary

Ho, for Cuba, [Cut of ship] Liberty for all. Grand meeting Huzzah for Lopes. The citizens of Washington and vicinity, are respectfully invited to attend a mass meeting, to be held in front of the Patent office, on Monday evening, Sep. 1, 1851. T

... Hodges' journal of finance and bank reporter. J. Tyler Hodges, Banker, 271 Broadway. New York, Feb. 13, 1860.

Hogg, Brown & Taylor, successors to Kinmonth & Co. importers and dealers in cloths, silks, merinos, velvets ... all at your usual low prices, wholesale and retail. 299 & 301 Washington Street, and 22 Temple Place. [Boston 1865]

Hogs! Cash! will be paid for the undersigned, for a few thousand head of corn-fed hogs, if delivered early in the season, at their packing-house, in Alton ... Hibbard, Echols, & Co. Alton, Oct. 28, 1843. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office

Holden's record! Mr. Holden before he was a candidate, and Mr. Holden now. The following extracts from the Raleigh Standard will show the position Mr. Holden has occupied for the last ten years, and the change which has come over him, now that h

The Holiday gift. No. 1 Dec. 1869. Milwaukee, Wis. 1869.

Holidays when the flag should be displayed at full staff ... Compliments of the Sons of the revolution in the State of New York. [n. d.].

Holy Cross forest reserve. Colorado. By the president of the United States of America. A proclamation ... Done at the City of Washington this 25th day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and five ... Theodore Roosevelt.

Home ... Daisy Sanial Gill. New York City, Andrew H. Kellogg. Co. 1916.

Home Squad. Company A. Supplies. Each member is required to equip himself with the articles enumerated, as follows: and to be readu in marching order when Jeff Davis crosses the wire bridge ... [Philadelphia, 1861].

Home industry, the most direct road to national prosperity. [183-?].

The home-critic; a new literary journal [Prospectus] New York January, 1844.

Homes for the homeless. What the Republican party has done for the poor man. Published by the Union Republican Congressional committee, Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C. Printed at the Great republic office [1868].

Homesteads and homestead rights for soldiers and sailors. Speech of Hon. William L. Stoughton, of Michigan, in the House of representatives May 7, 1872.

Hominy by a new process! Hughes hominy and samp mill! Patented Oct. 12, 1852 ... William Reading, sole agent. No. 226, Seventh street, Washington, D. C. March 1, 1855. Washington. Polkinhorn, printer, corner of 7th and D streets.

The Hon. Daniel S. Dickinson to the Virginia Senators. Binghamton, Jan. 4th, 1861.

Hon. Henry Wilson, U. S. Senate. Sir:- My attention has been called to your remarks with reference to Gen. John Pope, as published in the Globe of March 26, 1871 ... Your obedient servant Fitz John Porter. Morristown. N. J. April 1st, 1871.

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