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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


The Globe. Francis Preston Blair, will publish in the City of Washington, a newspaper entitled. The Globe ... [Washington, D. C.] 4th Dec. 1830.

Glorious News. Constitutional liberty revives! New-Haven, Monday-morning, May 19, 1766 Mr. Jonathan Lowder brought the following most agreeable intelligence from Boston [Regarding repeal of the stamp-act] .... New-Haven: Printed by B. Mecom, for

Glorious News. Office, Public advertiser. Sunday morning, April 22 1809. Important. Republicans! read and rejoice. The moderate and firm measures of our government have at lengh prevailed. Your Jefferson and your Madison have proved themselves w

... Glorious news from France. About noon this day an express arrived from Citizen Genet at philadelphia, to the French Consul in this City, informing that the vessel which was expedited by the President of the United States to France some time

Glorious news from New Orleans! Splendid victory over the British forces Essex, Register Office. Feb. 9 [1815].

Glorious news. Boston. Friday 11 o’clock, 16th May 1766 This instant arrived here the Brig Harrison, belonging to John Hancock, Esq; Captain Shubael Coffin, in 6 weeks and 2 days from London, with important news, as follows: From the London Gaze

Glorious news. Boston. Friday 11 o’clock, 16th May 1766 This instant arrived here the Brig. Harrison, belonging to John Hancock, Esq; Captain Shubael Coffin, in 6 weeks and 2 days from London, with important news, as follows: From the London Gaz

Glorious news. Extract of a letter from a gentleman in Baltimore, to his friend in this town, dated the 28th of August, 1801 ... Winchester, September 5th, 1801. Printed at the Triumph of Liberty Office.

Glorious news. Triumph of federal efforts. Our administration have at length yielded to the offers long since made to settle our differences with Great-Britain. The war whoop is silenced ... [June 12? 1812].

Glory to the grand architect of the universe. The W. Lodge of St. John No. 2, regularly constituted under the auspices of the Grand Orient of Malta, to all Freemasons over the globe, greeting, strength & union ... In witness whereof, done and de

Go west over the Missouri Pacific or Atlantic & Pacific railroad, via Saint Louis [Time tables, rates, etc.] St. Louis [186-?].

Gobierno supreme del Estado libre de Coahuila y Tejas. El Gobernador del Estado de Coahuila y Tejas, a todos sus habitantes sabed: que el Congreso del misma Estado ha decretado la siguiente ... Dado en la Ciudal de Monclova ; 26 de Abril de 1834

Gobierno supremo del Estado libre de Coahuila y Tejas. El gobernador del Estado de Coahuila y Tejas á todes sus habitantes sared: que la honorable diputacion permanente, unida con el Ecsmo, consejo, y senores dipatados que se hallan en la capita

Gobierno supremo del estado libre de Coahuila y Tejas. El Vice-gobernador del Estado de Coahuila y Tejas en ejercicio del supreme poder ejecutiva à todos sus habitantes sabed: que el congreso del mismo Estado ha decretado lo que sigue ... Dado e

God bless the Supreme Court by a Patriot. Tune: America. [n. d. probably 1936].

The God proposed for our national constitution ... Worcester, Mass. Liberal tract Society [187-].

God's judgment upon murder. The solemn and affecting occurence which is this day to take place, viz: the execution of Samuel Tulley & John Dalton for the horrid crimes of piracy & murder, has drawn from the pen of one who feels for the eternal i

God's mercies amidst the monetary embarrassments of our land. A thanksgiving discourse preached in St. John's Church, Thursday, November 26, 1857, by Rev. Charles Burroughs, D. D. [Washington, D. C. 1857].

Gold against paper; or, Mr. Benton's round-up of the bank ... [New York] James Van Norden, printer, 40 William Street [1834].

Gold mines of California!! W. R. Andrews, having just returned from California, after having spent several months in the mines and mountains of that interesting country will deliver a lecture at on day of 1849, upon the gold mines of California

Good Jackson Times. Farmers are doing well- of course every other man must do well. ... [Two columns of verse] [1825?].

Good news for nurserymen and fruit growers. [Geneva, N. Y.] Geneva Advertiser. Tuesday, May 5, 1891.

Good news from the Northern army. Boston, October 13th, 1777. This morning at three o'clock an express arrived at Gen. Heath's with the following letter, viz. Camp three miles above Still-Water, October 9th, 1777. Dear General. This ... will inf

Good news from the army. Letter from Gen. Grant. Capture of Mobile ... Portland, Sept. 10 1864.

Good old days of Adam & Eve by Henry J. Finn, Esq.

The gospel messenger. vol. IV. No. 32 Auburn [N.Y.] Monday, September 13, 1830.

Gov Osborn tells how it feels to be seriously ill; lauds Sault hospital. Experiences in delirium of pneumonia described by former governor, now recuperating at his camp. By Chase S. Osborn.

Gov. Butler's insults to women .... [Signed] X. Springfield, July 14, 1883.

Gov. Morton's reply to Mr. Henshaw. Boston, October 16, 1845.

Gov. Tilden's letter of acceptance. Albany, July 31, 1876.

Gov. Worth's circular To the people of North Carolina. Having been elected by you as your Governor in November last, for a term, which will expire on the 1st of January next, and believing that my administration has met your approval, I announce

The government and the City of Washington. The Committee appointed by the Corporation of Washington to attend to its interests before Congress, beg leave respectfully to submit the following statement ... Washington March 25, 1844.

Government employees working or dismissed united at the conference for reinstatement and restoration of pay cut called by the Civil service reinstatement league ... at the Thompson school 12th and L Streets N. W. 8 o'clock P. M. January 2 and 3,

Governor Cummings. Reply to his letter in the "Press of November 8 - Review of his "Performances" first as the Negroes' Moses, and next as the Copperheads Aaron He wants to save his bread and butter.

Governor Hayne's inaugural speech. Fellow Citizens of the Senate and of the House of representatives. I appear before you in obedience to your commands, to enter upon the duties, which you have assigned me [Jan.? 1833].

The Governor of Florida [Regarding the administration of General Andrew Jackson in Florida]. [Florida? 1828?].

The governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and The James Wilson memorial committee having charge of the removal from North Carolina to Pennsylvania of the remains of James Wilson. ... request your presence at the memorial services ... on T

The Governor of the State, to the people of South Carolina. The doubt has been dispelled. The truth is made manifest; and the startling conviction is now forced upon all. The invasion of the State has been commenced! our people driven from their

Governor's letter. Richmond, December 5th, 1808.. [Signed] Wm. H. Cabell.

Governor's message No. 1. To the members of the Senate and of the House of representatives of the State of South Carolina ... Columbia, 24th November 1812.

Governor's message. Fellow citizens of the Senate and House of representatives. By the act of Congress for the apportionment of representatives among the several states, according to the fourth census, a copy of which is hereto annexed, the stat

Governor's message. Gentlemen of the Senate, and of the House of Representatives December 6th, 1826.

The governor's message. This day, his excellency the Governor transmitted to both Houses of the Legislature the following message Fellow Citizens of the Senate and House of representatives ... Columbia Oct. 22, 1832.

The governors of 1933. Fellowship has been the means of forming many enduring friendships on Kiwanis. The governors of the twenty-nine districts representing the nearly 1,900 clubs of Kiwanis Internation in the United States and Canada for 1933

The Governour's answer to the joint address, of the Hon. the Council and the House of Burgresses, in consequence of the message which his Excellency left behind him, upon his retreat on board the Fowey man of war. ... [Signed] Dunmore. June 10,

The Governour's speech to the Assembly, at Philadelphia the 15th September 1701 ... Printed at Philadelphia by Reynier Jansen 1701.

Gowers' land agency, Iowa City, Iowa. [Circular concerning transactions]. Iowa City Iowa Capital Reporter Power Press [1855].

The Grammarians funeral. Or, An elegy composed upon the death of Mr. John Woodmancy, formerly a school-master in Boston: but now published upon the death of the venerable Mr. Ezekiel Chevers, the late and famous school-master of Boston in New-En

Grand Bal costume. Washington, April 22, 1850.

Grand Trunk railw'y $18 saved! The cheapest excursion of the season!! Only $7.00 from Boston to the White Mount'ns, Montreal, Quebec, and return ... Boston [1861].

Grand amateur concert! at the First Baptist church, Newark. N. J. On Wednesday evening, May 21st, 1862. by the Bloomfield quartette club and several other distinguished amateurs under the direction of Willie H. Cooke ... Newark. N. J. Francis St

The grand aquaria! is now open for public exhibition! at the Aquarial gardens, No. 21 Bromfield Street ... Cutting & Butler, proprietors ... [Boston. n. d.].

Grand ball. Your company is respectfully requested at a ball to be given by Ellen Grant, at Schwartz' Hall, on G street, between 17th and 18th streets, October 16th, 1854.

Grand bobalition, or great annibersary fussible. [Boston 1821].

Grand celebrashun ob fe bobalition ob African slabery!!!. [Cuts] Boston 1825.

Grand concert at People's hall, Tuesday evening May 24th, by the members of the Newburgh Musical institute ... [Newburgh, N. Y.] Martin, printer, Journal office [1864].

Grand concert; by the 79th regt'al band Friday evening April 18th, 1862, at 7.5 o'clock at the Brick Beaufort Church ... "Camp Kettle" print. [1862].

Grand exhibition. To the public. When we published our proposals for a triumphal procession, we meant to refresh your memories with what we conceived ought to be exhibited on the termination of a succesful war, which produced one of the greatest

A grand fair for sick and disabled soldiers and sailors, and soldiers' widows and orphans will be held at the Horse-Guard armory, Bacon's Block, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Dec. 1st, 2d, and 3d [1868].

Grand instrumental concert, under the direction of Carl Sentz, assisted by an orchestra composed of the elite of the profession, will be held at Hendry Hall, Haddonfield. N. J. in aid of the street light fund. on Wednesday evening, October 19, 1

Grand lodge of Massachusetts, December 11, 5822. A motion was made by R. W. Thomas Cole, that a committee be appointed to take into consideration the subject of raising a fund for the institution of an asylum for the female orphans of our brethr

Grand lodge of the District of Columbia. At the annual communication of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, held at the Central Masonic Hall, in the City of Washington, on Tuesday, the 3d day of November, A. L. 5829, A. D. 1829 the foll

Grand national inauguration ball. March fourth [1857] The honor of Company is requested .... Philadelphia. Toppan, Carpenter & Co. [1857].

Grand national lottery. fifth class ... D. Gillespie. The only agent in the United States for the managers ... Washington City, Jacob Gideon, junior. printer. 1821.

Grand national regatta. At a recent meeting of the Boat clubs of the District of Columbia, by their several committees, it was resolved, if practicable, to hold a Grand national regatta on the waters of the Potomac during the coming season - say

... Grand opening of new rooms! Opening of telegraphic institute! ... [New York, c. 1865].

Grand pleasure excursion around Lake Superior to Mackinac through the ten thousand islands of the Georgian Bay. A month of most delightful recreation. Leaving Cleveland, Thursday, July 12th, 1866, and sailing through the most beautiful lakes and

Grand pleasure excursions to Lake Superior one of the new magnificent upper cabin meteor steamers Pewabic. Will give excursion trips as below ... [Cleveland, 1865].

Grand pleasure excursions to Lake Superior. The splendid passenger steamers "Northern Light" and "Lac La Belle." will sail the following days on Grand pleasure excursions to the upper lakes, leaving Cleveland, at 8 o'clock, P. M ... Cleaveland,

Grand rally! The American Republicans of the city of Lancaster will meet in the Court house on Wednesday evening, 21st inst. to ratify the nominations of the County convention, and by rallying to the standard. and 'neath the ample folds of our n

Grand re-opening!!! of Eaton's Commercial College, Monday, August 30th 1869 ... Boston 1869.

Grand real estate distribution at Atchison, Kansas, March 28, 1876.

Grand reception in the Post office in State Street. Programme of arrangements.

Grand state lottery, ninth class. highest prize. $25,000 .…

Grand victory on Lake Champlain [Cuts] Tenth naval victory.- "Com. Macdonough obtained a glorious victory, over the British Fleet on Lake Champlain Sept. 11 ... The old-war proverb still holds good; "There's virtue in the Yankee blood." Tune ...

... Grant of certain lands to the Barry hospital June 12 1894.- Committed to the Committee of the whole house on the state of the Union and ordered to be printed. Mr McRae,from the Committee on the public lands submitted the following report. [W

Grant. [Poem on the death of Gen. Grant] William Errickson, [n. p. 1885].

Granua O'weal. [New York] Printed and sold, wholesale and retail. by J. M'Cleland. 285 Water-st [1826-29?].

Gratitude! The citizens of Reading are hereby invited to meet in Lyceum Hall, on Tuesday evening, the 12th inst. at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of making arrangements to dedicate the monument to deceased soldiers ... Selectmen of Reading. Reading

The grave of Mary, the mother of General George Washington, to be sold at public auction To the ladies attending the inauguration of President-elect Harrison: on Tuesday, March 5, 1889, at 12 o'clock M., we will offer at public outcry, at the Ca

Great Central fair buildings. Logan Square Philadelphia, June, 1864 [Picture and description.

The Great Central fair for the Sanitary commission. To be held in Philadelphia the first week in June, 1864. The Executive committee of paper manufacturers and stationers most earnest solicit the co-operation of every man, woman, and child, in a

Great Central fair to be held in Philadelphia, June, 1864. Dear Sir: The miscellaneous committee of the Great Central fair, is now fully organized and prepared to receive contributions ... Philadelphia 1864.

The great Cleveland panic of 1893. Philadelphia. Published by The American iron and steel association. 1896.

Great Harrison meeting ... in Chillicothe in honor of the Citizen father of Ohio and the North-Western country ... September 7, 1835.

Great Northern and western railroad and steamboat route, from Boston to Ogdensburgh, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Cleaveland, Detroit, Chicago, and other ports, via Rutland & Burlington and Ogdensburgh railroads and American mail steamers on Lake Ont

Great Republican rally. Come out ladies! Republicans - prohibitionists democrats - populists. Everybody come! A splendid treat of oratory ... Chicago, Ill [1900].

Great Southern mail route from New York to N. Orleans! Through in 71/2 days. Via Washington City and Richmond, and the Chesapeake Bay and James River lines, to Charleston, Augusta, and Atlanta, Geo. Notasulga and Montgomery, Ala ... W. B. Wiley,

Great attraction! Dr. James Thom, naturalist, has just arrived and is now exhibiting, on Penn. av., first door east of 7th st., his wonderful petrification of a man into stone ... [Washington, February, 1854].

A great bargain. To be sold Very cheap by Samuel Blodget, of Derryfield. A farm lying in Goffstown, N. H. containing about one thousand acres ... Dec. 1806.

Great central fair in aid of the Sanitary commission, to be held at Philadelphia, first week in June, 1864. Restaurant department ... Philadelphia 1864.

Great central route and U. S. mail line. 6 hours saved! The shortest, quickest, and in all respects, the most reliable route to Chicago, St. Louis, Galena, Milwaukie, Burlington, Cairo and all points west & southwest ... New York, S. T. Callahan

Great central route, and U. S. Mail line. 6 hours saved! The shortest, quickest, and in all respects the most reliable route to Chicago and all cities and towns in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, and to

Great democratic and anti-tariff meeting of the young men of Portland. Office of the Eastern Argus, Portland, Sept. 3, 1828.

Great direct route. New York & Erie R. R. ... Double tract and telegraph route. To the western and southwestern states and the Canadas ... For fares and offices see other side [New York 1857].

The great eastern excursion! This mammoth steamship, the wonder of the age, will arrive at Norfolk and be open for the reception of visitors on Saturday, August 4 ... This splendid steamer Baltimore will make an excursion to Old Point and Norfol

The great evil of the sin of drunkenness [176-?].

Great excitement in South Carolina! was being caused before the war by the wonderful cures of bronchitis, asthma, sore throat, consumption &c. &c., effected by Wishart's Pine Tree tar cordiall, in and around Charleston. Beauregard himself might

Great excitement!! Arrival in this city of the nondescript! or woolly horse and will be exhibited once in a while, at the Hut, corner of Asulu, and High Streets, until Nov. 4th, previous to taking its departure for Salt River ... [1858?].

The great explosion in New-York, February 4th, 1850. [New York, 1850].

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