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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Enumeration returns. [Blank for enumeration returns by township of white and colored youths between five and twenty-one years of age]. [n. p. 18--].

An epistle from our yearly meeting held in Philadelphia by adjournments from the 20th of the 4th mo. to the 25th of the same inclusive, 1812, expressive of an exercise which arose and spread in this meeting, which is affectionately recommended t

An epitaph in memory of the Democratic party. Died November 2d 1880. [New York? 1880].

An epitaph in memory of the Democratic party. Died November 7, 1865. New York. Published and for sale at the office of the Soldiers Friend. [1866].

Epitaph on the United States of America. [n.p., 1861?]

Epitaph. Here lie the mutilated and disjointed remains of the noblest form of government ever contrived by the wisdom of man, or blessed by the smiles of heaven, for promoting the greatest good of the greatest number of the people of the human r

Epitaph. Mr. Cox, member of Congress from Ohio, concluded his speech of June 6, 1862, with the following: Weary in watching its mad designs of revolution O and its crazy crotchets of black freedom - and for the self preservation of my native sta

Epitome of all the Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia of a public nature, passed at the Dec. session, 1805. Richmond, S. Pleasants, Jr. printer [1805].

An epitome of the true, grand, sublime and magnificent principles and policy of the Democratic party ... Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 1884.

[Report of the Society, Richmond, 19th Sept, 1812].

[A reprint of the original broadside containing the Republican Platform of 1860, adopted by the National Republican Convention held in Chicago, May 17, 1860.] Chicago, 1860.

[September 7, 1867.- Extending full pardon to certain persons who were engaged in the late rebellion.] By the president of the United States of America, a proclamation ... Done at the City of Washington, the seventh day of September, in the year

"The Republican court" in the days of Lincoln by P. F. Rothermel ... New York. Russell's American Steam printing House [1869].

Equal suffrage - New constitution - Duty of Republicans, Speech of Hon. Chas. S. May, of Kalamazoo. Delivered at Jackson before the Grant Club, Wednesday evening, March 4, 1868.

Equalization of soldiers' bounties. To the Honorable Senate and House of representatives ... Wm. S. Morse. Washington, D. C., March 5, 1866.

Equitable principles for free debt rules ... Declaration of freexebtism. Boston, A. D. June 16, 1828.

Erie & junction canal directory; containing a list of the principal places on said canals, with their distance from each other, and from the several collectors' office. By Samuel W. Shepard, Little-Falls. Griffing's Press-1828.

Erie and junction canal guide. Containing a list of distances on said canals, rates of toll, toll on 100 lbs per 100 miles at the different rates; also extracts from the canal law and regulations ... For sale at the Weigh Lock, Utica [c. June 10

[German Sunday School card with Bible quotations] [n. d.].

[A perpetual calendar from 1859 to 1937] [New York. c. 1859].

Errantry by John Galsworthy. Riverside, Conn. [n. d.].

[A certificate for the electoral vote for Rutherford B. Hayes and William A. Wheeler for the State of Louisiana dated 1876].

[Certificate of stock. New York 188-].

[A certificate of the Michigan Corporation and Securities Commission concerning the change in name from the Spiritual Psychic Science Ministerial Union to United Spiritual Ministerial Union. Dated July 14, 1936. Lansing, Mich, 1936.]

Es ist zu verkaufen, order auf anbauungs-bedingungen zu berlehnen. Ein strich sehr köstlich bauland, in Northampton Caunty, in Pennsylvanien füng oder sechs meilen von der NeuYorker linie ... Philadelphia: Gedruckt bey Melchior Steiner, in der R

"Yes!" The great popular movement! Let no citizen of Boston fail to go to the polls on Monday, April 25, and deposit his vote in favor of the "Act in relation to the Back Bay and the Public Garden." ... Let the people speak! Vote early and vote

"yes!" the great popular movement! Let no citizen of Boston fail to go the polls on Monday, April 25, and deposit his vote in favor of the "Act in relation to the Back Bay and the Public Garden." ... Let the people speak! Vote early and vote "Ye

"Research barriers in the South" ... L. D. Reddick. Reprinted from the Social Frontier, December 1937, Vol. IV. No. 30. pp. 85, 86.

[Resolution of convention assembled in the City of San Francisco on the 24th of September 1885.]

[Resolutions of the Democratic convention.] [1861?].

Espy's patent conical ventilator. [Description of] James P. Espy. Washington 1842.

An essay on the practicability and profitableness of manufacturing the cotton crop of the South within our own limits .... J. S. Peterson, Brunswick, Ga. Oct. 24, 1870.

Essay: Honour ... Roscoe R. Miller. [n. p. n. d.].

Essex, ss. George the Second by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, defender of the faith, &c. To the sheriff of our County of [blank] his undersheriff or deputy, Greeting. Where as [Sheriff’s order to jail Jonathan Joh

Essex, ss. To of taxes for in Newburyport Greeting. You are in the name of thee Commonwealth of Massachusetts, required to levy and collect of the several persons named in the list herewith committed to you, each one his or her respective propor

"Lest we forget" America first; one country; one flag; the stars and stripes forever. National life and sovereignty of the nation versus international life. Let the people rule. Abraham Lincoln ... John W. Clark Jr. Reserve Brown Co., Kan. July

Establish the arsenal and armory at Quincy, Illinois. [n. d.].

Established in 1835. John McElroy & Son. manufacturers of light and heavy farm wagons! Wish to call the attention of farmers to the superior farm wagons, known as the McElroy wagon ... Delaware, Ohio, Gazette Steam Print [n. d.].

Established prices for the different sorts of brick work. [n. p. n. d.].

Estimate of state debt. [Annapolis: Printed by Frederick Green, 1788]

Estimate of the expenses of civil government, from the 30th September, 1801 to the 1st October 1802. and of the debts payable.

"Get the best." Light! More light!! better light !!! Hanson's corn oil! ... H. P. Hanson & Co., proprietors and manufacturers, 85 Union Street Boston, Mass. Boston. Wright & Potter, proprietors and manufacturers 85 Union Street, Boston, Mass. Bo

"Let us proudly remember that in our time, the greatest, the grandest, the noblest army of the world fights, not to enslave but to free ... " [n. p., n. d.].

Etat de la Louisiane. Cité et Paroisse d'Orléans. No. [blank] Mairie de la Nouvelle-Orleans. Vu l'article premier de l'ordonnance du Conseil de Ville approuvée le 28 Mai 1812, additionnelle à celle relative aux tueries; vu pareillement le cautio

[Letter dated San Francisco, October 22nd 1885 to the fruit growers of California to perfect an organization to protect and advance their interests.]

[Letter from Cyrus W. Field, to Gen. Geo. B. McClellan, commander-in-chief, U. S. Army, Washington, December 7th, 1861.].

[Letter from Gerrit Smith to Hon. O. Allen, Buffalo, Peterboro. April 23, 1851.]

[Letter from Gerrit Smith to William Goodell, Peterboro Nov. 1, 1854].

[Letter from J. A. Cooper, President Colorado cattle growers' association Denver, Colo. Dec. 23, 1886 to the senators and representatives in congress assembled.]

[Letter from J. C. Lewis to Hon. Ira Harris, U. S. Senator] Washington, D. C., May 16, 1866.

[Letter from J. Thompson to J. P. Benjamin Secretary of state. January 8, 1865].

[A letter from Phillis Wheatley to Dear Obour. Dated Boston, March 21, 1774.].

[Letter from R. H. Duell to Hon. D. S. Dickinson. Cortland Village. N. Y. June 21, 1864].

[A letter from Woodford W. Brooks dated New York August 1908 to Julian Hawthorne, regarding the Cobalt Silver Mines.] [New York, 1908.].

[Letter inviting recipients to subscribe to a fund to be used towards erecting a monument to the American revolution, dated at] Philadelphia, February 14th, 1795. [Signed by] George Washington [and 60 others].

[Letter of Jacob Barker dated New Orleans May 8, 1846].

[Letter of Jos. Gist to his constituents in South Carolina] Washington City, February 21st, 1825.

[Letter of Richard W. Byrd to Gov. John Tyler giving details of Peter's insurrection plans for rebellion, Smithfield, May 30 1810].

[Letter to Albion K. Parris, Second comptroller, Treasury department from N. Townson, paymaster General's April 5, 1837 and Mr. Parris's reply of April 7, 1837.] [Washington, D. C. 1837].

[Letter to Hon. F. R. Lubbock, dated April 28, 1858, on the admission of Kansas as a State. n. p., 19--].

[Letter to Nicholas Pike, dated Mount Vernon, June 20th, 1788.].

[Letter to Wm. A. Atkinson, Esq. Chairman of the State Executive committee, Dover accepting invitation to speak at a mass meeting for the State of Delaware to be held at Dover, on Tuesday the 25th inst 1864] dated Philadelphia, October 24, 1864.

[Letter to his constituents dated Washington City, May 13, 1826].

[Letter transmitting joint resolutions in relation to transportation by the Rail Roads of the Confederacy. Dec. 13, 1862.]

[Letter, 12 September 1967. Mr. Roger L. Stevens, Chairman, National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities. [Santa Barbara, Calif.] Unicorn Press, 1967.

[Letters from R. W. Cushman and Eliza Cushman regarding the conduct of Frederick Cushman] Washington, D. C. 1849.

[Letters from W. C. Bartlett and Joseph C. Breckenridge to Mr. A. G. Murray telling of the capture and death of his son Albert] July, 1864.

[Letters of Gales & seaton to the Comptroller and answers] Washington, September 8 & 9, 1823.

[The Gettysburg address; reproduction of Lincoln's first draft of the Gettysburg address; and a lithograph of a portrait of Lincoln by Robert Fawcett .... ] New York, Amalgamated Lithographers of America, 1961.

[Return of Connecticut troops September 1776].

Etymological chart of the English language. Designed to accompany Clark's practical grammar. [c. 1847].

An eulogium on rum ... Printed for the benefit of the Mass. Legislature. [Boston 1837?].

Eulogy of the doctor by Robert Louis Stevenson ... Compliments of the Haley M-O Company, Inc. [n. d.].

Europe. London November 27. Westminster meeting.

European steamer record. Corrected monthly and distributed gratuitously to customers, by John M. Burnet ... New York September 1864.

Everett and Webster. A scene in Congress in 1826! ... Daniel Webster in advocacy of the fugitive slave law ... Massachusetts will demand the removal of the statute of the defender of the fugitive slave bill. Sign and circulate the following peti

Every body and his big grandmother are going to buy their valentines at cupid's original head quarters, J. Shillington's Odeon building, corner of 4.5 Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue ... [Washington, D. C.] Printed at the Cheap Job Printing offi

Every suggestion of peace except based on unconditional surrender of Germany and punishment of Germany's criminals is a tribute to crime and an insult to the God of Justice and morality ... By Richard H. Edmonds, Editor Manufacturers Record, Bal

Every ticket a prize! no blank tickets. C. Sicken & Co. licensed vendors. Grand all-prize scheme. Lottery for the benefit of the State of Delaware Class 252 for 1861. To be drawn at Wilmington, Delaware, on Saturday, April 27th, 1861. [Wilmingto

Every ticket a prize! no blank tickets. Colvin & Co. licensed vendors. Grand all-prize scheme lottery for the benefit of the State of Delaware Class 252 for 1861. To be drawn at Wilmington, Delaware, on Saturday, April 27th 1861 ... [Wilmington,

Every vote for Mr. Tilden helps to bring on the ruin of the country by helping to restore the democratic party to power. By Gerrit Smith. Peterboro. October 1, 1874.

Evolution of stimulants .... H. C. Apgar. Elizabeth. N. J. 1938.

"A new departure in the history of air navigation." Petersen's American aerial navigation co. Incorporated under the laws of the State of New York. Limited capital, $100,000. Divided into 50,000 shares at $2 per share ... [New York

[Newspaper clippings (cartoons) relating to political campaign for election of candidates for Mayor of Indianapolis. Oct. 22-Nov. 6, 1929.]

An exact table to bring old tenor into lawful money. Also a table to know the value of pistoles, guineas, johannes, and double johannes, moydores, English crowns, half-crowns, shillings and copper half-pence, at the rate of dollars at six shilli

Examination of the Lowell High School. Monday, July 21, 1856 ... Daily Courier Steam Press, 27 Central Street.

An examination of the inequality existing between the duty on foreign and the internal revenue tax on domestic railroad iron. [1865?].

The Examiner No. III. Addressed to the freeholders and freemen, of the City of New-York [Two lines from Swift] There never was a time, my fellow citizens, at which it was a more necessary to preserve union and concord amongst ourselves, than at

The Examiner, No. II. Addressed to the freeholders and freemen, of the City of New York. [Three lines from Preface to treatise on naval trade] My fellow citizens, In my former paper, I examined how far a certain candidate was entitled to your fa

Exchange for Sterling. (No.) Newport, Rhode-Island, In pursuance of an Act of the General Assembly of the Colony of Rhode-Island, for value received, at Sixty days sight of this my first per exchange, (Second and Third, of the same tenor and dat

Exchange table showing the value of one pound sterling at the different rates of exchange from 1-8ths from 12 to 52 per cent. Computed by John V. Yatman, New York. New York: Published by. E. B. Clayton's sons. [c. 1862].

Excursion to Mount Vernon. by the American medical association, Friday, May 7th, 1858. per steamer. Admit the bearer.

Execution of Capt. John Brown. At a meeting of the executive committee of the American anti-slavery society, held in Boston, November 1st, the following resolution was adopted ... [Boston 1859].

Execution of Stephen Merrill Clark, which took place on Winter Island, Salem, on Thursday, May 10, 1821 for the crime of Arson. [Salem 1821].

Execution. The life, trial, and behaviour of that unfortunate young woman, Mary Johnson, 22 years of age, who was executed at Gloucester on Saturday last, 1831 for the murder of her master and mistress, John and Anna Robinson ... Leeds, Printed

Executive Department. Milledgeville, Ga., Dec. 20, 1863. Sir: As requested by the General Assembly, I have the honor herewith to transmit to you a copy of the following resolutions passed by the Legislature of this State ... Resolution. A resolu

Executive mansion. Washington, Nov. 21, 1864. To Mrs. Bixby, Boston, Mass. Dear Madam: I have been shown in the files of the War Department a statement of the Adjutant General of Massachusetts that you are the mother of five sons who have di

Executive mansion. Washington, D. C., Dec. 2, 1864. Major General Banks. I know you are dissatisfied, which pains me very much; but I wish not to be argued with further ... I have told you why I cannot order Gen. Canby from the Department of the

Executors sale. To be sold (by order of the executors, the personal property of the late Mrs. Lydia Sparhawk) on Tuesday, the 18th day of January, 1820, at 10 o'clock, at No. 47 Middle-Street by Frank Stratton, auctioneer. [Boston] 1819.

Executors' sale of real estate. By virtue of an order of the Court of Chancery of New Jersey, made on the 4th day of November, A. D. 1858, we, the undersigned, executors of Jeremiah Stull, dec'd, will sell at public sale on Saturday the 22d day

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