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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


The echo from the army. What our soldiers say about the copperheads. New York: Wm. C. Bryant & Co. printers. 1863.

Ecole Francaise de Demoiselles. (French school for young ladies, No. 86 Pennsylvania Avenue, between 21st and 22d streets, Washington, D. C. Professor H. Masson. [Washington, D. C. 1869?].

Economise and pay your debt! Restore the South and increase your resources. Our national debt is to be paid ... [1866].

Economy in food--- what shall we eat?. C. C. P. Moody, printer, 52 Washington St., Boston [1856?].

Ecrivains Louisianais. Alfred Mercier [Signed X.]. [n. d.].

[Pedigree chart] of Moll Pitcher, Bay Filly with star, foaled July 23, 1911. Bred and owned by F. E. Morse, R. F. D. 1 Montpelier Vt.

[Pedigree chart of] Knox Cobden, Bay Gelding. Small Star. Foaled June 21, 1908. Bred and owned by F. E. Morse, R. F. D. No. 1 Montpelier, Vt.

Editor Dry goods chronicle. The monthly reports of the government bureau of statistics, so ably conducted by Mr. Switzler ... are an interesting study to commercial men ... H. K. Thurber New York, Jan. 20, 1887.

Editorial from the New York evening post April 24, 1908. Legislature, governor and people.

Editors' sheet from entertainment. For the use of editors who do not wish to mutilate their office copies. [Council Bluffs, Iowa. 189-?].

Education among the freedmen ... To the friends of education among the freedmen ... [after 1862].

Educational convention and celebration, on the 6th and 7th of September, ‘53 [Program]. [Wilmington] C. P. Johnson, printer [1853].

Edward Fillebrown & Co. merchant tailors, 136 Washington Street (Opposite School St. up stairs.) ... [n. d.].

Edward Phalon. Wig and toupee manufacturer. ... New York [18-].

... The effect of imperialism upon the negro race. Ably set out by a colored man. (Written by Kelly Miller, professor of mathematics in Howard University, Washington, D. C. for the Springfield Republican. Boston, Mass. Published by the N. E. Ant

The effect of making silver dollars redeemable in fold by George Wilson, of Lexington, Mo. [n. p. 1903].

Effect of the internal revenue tax on American manufactures. [New York, 1865].

Effects of eugenic sterilization as practiced in California ... The Human betterment foundation, Pasadena, California. [1937?].

The effects of the panic. New good just received, now selling without regard to cost! Articles of jewelry that usually retailed from $3 to $20 for only $1 each call and eaminine! at the opposition store, 476 Penn'a Avenue ..

The eight years of the war of the American revolution. Chronological table of the American revolution, showing the time and place of each event: with a list of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, arranged in the limits of the thirtee

The eighteenth amendment and its enforcement. Address by Wayne B. Wheeler, LL. D. at the National conference, Washington, D. C., September 15, 1920. [Westerville, Ohio. 1920].

The eighteenth annual course of lectures before the Mercantile library association will be delivered in the Boston Music Hall on successive Wednesday evenings, commencing Wednesday Evening, January 9, 1861 ... [Boston, 1861].

Eighth Congress of the United States: at the first session, begun and held at the City of Washington, in the territory of Columbia, on Monday, the seventeenth of October, one thousand eight hundred and three. Resolved ... that in lieu of the thi

Eighth annual report of the Medina Co. mutual fire insurance company. February 15, 1849. [Medina, O. 1849].

Ein Lied von dem kostbaren Jesus Blut. Pennsylvania?, c. 1750?.

Ein brief von Gouvernör Reeder über die herannahende Präsidenten-wahl und die candidaten 1856.

Eine Addresse des endsunterschriebenen glieder des letztern Hauses der representanten der republik Pennsylvanien, an ihre constituenten ... [17 names] Samstag den 29sten September, 1787. [Philadelphia, 1787] [Positive Photostat.].

Eine grausame geschichte, oder ein lied von einem mörder, Philip Bebel, welcher gewohnt hat in Maryland, nicht weit von Friedrick-Taun, an der Pfeif-Kriek und hat Ausgangs April, 1785, eine fray, welche schwanger war und 4 kinder mit einer Urt e

El buen Samaritano de Moffat. [New York? 1850].

El gobernador del estado libre de Coahuila y Texas á sus habitantes ... Monclova 31 de agosto de 1834. Juan José Elguezabal. Juan Antonio Padilla secretario.

El mensaje del Tirano. Jose Heriberto Lopez. Nueva York Mayo 1924.

"Welcome to America." John B. Learock, Esq. [n. p.] [c. 1850].

Election Tuesday Nov. 3, 1868. Ward 14. Ward Room Gun House, Putnam Street ... The magnitude of the issues involved in this election, demands that every voter who desires to secure the legitimate fruits of the victory won by the Union armies, sh

Election next Monday. For representative to Congress, the farmer's, fisherman's and freeman's candidate. Hon. Daniel P. King of Danvers. Fellow citizens of District Number Two ... March 30, 1843.

Election of directors yesterday ... President Stone's report ... Poughkeepsie, Jan 13, 1877.

The election of the President of the United States of America. [s. 1., s. n.] 1936?.

Election proclamation. State of Nebraska ... do hereby issue my proclamation declaring that on Tuesday, the eighth day of November, A. D. 1904 there will be an election held ... By the Governor. Edmund G. McGilton, Acting Governor.

Election returns. Georgia journal extra. Milledgeville, October 16, 1840.

Election returns. Glorious victory!- Vermont every faithful. Windsor. Vermont Times- Extra. Sept. 3, 1840.

Election, Wednesday, November 6th, 1861. For President. Jefferson Davis of Mississippi. For Vice President, Alexander H. Stephens, of Georgia. Electoral ticket for the state at large ..... [Virginia 1861].

Election. At a numerous and respectable meeting of electors from different parts of the state held at the Tontine coffee-house, in the City of Albany, on the 28th day of January 1801. [Positive Photostat].

The elective franchise. The argument of Carrie S. Burnham ... To be had of agents, or E. M. Davis, President Citizen's suffrage association 333 Walnut Street. [Philadelphia, n. d.].

Electoral ticket. For president Martin Van Buren. For Vice-president Richard M. Johnson. [23 districts listed] [1840?].

Electors of New-York. To preserve the rights; maintain the liberty, and support the Constitution of their country, are the most sacred and important duties of American freemen. ... Electors of New York! it is sufficiently apparent how much you h

Electors of President and Vice President of the United States. Joseph Gist, John Wilson John Me'Morries. William Strother, William Zimmerman, Joseph Bellinger, Langdon Cheves, Paul Hamilton, Samuel Mays, William Rouse. [S. C. 1812].

Electors of the Western district! Read and consider!!! At a meeting of gentlemen of the Whig party, and of citizens generally, favorable to the election of Hon. Wilkins Updike, to Congress, held at Kingston Court House, Aug. 11, 1847.

Electric telegraphs. The government telegraph system of Great Britain. Its working and anti-monopolist agencies. The Atlantic cable combination. Alleged sales of news and press messages ... From the New York Herald of March 7, 1870.

Elegant extracts from rebel writers. No. 1 Published by the Union Republican Congressional committee, Washington, D. C. [Washington, D. C. Printed at the Great Republic office. [1866].

Elegant family Bible commentary. In four large quarto volumes. Proposals by William W. Woodward ... for printing by subscription, the family Bible ... with original notes, and practical observations, by the Rev. Thomas Scott ... [Philadelphia, 1

An elegiack tribute to the sacred dust of the Reverend and worthy Mr. Seaborn Cotton pastour of the Church of Christ at Hampton in New England: who was disharged from his work and office, to be admitted into Heaven, April 20th 1686. [Boston: Pri

An elegy composed on the death of Elder Josiah Shepard, of Gilmanton--N. H. [3 columns of verse] Concord New-Hampshire Printed by Wm. Hoit, jun. one door north of Robert Harris' store [1815?].

An elegy in memory of the worshipful Major Thomas Leonard Esq. Of Taunton in New-England: who departed this life on the 24th day of November, AnnoDomini, 1713. In the 73d year of his age. [Boston. Printed by B. Green? 1713].

An elegy occasioned by the death of the late Reverend Daniel M’Clelin, pastor of the church of Christ in Colerain. By a neighbour … Boston: Printed by J. Kneeland, in Milk-Street 1773.

An elegy occasioned by the sudden and awful death of Mr. Nathanael Baker Dedham; a young man just upon the point of marriage and son to Lieutenant John Baker. He fell from his horse on Monday night the 7th of May, 1733. And died the Wednesday fo

An elegy on his family vault by Dr. Joseph Doddridge. [n. p. mn. d.].

An elegy on the death of Mr. Buckingham St. John, tutor of Yale college, who was drowned in his passage from New Haven to Norwalk, May the 5th, 1771. [s. l.]

An elegy on the death of five men. [n. d.].

An elegy on the much lamented death of the Reverend Mr. George Whitefield, who died at New-berry port in New-England, on the 1st day of October 1770. [1770].

An elegy upon the death of several worthy pious persons. [Massachusetts, 1717?].[Caution with the identification-numbers!]

An elegy upon the much lamented deaths of two desireable brothers the two eldest sons of Capt. Joshua and Mrs. Comfort Weeks, of Greenland; who departed this life in February 1735,6 the youngest whose name was Ichabod, died the 3d day, in the 22

Elegy, in remembrance of James Lawrence, Esquire: (Late commander of the United States Frigate Chesapeake.) [1813].

An elegy, occasion’d by the death of Major-General Joseph Warren, who fell fighting in defence of the glorious cause of his country, at Charlestown, in New England, on the memorable 17th day of June, 1775. Printed and sold in Watertown, near the

Elegy, on the death of Rev. T. W. Hill, of Ossipee, N. H., who was killed in a mill, by being caught in a belt attached to a grindstone at Effingham, N. H., May 11, 1864. aged 37 years, 7 months and 3 days. By Mary G. Doe, West Parsonsfield, Me.

An elegy, written on the death of the Rev. Jeremiah Stocking, who died on the 23d of March, 1853, aged 85 years, 3 months and 15 days. By his third son, S------s. Boston, April 18, 1853.

Elementary treatise on mineralogy. Prospectus of a treatise on mineralogy. adapted to the present state of science; including important applications to the arts and manufactures. By S. Godon. to be published by Birch and Small. Philadelphia. Phi

The eleventh Massachusetts anti-slavery fair. This annual effort for the sustentation of the anti-slavery cause will be made in Amory Hall, Boston, Commencing on Tuesday, Dec. 24, 1844.

Elisha U. Jones, to Isaac W. Vanderveer. Bond for $1,500, dated May 1st, 1856. [New York? c. 1847].

Elizabeth Peabody Theatre 357 Charles St., Boston, Sunday, December 22, 1940 at 7:45 D. M. The Jew in literature in observance of Jewish book week. Programme ... [Boston, 1940].

Ellsworth monument. Dear Sir: The undersigned having been appointed a committee to procure the erection of a monument in honor of the youthful hero, Col. Ellsworth, over his grave on Halfmoon Heights, overlooking the valley of the Hudson, at Mec

An eloquent tribute to well doing. Extract from the National Police gazette, February 20, 1869. An angel in a den of thieves. A prodigy of benevolence-- Washington, the second conqueror.

The emancipation problem in Maryland ... Brantz Mayer. Baltimore, 17th June, 1862.

[Remarks on the plan and extracts of deeds lately published by the Proprietors of the Township of Brunswick (as they term themselves) agreable to their vote of January 4th, 1753.] [Boston 1753].

Embargo by express. Boston, Friday, evening April 3, 1812 6 o'clock. The following letter is this moment handed me by express. Harrison G. Otis. "Mr. Calhoun, of South Carolina, a member of the Committee of Foreign relations, has this moment inf

"Remember the 'Maine'". Written by Arthur H. MacOwen for the occasion of the benefit performance given at the Academy of Music, Philadelphia, on Friday, March 11th, 1898, in aid of the survivors from the blowing up of the U. S. S. 'Maine" in the

Emma Willard, pioneer of the higher education of women, founder of the Troy female seminary. Extract from the address of the Hon. Chauncey M. Depew at the dedication of Russell Sage Hall of the "Emma Willard" School, Troy, N. Y., 1895. ... New Y

[Temperance pledge filled in by James Sweeney 19 Nov. 1841].

[Temperance pledge filled in by Neil James Sweeney, 28 of March, 1844].

En 1837 il n'existait à la Bibliotheque du Congrès qu'un très petit nombre de manuscrits acquis plus ou moins au hasard ... [Washington, D. C. 1937].

[Ten menus of the Lotos club, New York April 30, 1892- Dec. 16, 1893.].

The encouragers of the art of printing. [New Haven, Printed at the Gehenna Press in Northampton Massachusetts for ... Yale University, 1966].

The end of pain. The last speech, dying words, and confession of T. P. [n. p. n. d.].

Endorsement. Office of the board of education. Chicago. September 27, 1898. To the boards of education of America. On behalf of the Board of Education of the City of Chicago, I take pleasure in commending the project of the Commissioner-General

(Engineer orders No. 5.) Engineer department, Washington, May 28, 1828 ... Alexander Macomb. Major General, Chief engineer of the United States.

... English & French neutrality and the Anglo-French alliance in their relations to the United States and Russia ... by Rev. C. B. Boynton ... [prospectus of 2d ed.] Cincinnati [1864?].

English and classical seminary, for boys und 14 years of age ... Albert G. Stubbs. Mount Lebanon, August 13, 1838.

English colonial experience and American colonial problems by Hon. N. Darnell Davis. [Washington, D. C. 189-?].

English colonization in America. Public celebration [Aug. 29, 1863] The colonization of the continent of North America by the Anglo-Saxon race, first attempted by Sir Humphrey Gilbert, and followed by Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Richard Grenville

Engraving of the box in which Henry Box Brown escaped from slavery in Richmond, Va. Song, sung by Mr. Brown on being removed from the box ... Boston Laing's Steam Press, 1-1-2 Water Street. [185-?].

Ennion William's reply to John Rowlett's "Caution to Banks," &c. published in the Democratic Press, dated the 14th and 24th inst. in the National Gazette of the 25th, and in the Philadelphia Gazette of the 25th ... Ennion Williams. 11 mo 28, 182

"Pennsylvania day." To the citizens of Philadelphia. The 28th day of September, the Centennial anniversary of the adoption of the first convention assembled at the State-House in this City, has been set apart by the authorities of the Commonweal

Enrolled men of Reading!! The subscribers, Selectmen of Reading, hereby give notice that the Board of Enrolment will be in session at Lyceum Hall, in said Reading, from 3 1-2 to 5 1-2 o'clock P. M. on Friday next, the 2nd of July, 1864 ... Selec

The enthusiastic patriot, or, Cobler of Messina [n. d.].

[Kentucky census. Leaf inserted in 1st ed. of 1st census 1790 at p. 51]. [Philadelphia: Printed by Childs and Swaine, 1791].

[Menu Boston 1869].

[Menu Dec. 1868].

[Menu Dinner Monday, October 19, 1903.]

[Menu October 18, 1903.].

[Menu, March 3, 1866] Washington, D. C. 1866.

[Menu, Sept. 28, 1899] Boston, 1899

Enumeration of persons in the several districts of the United States. [1801].

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