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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


By the president of the United States in pursuance of the provisions of a treaty between the United States and the Chickasaw Indians, made and concluded on Pontotoc Creek, on the twentieth day of October 1832, and of the supplementary and explan

By the president of the United States of America. A proclamation. Whereas a convention between the United States of America and His Britannic Majesty was concluded and signed at St. Petersburg, under the mediation of the Emperor of all the Russi

By the president of the United States of America. A proclamation. Whereas great and weighty matters, claiming the consideration of the Congress of the United States, form an extraordinary occasion for convening them, I do ... appoint Monday the

By the president of the United States of America: a proclamation. Whereas, in and by the Constitution of the United States, it is provided that the President "shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offences against the United States

By the president of the United States. A proclamation. Whereas certain violent and unwarrantable proceedings have lately taken place tending to obstruct the operation of the laws of the United States for raising a revenue upon spirits distilled

By the proprietaries. Whereas of the County of hath requested that we would grant to take up acres of land ... [Philadelphia, ca. 1744].

By their Excellencies, Sir Henry Clinton ... General and Commander in chief of all his Majesty's forces, within the Colonies lying on the Atlantic Ocean from Nova Scotia to West Florida ... and Mariot Arbuthnot, ... Commander in chief of his Maj

By-law relative to bulls and cows. It is hereby ordered, that the Selectment shall cause two or more good bulls to be provided, which shall be placed, and be permitted to go at large upon the Commons, from the first day of April to the first day

By-law. The following by-law adopted by the inhabitants of the town of Reading, April 12, 1864 ... is hereby published ... Voted: That no cattle or other animals, shall be pastured either with or without a keeper, upon any of the public streets

By-laws of Elizabethtown, Lexington and Big Sandy railroad co. Approved by the board of directors, May 6th, 1885.

By-laws of the "California fruit union" San Francisco December 15th, 1885.

Bye laws, for the regulation of Capt. B. Andariese company of artillery [n. d.].

C C C Towers' compound cholera cordial ... Agent for Boston, Mass. J. R. Spalding, No. 27 Tremont Street [n. d.].

El C. Manuel Micheltorena general de brigada, ayudante general de la plana mayor dfl [del] ejercito, gobernador, comandante general, é inspector del departamento de Californias. Reglamento de la milicía auxiliar de defensores de la patria y depa

C. Woodward's metropolitan stove and grate factory ... [Washington, D. C.] McGill's steam press. Penna. Avenue, south side, near 11th street. [1857].

Calculations, shewing in what time a permanent bridge over the river Schuylkill, supposed to cost two hundred thousand dollars, may be built and redeemed from the estimated combined product of duties on sales at auction within the city of Philad

Calculator, showing the amount of paper required for printing a book of any given number of forms 1 to 50 exclusive of paper for binding. New York. [c. 1854].

Calendar, 1872. [Wash., D. C., 1871?].

California immigration association report on the unlawful occupation of public lands and proposed act of Congress relating thereto. November 1882.

Call at the book store and get a solution of our national difficulties, and the science of Republican government. By a citizen of the United States. A pamphlet of sixty pages. Published by M. Warren [A review of the book by John F. Wright] Octob

Call for a Republican state convention. Republican state executive committee of Alabama.

Calumny refuted. The unexpected and very singular attack upon Mr. Richardson, the candidate for Congress from Plymouth District, which appeared in the Massachusetts Journal of Tuesday, has been promptly met and we trust will be effectually put d

Calvin Wells for elector. A meeting of genuine labor men heartly endorse him. How he has acted to protect his employees. Important circulars issued by workingmen who know him well. Resolutions adopted .... Pittsburgh, October 22, 1884.

Cambridge, 21st August, 1775. Wanted for the Continental army. One million of bricks. Three thousand cords of fire wood. Two hundred thousand and bushels of charcoal. One hundred and fifty tons of English hay. Twelve hundred bushels of Indian co

Cambridge, May, 1859. Dear Sir: Allow me to inform you that by frequent solicitations I have been induced to open a dental establishment for the better convenience of my patients in Cambridge ... J. L. Simonds, dentist.

Camilla. His Majesty's ship the Camilla wants men, none but good seamen will be recieved [Philadelphia] Printed by James Humphreys, junr. in Market-street, between Front and second-street [1778].

Campaign great republic. The publishers of "The Great republic" offer to the Republicans throughout the country, the campaign edition of their paper, to be continued until the 1st day of January 1869, at the extraordinary low price of one dollar

Campaign of 1884. Labor record of Grover Cleveland. A startling instance of his love for and care of laboring men! His action on the bill relating to the Sandy Hook pilots ... [New York, 1884].

Campaign of 1884. Tract No. 10. Suggestive. Read and reflect. Alabama is a Democratic state. In 1880 it gave 30,332 Democratic majority. In 1883-54,199 ... Truly is the Democratic party the enemy of progress and prosperity. Tack this up. [s. l.

Campaign of 1884. Tract No. 11. This is called a tract because it conveys positive truth. Tack this up. Keep it right before your eyes. Show it to your neighbor .... Workingmen! Attention! Search the official record and see if the following is n

Campaign of 1884. Tract No. 18. Workingmen this is for you. Wages in coal mines. in England & the United States. The miner toils at the sources of industrial life ... [n. p. 1884].

Campaign of 1884. Tract No. 19 Workingmen this is for you. Blaine & Logan and protection! Wages at blast furnaces in England & the United States ... [n. p. 1884].

Campaign of 1884. Tract No. 2. Burdette's advice to young voters ... [n. p. 1884].

Campaign of 1884. Tract No. 3. Why! Why!! Oh, why!!! Won't you tell me why? Father! Father; why did the Democrats nominate Governor Cleveland for the office of President? ... [n. p. 1884].

Campaign of 1884. Tract No. 8. If General Jackson was alive he would be a Republican. He was opposed to free trade, and so would be against the Democratic party and platform of 1884 ... Vote for Blaine & Logan. [n. p. 1884].

Campaign of 1884. Tract No. 9. Just a minute. Soldiers, attention! How he loves you, The soldier's friend, Grand army men, rally. Here is what he thinks of you. Grover Cleveland's treatment of the Grand army of the Republic ... Vote for Blaine &

Campaign of 1884. Tract no. 20. Reasons why we should vote for Blaine and Logan! [s. 1., s. n., 1884].

Campaign ribbon. [n. p.] [c. 1844].

Campaign souvenir 1892. [Plan for making a box.] [n. p.] [c. 1892].

Can honest Americans vote for Jas. G. Blaine? [From a speech at Cincinnati, Sept. 25, 1884, by Hon. Carl Schurz. New York, 1884].

Can the territorial government rightfully tax resident patent agents? By one of the profession. [n. p. n. d.].

The Canada patriots. A public meeting of the citizens of Washington friendly to the cause of civil and religious liberty in Canada, will be held in Carusi's saloon this evening, at half-past six o'clock, to express sympathy towards a cruelly opp

Canal Policy No. II. Although the great mass of our citizens are at present fully satisfied that canals are objects of primary importance, and highly deserving the utmost attention and liberality on the part of the legislatures of the different

Canal street assessment. Notice is hereby given to persons having property included in the assessment for opening Canal-street, confirmed on the 20th day of August, 1810, and who have not made payment in conformity to notice given on the 28th da

Cant, chastity, and charity in politics. From the New York Nation of October 9, 1884.

Cantbreakem corset steel ... New York, Wynkoop & Hallenbeck, printers 1866.

The Capitall lawes of New-England, as they stand now in force in the Commonwealth. By the Court, in the years 1641. 1642 ... Printed first in New-England, and reprinted in London for Ben Allen in Popes-head Allen. 1643.

Capriccio, poems by Ted Hughes, engravings by Leonard Baskin. Searsmont, Maine : Gehenna Press, 1990.

Capt. J. D. Woodside's patent pump or ship for measuring correctly the depth of water in the hold of a vessel ... Washington, D. C. August 9th, 1834.

Capt. Partridge would inform the public that the fall term of the above institute will comme ce on Monday, the 7th of Sept under his personal superintendence ... Hanover Press [185-?].

Capt. Paul Jones's victory. [177-?].

... Captain L. M. Hamilton, Died, on the field of battle, November 28, 1868. Captain Louis McLane Hamilton, aged 24 years. [Obituary] [Signed] R. M. W. Camp on the North Canadian River, I. T., December 3, 1868.

... Captain Louis McLane Hamilton. Captain Hamilton, who was killed in the battle of the Washita, fought between United States cavalry under General Custar, and Indian under Big Kettle on the 27th of November, 1868, was the youngest officer of h

Captian Don Santiago Kirker (James Kirker) The Indian Fighter, His Warring against the Apaches from 1836 to 1847. Santa Fe Republican, Nov. 20, 1847. Santa Fe, 1847.

Capture of Washington [Cut] On Wednesday, August 24, there was a severe action at Bladensburgh, six miles from the Capitol. "Baltimore has acquired immortal honor by the brave resistance of Commodore Barney, his sailors and the bold volunteers."

A card Jenny Lamont! takes this occasion to inform the public that her farewell benefit at the National theatre previous to her departure for California is to take place on Tuesday evening next ... Jenny Lamont. [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Card of invitation. You are cordially invited to be present at, and to take part in the exercises of, a Sanitary convention to be held in the City Hall, in the city of Flint, Michigan. January 25 and 26, 1881 ... Bela Cogshall, M. D. Secretary o

A card to my constituents .... John Moore. Washington City, September 17, 1841.

A card to the freeholders and freemen of this City and County from Messrs Axe and Hammer, and a number of the respectable body of leather aprons, give their compliments to their old friends who have not yet joined them; and beg they will be stan

A card. Cassius presents his compliments to the freeholders and freemen of New York, and begs leave to solicit their votes and interest for the following gentlemen, to serve as representatives in the ensuing Assembly. Abraham Brasher, John Morin

A card. Mr. King, professor of elocution, announces to the public that his institution for the permanent correction and cure of stammering, and all other impediments of speech, is now open for the reception of pupils at the residence of Mrs. Lan

Card. New gymnastics. Dr. Lewis's gymnasiumm No. 20 Essex Street will be opened again on the first day of October ... [Boston, 1861].

A card. New-York, September 9th, 1774. The thanks of the public are presented to those worthy citizens, who have, to their immortal honour, nobly refused to let their vessels for the base purpose of transporting troops, ammunition, &c. to oppres

A card. Number 1. A member of the Church of England, and A Son of Liberty, presents his compliments to those gentlemen, who are for an immediate and untimely importation of goods from Great-Britain ... New York June 16, 1770. A Card, Number 2. A

A card. The handbill of the many-office gentlemen, Mr. Edward Simms, has given me some annoyance, I confess, not in the least on account of its abuse of me, but of the appearance of my name in any sort of connexion with his, either as an adversa

A Card. The public presents their compliments to Messieurs James and Drinker---- We are informed that you have this day received your Commission to enslave your native Country; [Desiring to know if they intend to execute that commission?- That w

A card. This morning, attention was directed to an anonymous call in the columns of the Madisonian, to wit: "Political meeting. A public meeting, for the purpose of discussing the measures of the administration and the principles of the Whig par

Card. White Sulphur Springs, Scott County, Ky. The subscriber would again call the attention of the public to the celebrated watering place, the White Sulphur Springs, Scott county, Ky. ... John W. Forbes. Superintendent for the proprietors. Whi

The care and cure of morphine habitues ... Reprinted from "The Doctor" New York City [1889].

Careers for women compiled and edited by Catherine Filene [Prospectus] Boston [1920].

Carlyle Beacon extra. Carlyle, March 12, 1844.

Carmina Lugubria. In memoriam Dominae Rebecca Croswell, Domini Croswell Uxorisnuper denatae: cum hymno laudis ad redemptorem. Autore Andrea Croswell. B. D. M. inBostonio ... [Boston, 1779].

Carnival of blood! Republicans to be massacred at the polls! Secret Democratic circular. Tilden's desparate plan to carry a solid South ... New York 1876.

A carol, 1967. [Santa Barbara, Calif.] Unicorn Press. 1967.

The Carpet Weaver's bee hive. [n. d.].

Carpet beating machine. Nos. 86 & 88 Utica Street. Boston. TermsL Three cents per running yard ... Irs Bisbee. Boston. Calkins & Goodwin, printers. [1861].

The carrier boy's address to its patrons. New Year 1834.

The case of Georgia ... [Signed] A National Republican. Washington, December 22, 1868.

The case of His Excellency the governour and council of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, truly stated. [Boston, Printed by Thomas Fleet 1714/15].

The case of Isaac Taylor and Elisha Gatchel, two officers of Pennsylvania, made prisoners by the Government of Maryland. Printed at Philadelphia [by Andrew Bradford] in the year 1723.

The case of Messieurs Penn, and the people of Pensilvania, and the three lower Counties of Newcastle, Kent and Sussex, on Delaware, in relation to a series of injuries and hostilities made upon them, for several years past, by Thomas Cressap, an

The case of passed Midshipman Rogers. [From Houston's Senate reports.] Friday, February 11, 1848.

The case of the German Protestant Churches settled in the Province of Pensylvania, and in North America. [Philadelphia: Printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1753].

The case of the Manor of Livingston, and the conduct of the Honourable House of Assembly, towards it, considered ... [New York: Printed by John Holt, 1769].

The case of the Provinces of the Massachusetts-Bay, and New-Jersey, and the Colonies of Connecticut and Rhode-Island, and Providence plantations, with respect to the bill now depending in the honourable House of Commons intitled, A bill for pres

The case of the heir at law and executrix of the late proprietor of Pensilvania, &c. in relation to the removal of Sir William Keith, and the appointing Major Patrick Gordon to succeed him as deputy-governor there. [Philadelphia. Printed by Andr

The case of the inhabitants in Pensilvania. [relative to a bill for regulating paper bills of credit in the British Colonies in America] [London 1747?].

Cash in hand, occassioned by the capture of the British Packet Swallow. by Commodore Rodgers, with 260,000 dollars, in gold and silver on board. Boston printed by Nathaniel Coverly, Jun. Corner Theatre-Alley [1813].

Cash! All persons that have slaves to dispose of, will do well by giving me a call, as I will give the highest price for men, women, & children. Any person that wishes to sell, will call at Hill's tavern, or at Shannon Hill for me, and any infor

Catalogue Mr. Miller. Having declined his business of modelling in wax, casting in plaster of paris &c. in favour of another business, (that of gold beating) will on Friday the 28th instant, at 10 o'clock opposite the Theatre, Chestnut above Six

A catalogue of Dr. D. Jayne's family medicines, with directions for their use. [Philadelphia, 1864].

Catalogue of birds, described and marked by Wilson, which the Museum of Natural history of Paris, wishes to obtain. [n. d.].

A catalogue of books to be sold at the Post Office, Williamsburg [Williamsburg 176-].

Catalogue of building lots, on Phillips Place, Tremont & Streets, to be sold by auction, in the pavilion on the premises on Tuesday October 6, 1835 ... Whitwell, Bond & Co., Auct'rs. [Boston] J. H. Eastburn printer, 18 State Street [1835].

Catalogue of bulbous and tuberous rooted flowers, of the most choice and splendid varieties, cultivated for sale by John Burgis, seedsman, Guilford, Connecticut. [18--].

Catalogue of choice Chinese ever-blooming roses, for sale by Henry Douglas, florist at his green-house, corner of 15th and G Street, Washington City, D. C. [18--].

Catalogue of fishes, mollusca, zoophytes, &c. &c., at Aquarial Gardens. No. 21 Bromfield Street, Boston. Cutting & Butler, Proprietors. ... Boston, July 16th, 1860.

Catalogue of fruit & ornamental trees, grape-vines, raspberries and currants, cultivated by T. C. Thurlow, at the Cherry Hill Nursery. West Newbury, Mass. Post office address, Newburyport, Mass. [Boston. Alfred Mudge & Son, printers, 1865].

Catalogue of fruit and ornamental trees, evergreens, shrubs, roses, grape vines, currants, gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, asparagus, etc., cultivated and for sale by Turner & McKellar at Rose Grove nursery, Chillicothe, O. [n. d.].

A catalogue of garden seeds, &c. for sale by Theophilus Holt, at his nursery garden, City of Washington ... January 1, 1808.

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